Chapter 392: Inhuman price and M

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After snowing for more than ten days, the snow finally began to show signs of subsiding. In some places, the accumulated snow had reached up to the waist, and there was a vast expanse of white everywhere. Many simple and crude huts and log cabins had collapsed under the pressure of the accumulated snow. There were many common people on the road who died. They either froze to death or starved to death, there were too many of them to count.

Although the Proud Moon Empire also had such a long period of continuous heavy snowfall in the past, only a small region was affected by it. Never in history was there a snowstorm so strong which lasted for so many days. Snow literally covered the entire empire, forming vast snowfields.

Due to the heavy snowfall, traffic was blocked. As such, transmission of intelligence reports became a much more difficult task as compared to the past. It also forcibly broke off the route which the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire used to transport their army provisions. If the snowfall didn’t stop, soldiers belonging to both the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire would constantly be in a state of anxiety.

Long Yi opened the tent and looked at the dazzling snowland around with a wry smile on his face. In the beginning, he had felt that this snowfall was interesting as it made the weather much more comfortable. At first, Long Yi used to play in the snowfields with his wives. They used to enjoy themselves and thought that a little snow was not too bad. However, when the effects of this terrible weather became serious enough to affect the lives of the people living in the area, their views on the snowy weather underwent a huge change. They felt as though this snow was rather annoying, and they wished for the snow to stop falling endlessly from the sky.

Every morning, when the soldiers from the Unparalleled Battalion got up, they would sort out the accumulated snow in their campsite. If they didn’t have the discipline to shovel the snow away, their entire campsite would have been buried in snow by now.

After several days of shoveling snow out of their campsite, a wall of snow formed around the Unparalleled Battalion’s campsite. The accumulated snow formed a snow wall of several meters in height, completely encircling the Unparalleled Battalion inside it.

Just when Long Yi was lost in thought, he suddenly sensed a weak magic fluctuation approaching the Unparalleled Battalion from outside the snow wall.

A yellow radiance flashed and a boorish looking man wearing an earth magic robe appeared outside the snow walls.

“Stop, identify yourself. What is your purpose for trespassing into our military camp?” Just as this magician was about to step foot into the Unparalleled Battalion’s campsite, two soldiers who were on duty placed their blades against his neck. Noticing the commotion, the patrol squad which was closest to the magician rushed over, surrounding him in their battle formation.

“Everyone, don’t get excited, I have no ill intentions. I am looking for Young Master Ximen to give him my report.” This earth magician raised his hands and bowed unctuously. However, the soldiers found it hard to believe his words as he had the words “I am a villain” plastered on his face.

“Tie him up first, we’ll talk later. We shall let the general decide his fate.” The patrol captain waved his hand, signaling for his men to restrain this magician. Several soldiers rushed up to the earth magician as if they were ferocious wolves and tigers.

However, before they laid a hand on the earth magician, Long Yi arrived. Long Yi flew over to the earth magician and said, “Release him, leave this person to me.”

Hearing Long Yi’s words, every single soldier obeyed his order. After they released this boorish earth magician, they left after Long Yi gave them a signal.

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“Skynet number 8806 pays respect to Young Master.” The earth magician made a unique gesture as he paid his respects to Long Yi.

“Did Yin Jian send you?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked. This fellow should be the trusted subordinate Yin Jian cultivated outside the Hengduan Mountains.

“Young Master is wise. Lord Yin Jian sent me here with a secret message. I should have arrived two days ago, however, the heavy snowfall blocked the mountain path. The block greatly delayed my journey, which was why I was two days late.” This earth magician took out a thick bamboo tube which was sealed and respectfully handed it over to Long Yi.

Long Yi broke open the seal and saw two slips of paper inside it. Reading one of them, a delighted smile appeared on his face. He patted the shoulder of this earth magician and said with a smile, “Go back and relay my message to Yin Jian. I, Long Yi, will remember his meritorious service.”

Listening to Long Yi’s command, this earth magician accepted the order and disappeared into the snowland using Earth Escape Magic.

