Chapter 397: Reaching Lost City once again

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Title:Blacksmith In High School | Tags: Time Skip
Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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No one knew when, but the snowfall had already stopped in the middle of the night. Even so, the sky was still cloudy and the ice cold northern wind was still whistling as it blew past the lands. Even if one was as doughty as a dragon, they would still shiver involuntarily. This wasn’t a physical kind of coldness. Rather, it was a kind of spiritual coldness which was created by the ten thousand li icebound ahead of them.

Stretching his muscles, Long Yi yawned. Slowly turning his glance towards Bertha who had a red face at the tent’s entrance, he said with a smile, “Why are you shouting so early in the morning? Do you know that you are causing a disturbance?”

Bertha scorned and said, “Seems more like disturbing your spring dream. If we don’t move out now, then it will get dark again.”

Bertha was right. As it was currently winter, daytime was short. There wasn’t any sunlight in the evening or at dawn, moreover, with the cloudy weather, they really couldn’t tell when was daytime. In Long Yi’s previous world, whenever the weather was dim and dark like this, people used to run into electric poles.

After wasting time rolling on the bed, the two girls finally got dressed and left the tent with red faces. They looked more charming after doing ‘it’ with Long Yi and left the tent with their skin glowing and faces flushed.

“Well, let’s pack up the tent and move out.” Long Yi shouted loudly. Hearing his command, everyone placed their tents back into their space rings. It wasn’t long before the group stepped into the entrance of the Huangmang Plain.

Currently, Huangmang Plain was a true wasteland. Originally, the grass that reached up to the waist had been blown to the ground by the northern wind, resembling a layer of very soft yellow carpet. Strangely enough, although the entrance of Huangmang Plain was separated from Proud Moon Empire by one war front, the difference in the environment was unbelievable. First, other than a layer of extremely thin accumulated snow at the edge of the plain, there wasn’t a single snowflake anywhere else. On the grass, they could see glittering and translucent frost. When the stepped on the grass, the sound of ice breaking resounded.

“Haha, this is truly amusing.” Bertha cheered while jumping left and right. She was really enjoying this and she appeared just like a playful little girl.

“Wimpy kid, what’s so funny?” Nalan Ruyue softly whispered. Apparently, Nalan Ruyue still remembered when Bertha barged into their tent this morning, disturbing the three of them.

Bertha’s ears shook as she turned around to look at Nalan Ruyue. She gave Nalan Ruyue a playful smile before returning to her usual antics as her white bushy tail swayed behind her.

“Okay, stop playing. We are going deeper into the plain now.” Long Yi yelled.

The further they went inside Huangmang Plain, the smaller the effect of cold qi. There wasn’t a single sign of life qi at the border of Huangmang Plain as all the magical beasts had migrated deeper into the plain.

The group only started to meet magical beasts on the fourth day of their journey. It appeared as if the inhumane massacre they suffered at Long Yi’s hands several years ago had no effect on the magical beasts. There was still an incredible number of magical beasts roaming about which showed their insane procreating ability. When Long Yi thought about it, Huangmang Plain was extremely large. There were more than ten million magical beasts all around the plain, and the number of magical beasts Long Yi and his group killed in the past could be completely disregarded.

Long Yi summoned all three of his god-beasts after keeping them in his dark dimension space for so long. The moment Little Three, the Fire Qilin and the Violent Lightning Beast appeared, crowds of magical beasts fled in all directions. After Little Three became a white tiger cub, its strength had grown very rapidly. However, when Long Yi compared it to the Fire Qilin and the Violent Lightning Beast, Little Three lacked fighting strength. However, Little Three looked extremely impressive compared to the other two god-beasts. When he saw Little Three, Long Yi was reminded of Long Two. He didn’t know if the shadow within his body was able to restore Long Two, but he hoped for the best.

In the past, Long Yi and his group were careful when they wandered around in the Huangmang Plain. However, their strength greatly soared since then and now, they were hundreds, if not thousands of times stronger compared to before. Long Yi’s current strength was as different as heaven and earth compared to his strength in the past. Now, the magical beasts in Huangmang Plain already had no threat to Long Yi. Even if he ran into powerful magical beasts, what about that? With three god-beasts, Wushuang, and of course Long Yi himself with terrifying combat abilities, even if an SSS-ranked magical beast appeared, it would have to bow down and surrender.

After adventuring for 20 days, the group stood on a small stone which was protruding from the ground. They were staring blankly at the pile of debris not far away. The sky above the ruins was still shrouded with a layer of thin dark mist and they could feel a dense dark aura surrounding this place.

“Father, mother, my Holy City’s people, Bing Ning is back……” The white robe which Wushuang was wearing fluttered, and with her eyes full of sadness and pain, she looked at the Holy City before her. It had once been a brilliant magical civilization. That used to be her home, but now, only the ruins remain.

Long Yi and other quietly stood behind Wushuang. They didn’t disturb her as she needed a place to release her feelings.

After thousands of years, the world had already changed. All of her loved ones were already long buried underground changing into loess. She lost all her friends and family. In such conditions, how could one keep calm?

Suddenly, a drop of glittering and translucent teardrop slid down from Wushuang’s face, and the wind blew it onto Long Yi’s face. Currently, Long Yi was also feeling heartache. As Wushuang’s feelings were always reflected in his heart, Long Yi was sharing whatever Wushuang felt. The feeling of sympathy rose up in him, along with a huge sense of heartache.

