Chapter 54: Limitless Palace

“I am her fiancé. It would be wise for you to tell me what’s going on in detail or I wouldn’t be able to promise you that you will be able leave here in peace.“ In normal circumstances, those who had a lower cultivation would never be able to see the cultivation of those higher than them, unless there were some special means or circumstances. It was very obvious that the man couldn’t tell Cheng Yu was also a cultivator.

“Haha! Are you threatening me?” Cheng Yu said indifferently and laughed.

“You can think of it like that.”

“I always believe that those women that are in my bosom are my woman. I don’t know if you have the ability to threaten me, but I hope you don’t regret the consequences.” Cheng Yu gave Lan Ya a peck on her face while carrying her as he laughed to the man.

Provocation! This was pure provocation. His own fiancé was in someone else’s bosom. Is there something more frustrating than this?!

The man clenched his fists. Immediately, he leaped towards Cheng Yu and sent out a palm towards his chest. As it was impossible for a Qi Training Realm cultivator to hurt Cheng Yu, he didn’t dodge as he kicked the man’s hand while carrying Lan Ya in his bosom. After that, he flew and kicked towards the man’s chest.

The man was kicked two meters away. Blood started dripping from his mouth. The man stood up and wiped off the blood. He was shocked. As he was a Qi Training Realm cultivator, how could Cheng Yu so easily hurt him like this? Even though he was underestimating him previously, could it be that he’s also a cultivator from the cultivation world?

“I am Fang Wenxuan, son of Elder Xuan Yang from the Kunlun school. May I know where are you from?” The man said probingly. Although he’s from the secular world’s Kunlun School, he had been to the cultivation world. He knew that it was an inhuman world. Furthermore, in the cultivation world, there’s a lot of other sects that were stronger than the Kunlun School. If he were to accidentally provoke someone from a sect that was stronger than the Kunlun School, it would be troublesome for the secular world’s Kunlun School.

“Limitless Palace,” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Cheng Yu was very unhappy. The current him in this world was still very weak. If people were to know that he’s someone without any background, wouldn’t they come and cause trouble for him every single day? In any case, the senior monk had told him before that the Limitless Palace was very strong. The most important point was, even in the cultivation world, they rarely appeared. If he were to say he’s from the Limitless Palace, who was to know the truth?

Fang Wenxuan was astonished. Limitless Palace? This was the strongest sect! Didn’t they say that the Limitless Palace had already hidden themselves from the world? Could it be that they wanted to return to the cultivation world?

Fang Wenxuan looked at Cheng Yu with an ever-changing expression. Could this guy truly be from the Limitless Palace? Commoners will never know the existence of the Limitless Palace and cultivators would never impersonate someone from other sects.

“Since Senior Brother is from the Limitless Palace, I plead Senior Brother to put down my fiancé. I will always remember your gratitude!” The man no longer cared if Cheng Yu was from the Limitless Palace. He felt that he should settle the matter regarding his fiancé first. When he returned, he would consult his father about it and ask if Limitless Palace was going to make its comeback in the cultivation world.

“Haha! I said before, those women that were in my bosom shall be mine. I don’t care if she was your fiancé or not and I also don’t wish to know. If you think that you can snatch her away from my hands, try it. If you think that you don’t have the ability to do so, then get lost.” When Cheng Yu finished speaking, he ignored the man as he turned and walked into the villa’s gate.

He looked at Cheng Yu’s silhouette. He clenched his teeth while tightening both his hands, causing the sounds of bones cracking. Once again, he leaped towards Cheng Yu.

He circulated his spiritual Qi, integrating it into his palm, as he leapt towards Cheng Yu’s back. However, the moment he was one inch away from his target, a powerful wave of spiritual Qi projected out. Fang Wenxuan’s complexion changed as he shouted, ”Foundation Establishment Realm!” Just as he was about to retreat, the wave of spiritual Qi was already overthrowing him. “Ping!” The wave of spiritual Qi hit the palm of Fang Wenxuan.

Fang Wenxuan was sent flying off like a broken kite. When he landed on the ground, he coughed out some blood. His complexion was filled with fear. Cheng Yu was actually a Foundation Establishment Realm expert! It might be possible that he’s truly from Limitless Palace.

“I don’t wish to kill you. I hope that you won’t force me to do so,” Cheng Yu said indifferently as he carried Lan Ya and walked into the villa.

Cheng Yu brought Lan Ya to her bed and went to the washroom to prepare a warm towel. He helped Lan Ya to clean her face as he sat down beside the bed and looked at her.

“I just became an acquaintance with you and have already brought troubles upon myself. If I didn’t have some abilities, wouldn’t I have to give up on my life and become a vengeful ghost?!” Cheng Yu looked at the red faced Lan Ya as he mumbled. It seemed as if he was talking to her, but also as if it was targeted at himself.

“Water…water.” Lan Ya muttered twice.

Cheng Yu immediately poured a cup of water and supported Lan Ya up as he fed her two mouthfuls of water. When he saw some part of it started to drip out from the corner of her mouth as it flow onto her big ***, Cheng Yu subconsciously gulped his saliva.

“Tell me, why did you grow your *** so big for? Don’t you have a guilty conscience? We are currently alone in the room now, and if I didn’t do anything to you, I feel like I would have let myself down and also your fiancé’s hatred towards me. In any case, he thinks that I will definitely eat you up tonight,” Cheng Yu said softly. He put down the cup and stretch out both his hands as he grabbed onto her twin peaks.