“Yin Jian, that boy, he truly possesses a few tricks of the trade. In such a short period of time, Skynet actually managed to take root in the Hengduan Mountains. Looks like my eye for people is quite good.” Long Yi smiled with narcissistic thoughts. The report he just received stated that although the beast-man clans appeared united under the Bimeng royal family on the surface, they were actually fighting each other in secret. In short, they were not united at all. Since they had already lived in the Hengduan Mountains for so many years, most of the beast-men clans were satisfied with their lives. Patriarchs of many beast-men clans opposed the idea of taking up arms again. Also, due to the fact that the Bimeng Clan’s patriarch was getting old, several of his sons and grandsons started to fight among each other. It was practically impossible for them to gather enough beast-men soldiers to start a large scale invasion.

After thinking about it, Long Yi came to the conclusion that the beast-men clans reached an agreement with the Proud Moon Empire. That was the reason they carried out a surprise attack on the western border of the Nalan Empire. Their main objective was to confuse the two great empires. It was to mislead both the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire into thinking that the beast-men clans were about to attack them from the back. The moment both the empires withdrew their soldiers, the beast-men clans and the Proud Moon Empire would achieve their objective.

After reaching his conclusion, Long Yi quickly browsed through the second slip of paper. After reading its contents, a strange expression appeared on Long Yi’s face. This slip of paper was Yin Jian’s complaint which stated that the fund Skynet had was critically lacking. As such, he wanted Long Yi to send some funds back in order to upgrade Skynet’s capabilities. Of course, Long Yi was fine with giving Skynet more funds. The fund was not the issue. What made Long Yi frown was the second half of the letter. In the second half, Yin Jian had mentioned the inhumane price he had paid for the sake of establishing Skynet in the Hengduan Mountains.

“Yin Jian ah Yin Jian, I will give you as much funds as you need. I’ll even compensate you for the inhumane price you paid.” Long Yi muttered while shaking his head. He couldn’t help but laugh, today was the day he was the happiest he had been in a long time.

Long Yi opened that slip of paper and read the contents again, “In order to obtain the news, this subordinate didn’t hesitate to feed myself to a tiger. I had to use many strategies to seduce the granddaughter of the Bimeng Clan’s elder. Every night, I have to endure her inhuman ravage. After nearly giving up my life due to excessive ejaculation, I managed to capture her maiden heart. After obtaining her trust, I was able to get the insider information about the Bimeng Clan.”

“What a great self-sacrifice, I, Long Yi, will not forget your contribution.” Long Yi laughed and thought of a scene where Yin Jian, this young handsome man, was ravaged by a furry Bimeng Clan member. Thinking about it, Long Yi couldn’t help but shiver. Yin Jian’s sacrifice was really large.

Immediately, Long Yi wrote two secret letters that were to be delivered to Soaring Dragon City and the Hengduan Mountains respectively. The contents of the letter were about attacking Yatesianna defense line. Long Yi stated that both the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire shouldn’t attack the Yatesianna defense line this winter. It would be enough if both the empires held their ground. As long as the weather took a turn for the better, Long Yi’s goals would be met. Long Yi planned to take advantage of the time when the war was halted to go to Lost City. He wanted to fulfill Wushaung’s dream, and at the same time, he wanted to appease the shadow within his body.

“My husband, you are back.” Beitang Yu smiled and greeted Long Yi. As a matter of fact, she had seen Long Yi together with that earth magician. However, Beitang Yu knew that there are some things that she shouldn’t ask Long Yi. This was Beitang Yu’s good point, intelligence. She knew that there were some things she didn’t need to talk about.

“Mmm, this is the intelligence report I received from the Hengduan Mountains, take a look.” Long Yi handed over that slip of paper to Beitang Yu.

Beitang Yu read the report and she instantly became happy, “If this is the truth, then we don’t need to worry anymore!”

Long Yi nodded his head. After hesitating for a bit, Long Yi said, “Yu’er, I think the situation would not change much this winter. Also, I have some matters to deal with…….”