“Boundless Prairie is my root. There were amiable people there, and there were fresh flowers everywhere. Lofty Holy City is my home. It is a magnificent civilization and the people there are beautiful…” Wushuang slightly opened her mouth and a melodious singing voice rang out in Huangmang Plain. This was a song that sang praises of the Holy City, but when this song came out from Wushuang’s mouth, it sounded really sad instead.

Nalan Ruyue and Bertha were already full of tears. Their hearts were as soft as tofu. When they heard the sad and dreary song Wushuang sang, their hearts moved and they felt some of the sadness Wushuang had.

Wushuang sang over and over again, and finally, she wept. She slowly walked towards the ruins and did her utmost to recognize the city where she grew up in.

“My husband, shouldn’t we go and console big sister Wushuang? She is too pitiful.” Nalan Ruyue pulled on Long Yi’s sleeves and said while crying.

Long Yi shook his head. Gently patting Nalan Ruyue’s head, he sighed, “We will follow her from a distance. Don’t go and disturb her. She needs some time alone.”

As he walked, Long Yi looked around. The scene where he was adventuring in the past with Leng Youyou, Lu Xiya, and Barbarian Bull appeared in his mind. It truly was a miracle that they were able to return from Huangmang Plain alive when they were so weak.

Several years ago, when they had first arrived at Lost City, it maintained a little bit of its original look. However, they touched a mechanism in the city lord’s mansion and the entire Lost City became buried underground. Grass had grown all over the ground and only some incomplete broken tiles were faintly visible if they looked carefully at the ground.

Kacha kacha, suddenly, many undead creatures wearing broken armor and holding rusty weapons climbed out from inside the ruins. Long Yi and other three quickly rushed forward to protect the mourning Wushuang. It was a pure defensive formation as they didn’t want the creatures to affect Wushuang.

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However, a strange scene played out. Instead of attacking, the undead creatures formed two lines beside Wushuang. Whenever Wushuang took a step forward, they followed faithfully. The moment she stopped moving, they would stop as well, maintaining their rows beside her, as though they were her bodyguards.

“After thousands of years, could it be that these undead creatures can still recognize their master?” Long Yi was surprised. The civilization of Lost City had already reached a point which Long Yi couldn’t comprehend. He wouldn’t be surprised if there were living creatures here.

Gradually, the number of bodyguards increased as they followed Wushuang deep into Lost City. Now there was already two-three thousand creatures which could be counted as an undead army. However, Wushuang appeared as though she didn’t realize that there were so many undead bodyguards following her as she continued to walk forward. At this point, the tears on her face had already dried up and her expression was colder than before.

Before long, Wushuang reached a wasteland. Upon reaching the wasteland, Wushuang finally stopped walking. The dark aura of this place was the strongest. Wushuang began to quickly chant an obscure incantation and water magic elements began to condense. The water magic elements managed to shroud the dark aura of the place, making it seem less ominous than before. Even though Wushuang was in the Magic God realm, it was difficult for her to cast divine water magic spells in this place.

“Water Lotus Break!” Wushuang shouted loudly and the Ice Magic Staff in her dainty hand released a round of light blue halo directly into the ground.

Very quickly, the ground began to tremble violently. Water columns began to spring out from the earth’s surface.

“Boss, what is this magic? Did she make a spring to drink water?” Barbarian Bull asked in confusion.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders in annoyance as he felt tremors coming from the depths of the earth. Opening his mouth, Long Yi snapped at Barbarian Bull, “Keep looking and you will know, why are you talking nonsense?”

The moment Long Yi finished his words, the tremor which was coming from the earth intensified. This intense shaking nearly made people vomit blood. Barbarian Bull lost his footing and fell to the ground. As for Nalan Ruyue and Bertha, they cried out in alarm and grabbed on to Long Yi’s arms.

Suddenly, a loud explosion sound resounded. A huge water column mixed with mud soared towards the sky. The momentum of the water column was so powerful, people would think that the end of the world was coming.

Fortunately, this water column was short-lived. Long Yi used a barrier to block all those water droplets and mud falling down from the sky. It had such a huge impact force that even a Swords Master ranked fighter would vomit 3 liters of blood if he met this impact head on.

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“Ah…… look, is that a house that came out of the ground?” Bertha was stupefied as she stared at a large building in front of her.

Long Yi was also startled. The house Wushuang had pulled up from the earth was the exact same house Long Yi had explored in the past, it was the city lord mansion. It was Wushuang’s previous home. It was out of his expectations but the city lord mansion was only buried deeper into the ground as it did not disintegrate into dust.

When Wushuang walked into the entrance of the house, the magic lamps Long Yi had expected to light up didn’t. When he thought about it, Long Yi was sure that those lamps lit up when he was here with the others. The only possible explanation was that the lamps were damaged.

After passing the hall, they arrived at that long corridor. Maybe it was because the place wasn’t ventilated for a long time, the place had a very unpleasant smell. A strong dark aura coupled with the smell of rotting objects would make people feel nauseous. However, Long Yi and the others weren’t pampered young masters or young mistresses. They could bear this.

Wushuang walked along this long corridor and stopped in front of a door. Long Yi vaguely remembered that this was the room where he had found the magic crystal which recorded Wushuang’s appearance. This was presumably the room where Wushuang used to live in.

Sure enough, Wushuang extended her somewhat trembling hand to push open the door and she walked into the room. The decoration inside the room was already damaged and the room looked nothing like what it was in the past. The furnitures, bed, and other objects were already broken beyond repair. The slightest touch would change them into powder.

“Father, mother.” Suddenly, Wushuang seemed to have fallen into a hallucination, and along with the flashing of white light, she disappeared from the room.

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