Chapter 11: Business Party (Part 1)

The so-called business parties were totally different from how dramas portrayed them with groups of men and women, formally dressed, chatting and drinking while the male lead and female lead would rush to the middle of the dance floor to dance together, shocking everyone. In reality, these business parties were actually gatherings for people to compete with others.

Men used these parties to discuss business and women used these parties to discuss jewelry brands while trying to get information discreetly. If everyone acted like the male lead and female leads from dramas, just eating and drinking, then they all wouldn’t be far from filing for bankruptcy.

Su Le didn’t understand why Wei Chu brought her to this type of party. Not even mentioning the word ‘trust,’ just based on her abilities, did Wei Chu really didn’t even hesitate when deciding to bring her?

No matter what Wei Chu’s thoughts were or how unwilling Su Le was, she still cooperated by getting ready early. She wore a dress, make-up, and some jewelry. Of course, going bare-faced to these parties like some female leads from novels did was something Su Le can never do. Smart women would know what to do in different situations. After all, not everyone was so lucky like the female leads from dramas.

At five in the evening, Su Le’s phone rang. It was Wei Chu. He had arrived and was waiting for her downstairs.

After looking in the mirror one more time to double check that everything was ok, Su Le left the apartment in her high heels.


While sitting in the car, Wei Chu was shocked when he saw a formally dressed Su Le exit the building. Elegantly getting out of the car, he opened the car door for Su Le like a gentleman. Once Su Le got into the car, Wei Chu said, “Sorry for troubling you tonight.”

“I’ll just treat it as getting a free meal.” Realistically speaking, there weren’t actually that many chances to eat during these parties, so Su Le replied gloomy, “We’re schoolmates, there is no need for apologies.”

Wei Chu seemed to not have noticed Su Le’s unwillingness to attend and stepped on the accelerator, heading towards the hotel.


This party was hosted by Liang Lao Ye who had prestige in the business world, so a majority of the people invited would attend the party just to give Mr. Liang face.

When Su Le and Wei Chu arrived at the hotel, it appeared that many people had already arrived at the party. Wei Chu glanced at Su Le who was standing next to him. After seeing her complexion was normal, they entered the party hall together.

“CEO Wei,” the son of the Liang family who was originally greeting a guest, smiled at them apologetically and walked towards Wei Chu, “It’s a honor for CEO Wei to attend this party. Please drink more tonight.”

“Young master Liang is too courteous,” said Wei Chu as he shook hands with Liang Guang. This young master Liang was the heir of the Liang family and his methods in business made other people take him seriously.

“Of course not.” The two released hands. Liang Guang smiled slightly at Su Le who was standing beside Wei Chu. “This beautiful lady is …?”

“She is my friend, Su Le.” Wei Chu’s hand lightly held onto Su Le’s shoulder while he introduced Su Le with a small smile.

“Oh,” Liang Guang’s eyes revealed understanding and smiled ambiguously, “Miss Su Le, nice to meet you. Miss Su is so radiant tonight. It truly makes people envy CEO Wei.”

Su Le lifted her lips into a small smile in response, “Young master Liang’s praise is too much. I previously heard from my friends about how promising young master Liang is despite your young age. Seeing you today, the rumours are justified as expected. To be able to meet young master Liang tonight, it is my honor.” In these situations, I clearly understand that my praise does not mean much.

Liang Guang seemed happy by her words. He personally passed a glass of champagne to Wei Chu and Su Le, when a waiter walked by them. Lifting his glass, Liang Guang toasted them. “Please enjoy yourselves tonight. Excuse me.”

“Young master Liang is too courteous.” There were many guests in this party, so for Liang Guang to stay and chat with them for so long was already giving them face. Wei Chu drank a mouthful of the champagne while watching Liang Guang greet other guests. Wei Chu lowered his voice and spoke by Su Le’s ear, “Young master Liang is famous in the business world for being a smiling tiger.”

Su Le glanced at Wei Chu who was wearing a warm smile while talking about people behind their backs. She raised her eyebrows while smiling, “Senior schoolmate’s elegance is much more superior.”

For a moment, Wei Chu’s smile became gentle, while Su Le smiled brightly.

By 7pm, the majority of the guests had arrived. Su Le looked at Wei Chu who was surrounded by a crowd of people, so she leisurely walked towards a sofa near a corner. Unfortunately, Su Le haven’t even taken two steps when she heard a clear voice, “You are CEO Wei’s companion?”

