Volume 1 Chapter 28: The Human Reinforcement Forces’ Peril

Hadias who had hidden in the distant skies was petrified, if it wasn’t for her demonic wings instinctively flapping behind her, she would have dropped from the skies long ago. These demon kings’ auras were far stronger than that of her Demon Lord father, which meant that they more also most likely more powerful as well, especially that silver-haired onee-san, who seemed the undisputed strongest here.

If Bella were to make Hadias call her Nee-san now, Hadias wouldn’t say a word against it, she now realized how big the difference was in their powers. Remembering how she had to carry Bella and Kriss back while she was flying, Hadias was a little angry, these two nee-sans were too mean, why did they need her help to get back when they were evidently so much stronger than her!

The only thing on Hadias’ mind right now was that she really wanted to get out of this forsaken place, this surface world was a place of trickery and deception, the gloomy and boring demon world seemed much better in comparison. Her father had once told her that the 12 demon kings that had sent thrown the three worlds into chaos were all brutal and cruel, while these demon kings didn’t seem so wicked, Hadias couldn’t be sure what they were really thinking.

Hadias hadn’t taken anything of value apart from the transportation orb from the demon world, and even that was broken. If Bella ever had any bad intentions towards her and without anything to bribe her with, Hadias realized that it may become GAME OVER for herself.

Hadias’ internal thoughts wasn’t able to escape Bella’s ‘all-knowing gaze’, the party had been transported here by Noesha and normal humans/demons wouldn’t be able to escape on their own unless they were able to defeat Noesha. Bella and the other demon kings and gods were able to exit freely as this was originally their training place anyways.

From the moment that Hadias had been dragged in this dimension, she had already boarded Bella’s ‘ship’. If it wasn’t that something strange was going on with the [Fierce Dragon], Bella would have gone and had a ‘thorough discussion’ with Hadias about the demon world.

Not too far from the Laerte line, the Gabriel Empire’s(Swordsmen) reinforcements had been attacked by an evil being of terrifying power, the 10,000 strong elite force was being forced back by the giant scorpion shaped evil being and had taken heavy losses.

The length of the scorpion was greater than 10 meters, reaching around 12. With a height of 6 meters, it was evidently not your typical scorpion. The arrows that struck its tough armour wasn’t able to penetrate and instead broke upon impact without leaving so much as a scratch.

This earth-coloured scorpion looked similar to the [Scorpion King] that Bella had run into when she had first come to this world, the one that had perished together with Felia. Evidently, however, this scorpion was on a completely different level from the [Scorpion King]. Its name was 【Emperor Scorpion】 Gresham, one of the 6 void monarchs that were created with Bella’s blood without her knowledge. Void monarchs also had the title of void suzerain, but their power had far exceeded that of a typical dark suzerain.

Each void monarch possessed an extremely high level of intelligence and at the same time had the ability to summon their own ‘specialty’ minions, giving them the ability to just let their minions do the work that the void monarchs feel is below their standards. The only reason why they could not be considered void demon kings was that they were unable to change their form to that of a human and according to the universal rules set by the 【Dark Creator】, Mystica, no matter how strong an evil being was, it couldn’t be considered a demon king if it didn’t have the ability to acquire human form.

Currently, 【Emperor Scorpion】 Gresham had summoned a large amount of scorpion-type evil beings to support it, the various types of scorpion evil beings had covered every inch of ground, numbering at least 10,000 with quite a few on the level of [Scorpion King].

【Emperor Scorpion】 Gresham also had a miserable green halo that extended out beneath him for about 100m in either direction of him, this was Gresham’s halo ability that every void monarch possessed. Gresham’s 《Green Terror》 poisoned all enemy units that entered its radius, the poison was so fierce that those without high-tiered anti-poison equipment would be liquefied in moments.

Currently, Gresham didn’t even have to do anything as its scorpion minions decimated the human army. These humans were too weak, Gresham’s [Scorpion Kings] made quick work and cut swathes through their ranks. The current scene was something like an army of lv.10-20 players in an MMORPG trying to kill a lv.100 high-tiered boss that summoned a bunch of lv.80 and lv.60 mid/low-tiered bosses.

