Volume 2, Chapter 10 Part 2: Learning Skills

In the first place…what’s with her ridiculous magical power? It’s no wonder she was able to crush the Boss Garum with a single attack. She’s just too strong.

When I saw her status window before, she was nowhere near this strong.

…why has she started to grow so much recently?

The only thing that comes to mind is…our regular night activities. How much can that cause a person to grow?

“Yuzuki onii-san, Yuzuki onii-san, can I learn any skills?”

“Yeah…. You have 1828 SP remaining so you should be able to learn a few skills if you want. Though, you won’t be able to learn skills that have special requirements or more expensive ones like Resurrection.”

“I see. Then, I want to learn martial arts and jujutsu. I also want to learn inscription magic.”

“…why do you think you’d need martial arts and jujutsu?”

She isn’t planning on using those skills to make it easier for her to hold me down, is she?

“Remember when we were on the ship? I was taken from behind and was left completely helpless. I don’t want to ever be put in a situation like that again. Especially if it means you’ll be put in danger because of it. So that’s why I thought it might be useful to have skills that could get me out of a situation like that.”

“O-Oh…so that’s why.”

I was relieved that it was just my misunderstanding.

Still, I wonder if that thought never crossed her mind. I glanced back at her to see her staring at me.

“…wait a minute, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“It’s nothing like that.”

“I haven’t said anything yet.”


“So that was what you were thinking. You thought I’d use those skills to hold you down.”

She moved closer and looked up at me.

“No, it’s…. Sorry.”

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“You don’t need to apologize. That was another reason I wanted them.”

“I knew it!”

But…it makes sense for her to learn them. It could help if we ever find ourselves in a situation like that again. So…even if I know how she’s going to use it on me, I can’t refuse….

“I understand. I’ll learn martial arts and jujutsu for you.”

Even though I said that I hesitated to touch Rose’s status window.

The moment I touch it, Rose will feel an incredible pleasure throughout her body. If that happens, I doubt we’ll be able to talk about other skills she should learn.

…no, I decided earlier that I have to resist messing around with their status windows.

“…Yuzuki onii-san, you know that I’m going to hold you down but you learned those skills anyway. Do you like it when I hold you down?”

“That’s not at all the reason.”

I declared this matter-of-factly as I turned away from her and tried to act casually.

“So, why did you want to learn inscription magic?”

I tried to take her attention away from what I was actually thinking about. Rose, however, looked up at me over her shoulder with a serious look on her face.

“I want to learn inscription magic because I want to stay with you, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“…what do you mean? Of course, we’ll stay together.”

When I first escaped Rose, I wanted to run away and hide from her.

However, many things have happened since then and I’ve grown to like Rose. I don’t think I’ve done anything to make her think I don’t want her.

“I know that you’ve started to accept me, but…it’s not just that I want us to stay together. I want us to work towards the same dream like you do with Claudia.”

“…are you talking about tailoring?”

My dream of making clothes from my previous life that I abandoned. In order to achieve that dream in my new life, I started working on Rose’s dress with Claudia. Was Rose jealous of Claudia…?

“I’m happy that you and Claudia have a dream you can accomplish together.”

“But you also want to be a part of that dream?”

“Yes, but…I know I have no interest in tailoring. So I have to find another way to stay with you.”

“…I see.”

I don’t fully understand her meaning.

But I understand that she wants to stay with me, therefore she’s going to work her hardest to do so. I think that by itself is wonderful. However, I don’t think it’s necessary for her to force herself to do something she doesn’t like in order to stay with me.

I don’t think she’ll ever grow to like something she hates just by working hard at it.

She won’t even feel the happiness I feel whenever I finish a dress or any piece of clothing.

“I understand what you’re saying, but what does that have to do with inscription magic?”

“Well, on one hand, I’m interested in that type of magic, and then…Yuzuki onii-san, you’re trying to use inscription magic on your clothing. So I thought if I knew how to use it, I could be of help to you.”

“So you’re going to learn inscription magic so I won’t have to?”

“Is that not okay? Claudia always helps you. I just want to be useful.”

It was a little embarrassing seeing her act like that, but I could tell those were her true feelings.

“Then I’ll leave it to you, Rose.”

“…it’s really okay?”

