Chapter 393: Contemplate and Barbarian Bull’s great change


The cloudiness that lasted for more than ten days finally passed. The sun rose early in the morning, surprising everyone. Even though the weather was still cold, it was still worth celebrating the fact that the sun could be seen blazing in the sky. The fierce wind and blizzard that continued for more than ten days had nearly driven everyone crazy.

At noon, Long Yi kissed Beitang Yu goodbye and left the Unparalleled Battalion with Nalan Ruyue, Wushuang and Barbarian Bull. Beginning their journey, they headed towards the entrance of the Huangmang Plain.

Long Yi had decided that he would head towards Lost City first. After returning from Lost City, he would head to the Hengduan Mountains and visit the Winged Clan. He wanted the explain to the Winged Clan that the Wind God spirit table was his now, and that he wasn’t going to return it to the Winged Clan..

The vast majority of people wouldn’t be able to travel around due to the snow covering the roads. Of course, the honorable magicians who had already reached the Master Magician rank was an exception. Currently, the army’s communication network depended on the Master Magicians in the Magician Legion. However, even though Master Magicians were able to travel in the snow covered lands, they had extremely weak bodies. Most of them froze to death on the road. Every time a Master Magician died, the empire would lose an asset with huge attacking power, it was truly a huge price to pay.

The party of four flew towards the northwest and none of them spoke on the road. In merely a day, they arrived at the Proud Moon Empire’s entrance of the Huangmang Plain.

This Proud Moon Empire’s entrance was not as bustling as the entrance of the Violent Dragon Empire. Many people didn’t choose to enter the Proud Moon Empire, and the entrance was currently deserted and quiet. Other than the snow on the ground and the north wind whistling past the entrance, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Actually, there were adventurer groups who would frequently enter the Huangmang Plain from the Proud Moon Empire’s entrance usually. However, Proud Moon Empire was in chaos at the moment. Adding the blizzard on to the mix, there was no adventurer groups brave enough to enter the Huangmang Plain from the Proud Moon Empire’s entrance at the moment.

“It’s already late today, we should camp here for the night and enter tomorrow.” Long Yi looked at the dark sky and said.

There was naturally no objection from the other three people in the group. Barbarian Bull swung his Greenstone Rule to blow some snow away, instantly creating an empty spot for the group to pitch their tents.

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There had been continuous snowfall for the past few days. As a result, the accumulated snow was already one meter deep. Long Yi was afraid that by the time all the snow melted, spring would have already arrived.

The group of four returned to their own tent after filling their stomachs. In these past several days, Nalan Ruyue had stayed in Long Yi’s tent. As for Wushuang, Long Yi wasn’t able to do anything to her. He was only able to look, but not touch her. He had no choice but to eat his fill with Nalan Ruyue everyday instead. After all, Long Yi had to comfort his empty and lonely spirit. Without Wushuang, Nalan Ruyue had to satisfy Long Yi all by herself.

“Shuang’er, how about you stay in my tent as well?” Long Yi called for Wushuang to stay.

Wushuang turned around and rolled her eyes. She made a cutting gesture before leaving Long Yi’s tent with a cold expression on her face. Only God knew that her heart was actually beating rapidly, and her private part was starting to become wet. It had already been her reflex as every night, she felt as though she was the one making love with Long Yi. As a result, whenever she knew that Long Yi was about to carry out his “daily routine” with Nalan Ruyue, her body would produce a reaction. Her body reacted readily to the feeling she felt every night, never letting her down. In fact, she was willing to make love with Long Yi. However, she felt as though there was an invisible gap between them, which resulted in her being unable to take that final step.

“What in the world is stopping me?” After leaving the tent, Wushuang thought to herself and began to recall her time together with Long Yi. She recalled the time she just met him in Soaring Dragon City. From that time up till now, she recalled every little detail about the time she spent with Long Yi.

Yes, Wushuang clearly remembered everything. It didn’t matter if it was something important or not, Wushuang recalled everything she did with Long Yi. However, there was one section of her memory she felt was lost. It was like a hazy moon being reflected in a pool of water, no matter how hard she tried, she wasn’t able to see it clearly.

Wushuang softy sighed. She knew what was lacking between Long Yi and herself, it was those memories she had lost. Since Wushuang was a person who always demanded perfection in everything, she felt as though she needed to remember those memories she had lost. Wushuang felt as though those memories were extremely important, even though she couldn’t recall it at the moment.

Deep in her thoughts, Wushuang stepped into her tent. The moment she stepped into her tent, she felt as though her legs went limp as a pleasant sensation caught her unprepared. A moan escaped her lips as she quickly sat on the bed. Getting into a meditative posture, she sunk her consciousness deep into her sea of consciousness. She knew that after she woke up, her pants would be soaked in her **.

At this moment, Long Yi was flushed with success. He was galloping in those luxurious grasslands to his heart’s content while propping Nalan Ruyue’s slender **. His eyes however, were infatuatedly looking at the flushed red beautiful face which belonged to Nalan Ruyue. Listening to the loud moans coming from Nalan Ruyue’s mouth, Long Yi enjoyed himself thoroughly.  For him, his women’s seductive appearance and delightful moans gave him a sense of achievement in his heart.

The flower bloomed and fell, the two people hugged each other enjoying the lingering ** aftertaste. After they came back to their senses, Long Yi intimately whispered words of love into Nalan Ruyue’s ear. With a happy smile on her face, Nalan Ruyue fell asleep in Long Yi’s embrace.

Although Nalan Ruyue had already fallen asleep, Long Yi was not the least bit sleepy. He felt full of energy and started to think about the things which had happened. First, he thought about the Blue Waves Continent’s current situation as well as the current state of Soaring Dragon City. Next, his thoughts shifted to magic and douqi.