Su Le looked back and saw a woman dressed in a pale blue dress. Normally when women wore pale blue it looked ugly, but on this woman, it made her appear graceful and dignified. The best phrase to describe her appearance would be ‘pleasing the heart and eyes’.

“Hello,” Su Le didn’t know the woman’s identity, so she politely nodded at the woman.

“Where are my manners. I am called Tang Yao.” The woman toasted Su Le, “I just heard my husband praising you.”

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Su Le thoughts turned. It seems this woman was most likely Liang Guang’s wife. She heard the Liang’s family daughter-in-law was surnamed ‘Tang’. “So it’s young lady Liang. Sorry about my manners,” Su Le smiled apologetically and drank some champagne from her glass as an apology.

“You don’t know me. There’s no need to apologise.” Tang Yao didn’t mind and pulled Su Le to a sofa on one side to sit down together. “I know Wei Chu for several years now. You don’t need to be so formal with me. As for our relationship, you are my junior from university.” It was rare for Wei Chu to bring a female companion to attend these parties, so of course she was curious and came to take a look. Tang Yao did not say this out loud, since she thought Su Le would be embarrassed. Instead, she only chatted about general things with Su Le.

A few other women quickly joined in the conversation. There was a saying that if three women together was a show, then a group of women was a large play.

Su Le watched them mutually inquire each other for business news without batting an eye. Su Le’s lips exposed a slight smile. These women who all stood beside successful business men, none of them were simple.

“Right, did you see the companion young master Zhuang brought with him?” Mrs Zhang suddenly changed the topic and her expression revealed her desire to ridicule.

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The Zhang family and Zhuang family had conflicts in business and everyone present knew about this, so everyone had some suspicions. “There are too many people, so I wasn’t able to see clearly. Is she beautiful?”

Su Le’s brows twitched. Were they talking about Lin Qi?

“Beautiful?” Mrs Zhang sneered, “Dressed up like a gaudy star. Obviously she’s never been to these parties before. Did she really think these parties are like those low class ones from dramas.”

Su Le restrained her smile with great effort. Although Mrs Zhang did not use any obscenities, her words were really unpleasant. Su Le’s brows wrinkled. She did not know what Zhuang Wei was thinking when he brought Lin Qi here. These type of places are not a game because losing face in these places meant that everyone would definitely know about it.

“I heard she is young master Zhuang’s secretary,” Tang Yao said lightly. Once Tang Yao said this, the women present revealed a hint of ridicule and understanding.

Su Le lifted her glass up to hide the twitching of her lips. Ah, a woman’s mouth could kill someone virtually.

“Miss Su’s bracelet looks very nice. Where did you buy it?” Mrs. Zhang’s sight fell on Su Le’s wrist and asked curiously.

Su Le understood that since the previous topic was brought to attention by Mrs. Zhang, and she had gotten her desired result, she could not carry on with the topic if she did not want to be known as someone who gossiped about others, so she had changed the topic. Su Le sighed internally. Su Le believed that even if there were no men in this world, these women would still be just as successful.

“This bracelet was a gift from my mother when I entered university. I thought this bracelet would suit my outfit tonight, so I wore it. It’s not anything precious.” Su Le generously displayed her wrist.

Approval flashed across Tang Yao’s eyes. “Only upstarts would wear a pile of designers’ clothing and accessories. I think this bracelet really suits you. Seeing such delicate skin, even I cannot help but want to pinch it.” She shook her head and sighed, “Su Le, you really make us women envious.”

Su Le touched her face and spoke accusedly, “Senior Tang, are you trying to get me hated by others. In the people present, who does not have good skin? You are deliberately praising me. What are your intentions?”

Right from the beginning the ladies present did not belittle Su Le and now seeing Su Le and Tang Yao’s interaction, it was clear in their minds that Su Le could not be casually offended. So they also joked about it in goodwill.

Su Le dealt with the women while lamented again, these ladies, not only did they have good appearances but even their brains were sharp! Su Le couldn’t help but think that after this she should eat more walnuts to supplement her brain. Her brain power was almost not enough to deal with these women.

At this moment, clicking noise from high heels was heard. Su Le turned around and saw a pretty woman walking towards them. The woman was wearing a crimson evening dress paired with a shiny necklace. Su Le suddenly felt stomach pains while the other ladies’ expressions became wooden.

This was a ill-fated relationship, ah ……

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