“It’s what you wanted, right?”

“It is…. Eventually, you won’t be able to think about clothing without thinking about me. Unless…you hate that idea….”

Rose kept her back to me and looked down as she muttered her last words. I couldn’t stop myself from hugging her small body and said, “Idiot.”

“…Yuzuki onii-san?”

“I hate yanderes. But that’s because every yandere I had met was selfish, but…Rose, you’re not like that.”

Well…she does tend to act rashly and her personality is definitely unique. She’ll do anything to get what she wants.

“I don’t hate you, Rose. I honestly want us to stay together forever.”

I looked over at Claudia once I had finished speaking. She should have been sewing but her hands were completely still. I’m sure she’s listening to our conversation.

“Of course, I also want to be with Claudia and I’ll never hand her over to those debt collectors.”

After easing her mind, Claudia looked back down at the desk while saying, “Master~….”

…too easy.

No, well…if I didn’t take the time to do that, Claudia would’ve been the one acting rashly.

Things will be okay if I’m careful about what I say around both of them, but things will get out of hand fast if I’m not.

“Anyway, I’ll learn those skills for you now.”

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Martial Arts and Jujutsu are basic skills that only cost 100 SP each. The more advanced Inscription Magic costs 500 SP and rose has 1828 SP remaining. The cost of levelling them once will be 700 SP.

“Do you want Martial Arts and Jujutsu at rank F and Inscription Magic at rank E?”

“That sounds good. I should be able to increase the rank of the combat skills with actual use.”

“All right. Then….”

I reached around Rose and touched her status window.

“Hnn~a…. This feeling…. It’s the same as that time….”

Rose trembled slightly in my arms. I tried to ignore it as much as possible as I finished learning the first skill, Jujutsu.

“Hyaa~…amazing. When this happened before, I didn’t understand what was happening, but my mind went completely blank. It’s similar to when Yuzuki onii-san is inside me, but it’s different….a~n”

Next, I moved onto Martial Arts and raised it to rank F.

“Hau~… This feeling…it’s amazing. There’s a warm feeling spreading throughout my body.”

“…umm, well…it’s hard to learn the skills like this. Can you control yourself a little more?”

I’m not really complaining.

Actually, I want to enjoy it as well. Rose is now sitting on my knee. If I let this go any further, I’m the one that won’t be able to control himself.

“I’m just saying what I’m feeling. It just feels so strange when you touch my status window.”

“…there’s only Inscription Magic left now.”

Before I lose control — I can already feel something growing below my waist — I have to learn the last skill for her.

“Hn~…naa~… Fu~, fu~, this is amazing.”

“Alright, that’s everything.”


“I’ve finished learning all your skills.”

She turned around and looked up at me. I put my hands beneath her armpits and lifted her off my knee before setting her down on the bed. Rose looked more disappointed than I had ever seen her.

“…Yuzuki onii-san, please touch my status window more.”

“I’ve already learned all the skills you wanted.”

“That’s true but….”

Rose stopped there, moved closer to me on the bed, and placed her lips close enough to my ear so that I could feel her warm breath tickling me.

“…hey, don’t you love my cute reactions when you touch my status window? If you do it more, I know I’ll lose my mind.”


She trembled as she pressed her body up against me and whispered in my ear. I’ve held out for this long, I can’t give in now.

But this incredible combination is too much for my body to handle…ha!?

Claudia was silently staring at the both of us.

“No, this is a misunderstanding! I’m wholly focused on our goal!”


“Y-Yes, what is it?”

“I also want you to play with my status window!”

“–That’s why you look annoyed!?”

I couldn’t stop myself from blurting this out.

I really was trying to avoid doing anything sexual.

After all, if we’re unable to finish Rose’s dress in time for her to show it off to the nobility, we won’t be able to pay off the debt Claudia’s family owes, and Claudia will be sold into slavery.

And that’s why I really don’t think we should be wasting any time. But that hasn’t stopped Claudia from coming close to me.

“…Master~, you were playing with my status window earlier and now I’ve been listening to Rose’s sweet moans this entire time. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Just the idea of you ravaging both of our status windows at the same time has got me so excited…hey,”

““…Master, please shower us with your love. Mess us up, Master~””

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