“What is the ultimate attainment of magic and douqi? Magic God? Swords God? Just this and nothing more?” Long Yi muttered under his breath. Currently, in Blue Waves Continent, the highest realm of magic and douqi were Magic God and Swords God respectively. Everyone believed that Magic God and Swords God represented the pinnacle of magic and douqi respectively, but according to his experience, Long Yi knew that this wasn’t the case. The four Lightning God guardians he had encountered in the Lightning God Temple were far stronger than the so-called Magic God and Swords God. How were they able to achieve that level of strength? Was it because they were gods themselves? Assuming that was true, where did the gods come from?

One question after another appeared in Long Yi’s mind, which made him more and more confused.

As the questions overwhelmed Long Yi, he stopped thinking about them. Stopping his train of thoughts, his gaze turned to Nalan Ruyue who was sleeping soundly in his bosom.

“Look at that nose and the little mouth of my family’s Ruyue. How can they be so beautiful?” Long Yi gently caressed Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful face and said. He thought that the heavens were unfair. There were only a small number of beauties in the world, and there were even people who had repulsive looks.

As he thought about this, Long Yi felt as though he figured something out. Why were those so-called gods so powerful? It was because the Creator had never been fair. Since inborn talent couldn’t be changed, one had to work really hard. However, when he thought about himself, Long Yi realized that he received the Lightning God’s inheritance. Although his strength was far from the real Lightning God, he believed that he would surpass him one day.

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Perhaps she felt Long Yi caressing her face, Nalan Ruyue who was sleeping rubbed her cheeks on Long Yi’s hand. Her action filled Long Yi with tender affection, and he vaguely felt as though his little brother was up to mischief again.

Long Yi couldn’t bear to wake Nalan Ruyue up, so he gently crawled out of the bed and left the tent after putting on his clothes.

In the dark night, small snowflakes were fluttering down from the sky again. A tall figure stood still in the midst of this snowstorm as if he was a statue.

“Barbarian Bull, missing your little wife?” Long Yi walked over and stood beside Barbarian Bull. In a gentle voice, Long Yi asked Barbarian Bull. Looking at Barbarian Bull, Long Yi could see that he was facing the west, which was where the Hengduan Mountains were. The location they were currently at wasn’t too far from the Hengduan Mountains.

Barbarian Bull scratched his bull horn feeling embarrassed, before replying with a silly smile on his face, “Yes, Boss. Since it’s been a long time since I last saw her, I have to admit, I really miss her.”

Long Yi paused for a bit and said, “Barbarian Bull, your Barbarian Bull tribe isn’t far from here. You don’t have to follow me everywhere, you should go home and meet your darling.”

Barbarian Bull was dumbfounded and immediately shook his head, “Boss, I want to follow you to the Huangmang Plain. Those magical beasts are definitely longing to see me again.”

Long Yi laughed. When did this stupid bull learn how to crack jokes? He remember the time when they had killed their way from Lost City. Barbarian Bull had gone berserk and became a bloodthirsty animal. He rushed up to kill any magical beast in his way, regardless of their rank.

At that moment, Barbarian Bull’s bloody aura was so strong that an ordinary person would tremble in fear if they were to lay their eyes on him. Only after coming out from Huangmang Plain, Barbarian Bull’s bloody aura slowly weakened. However, it was only his aura that disappeared. Barbarian Bull still had bloodthirst in his bones.

“Then don’t you want to quickly meet your darling? You left after you were married with her for only one month. It has already been more than a year since you left!” Long Yi patted Barbarian Bull’s shoulders and said.

“Of course I want to see her. However, it wouldn’t be too late to see her after coming out from the Huangmang Plain.” Barbarian Bull firmly said and placed Greenstone Rule on his shoulder.

Seeing as Barbarian Bull was determined to follow him into the Huangmang Plain, Long Yi no longer tried to persuade him. The two of them quietly stood in the midst of the tiny snowflakes, each thinking about their own matters.

Suddenly, Barbarian Bull trembled and the snowflakes on his body fell to the ground. Long Yi instantly turned to look at Barbarian Bull, and he saw that Barbarian Bull had an expression of pain on his face.

“Barbarian Bull, what happened to you?” Long Yi was startled and he immediately extended his arms to help support Barbarian Bull. However, the only thing Long Yi felt was a repulsive force from Barbarian Bull’s body which shook off his hand.

Barbarian Bull didn’t say a word. However, his face was twisted in pain and his huge eyes reddened as they glimmered with a strong violent aura. Barbarian Bull’s swelled in an instant, and his chest, arms, and thighs thickened. The sudden expansion forcibly broke his armor.

Long Yi’s gaze shifted from Barbarian Bull’s face to Greenstone Rule which was on Barbarian Bull’s shoulders. He could see that Greenstone Rule was shining with a strange dark green radiance. Barbarian Bull’s current state was definitely related to Greenstone Rule. This legendary weapon which belonged to the Violent God was really strange.

Ah, ah, ah, low loud shouts came out from Barbarian Bull’s throat and the pain seemed to have reached his limits. He brandished Greenstone Rule and roared madly, and Greenstone Rule which was in his grasp emitted a bright green light as it shot towards the sky. In an instant, Greenstone Rule grew to a size hundreds of times larger than before. With a swing, a boom was heard and the ground below their feet shook.

The accumulated snow flew everywhere, and a crack in the ground formed in front of Barbarian Bull. The crack was 100 meters long and several meters deep. The might of this rod was seriously shocking. The pressure Barbarian Bull emitted just now made even Long Yi palpitate in fear.

Standing in the same position, Barbarian Bull clung onto Greenstone Rule and maintained his downward swing posture. Currently, Barbarian Bull didn’t move a muscle, and he was drenched in sweat even though the weather was extremely cold.

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