Chapter 12: Business Party (Part 2)

Recently Zhuang Wei’s thoughts toward Su Le were getting more and more complex. On one hand, he wanted Su Le to let go of her pride and find him, so they can get back together again. On the other hand, he wanted Su Le to stop appearing in front of him again because every time she did, he would remember what happened that night. True, it was him who had committed the wrong, but he really hated her rationality and calmness.

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He wanted Su Le to depend on him a little and be a little docile. Zhuang Wei liked Su Le’s strength but he also hated it at the same time. After knowing Su Le had resigned from her job, he was worried that Su Le might not be living well. After all it hadn’t even been a full year since they had graduated, so it was impossible for Su Le to have saved up a lot of money. When he saw Su Le at the party, wearing an expensive dress, he thought his worries were unnecessary.

That was a woman who could live well not matter where she was. Even though she had lost her job, she was still living so confidently. He even thought maliciously that all these things were given to her by Wei Chu, but Zhuang Wei was clear that Su Le was not like that. Also Wei Chu was not a man who liked those types of women.

So where did Su Le’s money come from? Zhuang Wei suddenly realised that he didn’t actually know Su Le as well as he thought he did.

When he saw Lin Qi walking towards Su Le, he did not stop Lin Qi. He was bored of playing with that woman, and if she couldn’t act accordingly in these situations and lose face then he doesn’t need to be courteous with her.

This vulgar woman, didn’t she just like his ‘young master Zhuang’ status then he’ll let her see what is ‘class’. Then after that …. She should stay far away from him! If it wasn’t for this woman, then he and Su Le would not be like this.


Tang Yao saw Lin Qi coming closer to them. Without batting an eye, she looked at Su Le. After seeing that Su Le’s expression was tranquil, she smiled at the other women around them, “That young lady’s figure is not bad.”

Immediately afterwards, Mrs Zhang smiled while exposing a hint of ridicule, “The female celebrities that my little brother has played with look much better than her.”

After hearing this, Su Le knew that Lin Qi did not even enter these women’s eyes. Su Le relaxed against the sofa armrest and magnanimously didn’t add more insults towards Lin Qi. Of course, don’t blame her for not saying any good things about Lin Qi, she had decided to listen instead.

All these women were clever, so even though it was obvious they were speaking harshly, they all used a gentle tone to say it. This makes other people think that they were speaking the truth and not purposely ridiculing someone. Seeing Lin Qi come closer and closer, Su Le had finished arranging her thoughts.

“Hello, everyone.” Lin Qi greeted the people present before gazing at Su Le. “I never thought that you, Su Le, would also be here tonight as well.” Her tone had a hint of surprise.

The women around them now knew that Su Le and Lin Qi knew each other. It also seemed that their relationship was not very good. Based on their views, if Zhuang Wei and Wei Chu had any conflicts, it would be a good thing for them.

Su Le thought that this group of women were really good at scheming and smiled at Lin Qi, “Yes, I came with a friend.”

Lin Qi was not stupid. Su Le acting like this would make her look like she was causing trouble for no reason, so Lin Qi also smiled and sat down on the opposite sofa, “Are you accompanying senior schoolmate Wei?”

Su Le smiled, it was considered as a response.

“Miss Su,” Mrs Zhang smiled at Su Le aloofly, “I always felt that you seemed familiar. Don’t know where we saw each other before?”

Su Le saw that Mrs Zhang really didn’t like Lin Qi, so to avoid being connected as being on the same boat as Lin Qi, she thought for a moment before responding, “I normally don’t attend these type of gatherings. It’s most likely my appearance is too common so Mrs Zhang would feel I look familiar.”

“Look at this mouth,” Tang Yao smiled perfectly and said, “If your appearance is common, then it must be difficult for Wei Chu to pick you from the pile.”

“Must be because I jumped really high so Senior Wei Chu chose me,” Su Le treated what Tang Yao said as a joke and followed up with that line. But to Tang Yao, she thought Su Le was admitting that there was a relationship, so she treated Su Le as her friend’s future wife and decided to look after Su Le, though she had originally thought Su Le was pleasing to her eye.

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Between women if they did not have a good impression of each other, then no matter what happened, they still could not be friends. Between friends, however, everything could be potentially shared, apart from men.

Mrs Zhang thought for a while and she really couldn’t remember where she had seen Su Le before, so she didn’t carry on asking and instead, changed the topic to chat about something else.

Lin Qi clearly felt that these women were excluding her. So even though Lin Qi was still smiling, she felt hatred towards Su Le. Su Le really had good tricks. Pretending to be noble and virtuous, even when others were gossiping about her, she was still acting as if she was being courteous.

Su Le who was chatting with other women didn’t know that Lin Qi was attaching such labels to her and carried on chatting with others.


“Talking about novels, I just remembered a good novel to read. Whenever I have afternoon tea, I always read this author’s novels.” This young lady was some company boss’ daughter and her speech and conduct was always appropriate. “Do you read ‘Shi Huan Ji’?”

“Is it that novel that was split into ten series?” Someone answered. “I have a signed copy of this book at home. The author’s name is very interesting, named Qi Jiu.”

Su Le’s lip twitched and for a moment, her expression was strange.

Tang Yao saw this and asked, “Su Le, do you also read this author’s novels?”

Su Le smiled forcefully and nodded, “yes, I’ve read them. I prefer another one of her novels called ‘Lao An’.” She had spent the most effort on writing this novel, so how could she not like it?

“‘Lao An’ is that authors most famous novel. It’s not bad,” the young lady who started this topic nodded her head. “But I still like ‘Shi Huan Ji’ the most. The female leads in that series were all awesome. It really made people feel great. Compared to other novels with female leads who suffer and yearn, this one was much more interesting.”

Su Le smile secretly to one side. She originally wrote that series because she felt irritated by the other romance stories. Su Le did not feel comfortable reading about a female lead living for a man, so she wrote ten stories. Each of them with different female leads from different backgrounds but all of them had one thing in common – they were strong. They all had a lot of pride, but every one of them had the perfect romance.

Frankly speaking, it was no wonder the series was popular with women, since all those female leads were not gentle or helpless, yet they all had a man who loved them dearly.

The group of women carried on chatting for a while before they all left one after the other. In the end, only Tang Yao and Su Le were left from the group. Su Le released a sigh and drained the rest of the glass in one go.

“Su Le, this is my business card. In the future, come out and play when there’s time. I still have something to do, so please excuse me.” Tang Yao and Su Le exchanged business cards before Tang Yao stood up and walked towards a crowd. She smiled vaguely when she saw Wei Chu and toasted him, “This Su Le is not bad.”

Wei Chu smiled gently, “Of course. She is not bad.”

Tang Yao shook her head and smiled, “It’s rare for you to like a girl, but you need to keep an close eye on such an outstanding woman. Otherwise if there is one day where she is snatched by someone else, it will already be too late to regret it.” After speaking, her sight went towards Su Le and saw that young master Zhuang was currently walking towards Su Le.

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