Chapter 75: She Wants to Run Again?


Although the man sitting on the couch does not say anything, they can tell that the cold air surrounding him has disappeared.

Everyone inside the house sigh in relief.

The housekeeper smiles, “Sir, I think the madam’s workplace is far from here.  There is going to be rush hour at this time too, that’s why she is late.”

Si Zheng Ting gives him a cold glance while loosening his tie, “You speak too much, Uncle Li.”

Although it is a word of reproach, the housekeeper and everyone else can sense the trace of light-heartedness underneath his tone.  The housekeeper continues laughing, “Yes, yes, I speak too much.  This is your first dinner with madam, I will go and check everything in the kitchen.”

Just as he is about to turn away, he can hear hurried footsteps from outside.  He can see the driver walking in with lowered head.

There is no trace of Zhuang Nai Nai behind the driver, so the housekeeper asks him, “Where is the madam?  Why are you here alone?”

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The driver softly answers him, “Sir, I went to madam’s workplace.  They told me that madam has resigned, I have no idea where she is right now.”


Si Zheng Ting’s eyes darken as he frowns.  Although he is expressionless, the driver quickly lowers his head when Si Zheng Ting sweeps his eyes over him.

After a while, Si Zheng Ting directs his gaze to the housekeeper, “Uncle Li, when did I give her the permission to work?”

The housekeeper’s forehead is now full of cold sweats: Sir, you didn’t give her your permission, but you didn’t forbid her as well.  Do you think I can stop the madam from going to work?

The housekeeper naturally does not dare to say that out loud.  He respectfully lowers his head, “It is my negligence, sir.  I will give the madam a call right now and ask her where she is.  Then, I will ask Xiao Chen to pick her up.”

Pick her up?

Since Si Zheng Ting does not say anything, the housekeeper immediately calls Zhuang Nai Nai’s phone.  The line is quiet for a while before a sweet voice greets him, “The number that you have dialled….”

The housekeeper’s phone’s speaker is very loud.  When Si Zheng Ting hears that, he stands up and picks up his own phone before calling Zhuang Nai Nai.

At that moment, Si Zheng Ting remembers about her leaving him, 5 years ago.  And then, he remembers her escaping attempt at the train station.

He has overlooked things.  He thought, by marrying her, he could tie her down and she would obediently stay by his side.   Does she hate him so much that she cannot stomach living together with him?

His heart is filled with grief and anger.  He clenches his fist before throwing his phone to the floor.


He starts walking outside, his eyes dark.

Do you really think you can escape me, Zhuang Nai Nai?

The moment I marked you, you can no longer run away.

At that moment, a little head pokes into the door.

When Si Zheng Ting sees that, he pauses in his steps.

The anxious housekeeper who is following Si Zheng Ting from behind looks at the direction he is looking at.  When he sees Zhuang Nai Nai poking her head in, he almost shed tears of relief.


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