After pinching them a few times, Cheng Yu felt that the woman’s consciousness was returning. Cheng Yu let go of her *** and placed her back on the bed. He sighed, ”Haiz. I am so kind-hearted and I always dote on beautiful women. In this kind of circumstance, I can’t even bear to take advantage of you. It seems like I have failed as a gangster! I Guess I shall leave first.”

When Cheng Yu exited out of the room, Lan Ya opened her eyes slightly and smiled. This little gangster, he actually dared to secretly take advantage of her. It seemed like there was still some conscience left in him. Otherwise, sister would definitely take out the scissors underneath her pillow and cut off your “little brother[1].”

“Kacha!” When Lan Ya was still thinking of cutting of Cheng Yu’s little brother, the door opened and she closed her eyes immediately.

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Cheng Yu returned to Lan Ya’s side and looked at her, ”Haiz, tell me, if I were to walk off like that, wouldn’t I be a bit too stupid? When will I ever meet such a great opportunity again?” When Cheng Yu finished speaking, he placed both his hands onto her twin peaks and started to pinch them. After that, he went forward to kiss her. When he felt that her body was shivering and saw one of her hands was reaching into her pillow, Cheng Yu stood up decisively.

He sighed solemnly, ”Aish! I am still unable to pass this test. I think I am too sentimental. Such a good lady is supposed to be doted on. In the future, I will ensure that you will be willing to let me kiss you!” Finished speaking, Cheng Yu left the room once again.

Lan Ya opened her eyes in fury. Could it be that this young lecher had realized that she was awake? Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental that when she was about to take out the scissors, he would actually back off? Furthermore, this little gangster is so powerful. Even Fang Wenxuan wasn’t his opponent. Limitless Palace? Interesting! Since you have taken such a big advantage of sister, sister will collect some interest.

When Cheng Yu walked out of the villa, he smiled. This little girl wanted to act in front of him? Cheng Yu knew that she had already woken the moment he was fighting with Fang Wenxuan.

Truthfully, Cheng Yu had no intention to do anything to her. Since she wanted to put on an act in front of him, Cheng Yu wanted to please her, therefore he also put on an act.


When Cheng Yu exited out of the villa, a 45-year-old man stood outside one of the room and was walking back and forth. His expression seemed extremely nervous.

He didn’t expect that when his son-in-law went to look for his daughter, he would actually receive such a grievous injury. Most importantly, his future son-in-law was not a commoner, but was from a backing they relied on. The Kunlun School Master’s son!

All the accomplishments he had now was due to them. This year, during his birthday, they had come over and celebrated it with him. He didn’t expect such a thing would actually happen during his birthday! What if an accident were to happen to the Sect Leader’s son? His future would be gone!

At this moment, inside the room, on top of the bed was two people. One was the paled faced Fang Wenxuan who had fought with Cheng Yu, and behind him was a middle aged man who placed both his hands behind Wenxuan’s back. Both of their foreheads were covered with sweat. It was very obvious that he was healing Fang Wenxuan.

Half an hour later, the middle aged man put down his hands as he circulated the spiritual Qi in his body. He opened his eyes and came down from the bed.

“Ok. Your injury has almost recovered. Rest for two days and you should be fully recovered.” The middle aged man looked at Fang Wenxuan who was on the bed.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle. If Martial Uncle was not here, my cultivation may have been affected by this incident.” He circulated his spiritual Qi. He felt that there was no longer any obstructions in his body, and he heaved a sigh of relief. When he recalled the scene of battling Cheng Yu, he felt fear.

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It’s fortunate that Cheng Yu didn’t have any intention to kill him. It’s commonly known that to a cultivator, if the party was provoked by someone who was in a lower cultivation realm than him, they would usually kill them.

During that moment, Fang Wenxuan thought that his opponent was, at most, stronger than him by a bit. Even if he couldn’t defeat his opponent, he could also try to reason with him. But he didn’t expect that his opponent would actually be someone in the Foundation Establishment Realm! It was such a frightening experience for him when he recalled the wave of spiritual Qi knocking him back.

Although the Qi Training Realm is only a step realm from the Foundation Establishment Realm, the might between them is actually a separation between the heavens and earth! The Qi Training Realm had the ability to start feeling the existence of spiritual Qi. It’s the start of cultivating spiritual Qi in the body. When the cultivator reached the middle stage, the body would be able to store some spiritual Qi. They would be able to use this spiritual Qi to integrate into any parts of their body to form a layer of attack. Any form of attack with such integration would be able to cause devastating damage.

That being said, Fang Wenxuan was currently at middle stage. To be able to achieve this realm at his age in this secular world, he could be called a genius. However, if it were to be in the cultivation world, it would have been nothing unusual.

Not to mention, in front of Cheng Yu who had already cultivated into the Foundation Establishment Realm, it can’t even be mentioned at all. Only when the cultivator had reached the late stage of Qi Training Realm, would they be able to use their spiritual Qi to protect their body.

Because Fang Wenxuan was unable to use any spiritual Qi to protect his body, the spiritual Qi sent out by Cheng Yu caused damage to his internal organs. If it was not because of his Martial Uncle who had used a large amount of spiritual Qi to help him heal his injuries, with his own ability, it’s likely that it would definitely affect his future cultivation.

“Tell me. What’s going on? Didn’t you go to find your fiancé? How come you received such a grievous injury? Who was the culprit?” The middle aged man was Fang Wenxuan’s Martial Uncle. His name was Guan Shiyan. He was an elder of the Kunlun School in the secular world and he was currently at the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

[1] – TL note – little brother = male private part.
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