Hearing Long Yi’s words, Beitang Yu’s complexion dulled. These past few days, she had been extremely happy as she was finally reunited with Long Yi after such a long time. Her former ice-cold beautiful face had also become incomparably lively, often stunning the officers and soldiers that were used to seeing her ice-cold face. However, she had only enjoyed this kind of happiness for a short period of time. Yet Long Yi was about to leave her again. How could any woman be happy in such a situation?

“My husband, I understand, you can rest assured and go. I will protect the Unparalleled Battalion for you.” Beitang Yu showed a strong smile but her eyes were already moist.

“Silly girl.” Long Yi took Beitang Yu into his embrace. That strong smile on her face made him feel even more pain instead. However, Long Yi knew that there were many changes in life. There would inevitably be many meetings and separations. Long Yi didn’t know when his women would be able to stay by his side, enjoying the happiness of family life.

The parting night was destined to be fiery and very amorous.

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Beitang Yu appeared especially crazy tonight. While kissing and hugging Long Yi, they fell on the bed. She didn’t want to waste any time during her final moments with Long Yi.

Long Yi’s hands grouped Beitang Yu’s **. One of his hand continuously knead and pinched that **, and his other hand entered the space between her legs, fully exploring her secret place. Within moments, Beitang Yu’s breath became heavy.

Suddenly, Beitang Yu turned over and pushed down on Long Yi. Her little hand pulled out his mischievous hands before pressing them on the back of his head. After that, she sat on Long Yi’s body. Licking her brilliant red lips with her fragrant tongue, she looked at him with her beautiful charming eyes as if she was a seductress.

“I am in charge tonight, you are not allowed to move.” Beitang Yu slightly raised her head, and her clothes became split apart from the middle. This move made Long Yi involuntarily recall an S**M Queen of his previous world’s movie.

Long Yi was very curious and allowed Beitang Yu to act on her own.

Leaning onto Long Yi, Beitang Yu’s cherry red lips nibbled on Long Yi’s body. She started from the top, all the way down. Along the way, her hands would open Long Yi’s clothing. Whenever she encountered an obstruction, she would use force to tear the clothes apart. This made Long Yi utterly speechless. At the same time, he felt a kind of new stimulation. Although he had made love with his women in numerous postures, they were still within the bounds of the ordinary. He had never done anything extreme.

Beitang Yu kissed Long Yi’s neck before stopping at his sturdy chest. She concentrated her attack on Long Yi’s two tiny **. She licked and nibbled on them, directly sending Long Yi’s soul to the highest heaven. Seeing how much Long Yi loved this, Beitang Yu spared no effort and her little hand teased Long Yi’s very hard and erect little brother from outside his pants.

“Yu’er, it’s awesome, keep going……” Long Yi moaned. When he was making love with his other wives, he was the one servicing them most of the time. He was the one who made them feel comfortable and **. Well, it could be said that Long Yi didn’t teach them well as he was the one who did all the work.

Beitang Yu got up and slowly took off her clothing, leaving behind only a set of transparent Beauty Shop’s sexy lingerie. The bright red pearls on her bosom as well as a clump of black hair between her legs became clearly visible to Long Yi. When he saw them, Long Yi’s fire of lust burned even stronger. His brutish nature reactivated.

Beitang Yu turned around and lied on Long Yi’s body. Slightly opening her mouth, she took Long Yi’s frightening little brother into her mouth. Her snow-white ** swayed right before his eyes. This was the genuine 69 Style. Long Yi was unable to hold on anymore, he grabbed Beitang Yu’s plump ** with his hands and pressed his head……

Intoxicated moans resounded within the tent. Under the illumination of the hazy lamplight, a beautiful ** moved up and down. Her perfect bosom also moved up and down in the dim light, making Long Yi stare with eyes wide open.

In the pitch black night sky outside, a crescent moon had already appeared high in the sky. A silvery moonlight illuminated the spotlessly white snowland, reflecting thin pallid light.

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