The huge difference in ability made it so that the elites of the Gabriel Empire(Swordsmen) were being one-sidedly slaughtered by 【Emperor Scorpion】 Gresham’s minions. There were many mages from the high-level adventuring parties that had received a commision from the adventurer’s guild to support the Gabriel Empire(Swordsmen) Elites, but their attacks were completely ineffective against 【Emperor Scorpion】 Gresham.

As the countless attacks landed on its exoskeleton without leaving a mark, Gresham looked a little bored as he looked to the distance, a little jealous of the void monarch over there. At least his peer over there had several humans capable of putting up some kind of fight, there wasn’t a single one here that was even able to get close to Gresham. Gresham didn’t particularly enjoy slaughtering weaklings and could only wait and watch in boredom as its minions slaughtered the human elites.


Not too far from 【Emperor Scorpion】 Gresham was the other void monarch that it had travelled with, 【Black-Widow Empress】 Yulysses, who was currently facing the Gabriel Empire’s strongest reinforcements, the Octavian Empire’s(Knights) expeditionary force. The expeditionary force was spearheaded by the Anti-Demon Knight corps led by the Octavian Empire’s 10th princess, Octavio Lisha.

The knights who had seemed almost invincible received their first real taste of defeat, different from the time when they were defeated at the Anola Clark Strip through the self-destruction of a massive number of evil beings, they were now being beaten into submission by evil beings and didn’t even have the ability to put up a proper resistance.

【Black-Widow Empress】 Yulysses’ completely dark-black coloured body stretched 15 metres from front to back and with a height of 9 metres, Yulysses was even bigger than the not so distant 【Emperor Scorpion】 Gresham. Dragging along its massive abdomen, which paired along with the human-like face that filled with many small red eyes, made it more terrifying than its peer, Gresham.

Beneath Yulysses was a pale-white halo 《Webbed Paradise》, it had the same 100m range but had a different effect from Gresham’s 《Green Terror》. 《Webbed Paradise》 was best explained as a sort of living web, enemy units which entered the area would be trapped and killed by it. Yulysses’ 《Webbed Paradise》 was even able to down a mature dragon in flight, it was more than enough to deal with the humans that Yulysses was facing right now.

Apart from 《Webbed Paradise》, Yulysses also had a poison attack that wasn’t any less potent than that of Gresham’s, the only difference being that while Gresham’s poison was highly corrosive and would melt those unfortunate enough to enter 《Green Terror》, Yulysses’ poison was a strong paralysing agent that would allow it to slowly digest its prey. Because the Anti-Demon Knight corp had brought dragons that were capable of flight, Yulysses was more proficient at dealing with aerial targets than Gresham and had also beat Gresham to ‘claim’ this battlefield.

Lisha’s equipment was the same as when she and Bella had last met several months ago, she had spent much time and effort to help one of her fellow heroes, 【Hand of Revival】 Wulfe fix his staff of revival before finally being able to revive the members of the Anti-Demon Knights who had perished at the Anola Clark Strip, at least those that weren’t blown to smithereens.

As Wulfe had also been ‘killed’ that time, Lisha had also taken quite some time to create another scroll of revival to resurrect him. Currently, Lisha only had two such scrolls left, having also exhausted the resources needed to create them. If Wulfe were to die again it would be rather problematic as Lisha had planned to leave these two remain scrolls for her own use in case anything happened.

Lisha was also worried about the current situation. She had only came and brought her own knight corp because she had heard that her older sister Irene had came to hunt [Ground Dragons] and was afraid that something might happen to her. Irene had not said anything to Lisha when she had departed, probably because she still held some resentment towards her.

Lisha was indeed a transmigrator and she had been scared of exposing herself as a fake to the more perceptive Irene, choosing only to converse with the more innocent Felia. Later, like the MCs of many light novels, she discovered her ‘cheat’ ability and her power increased rapidly.

While her power was growing at such a rate, Lisha’s overconfidence had gotten the best of her and had ignored the feelings that should have existed between sisters, the relation between the four sisters had been completely broken after Lisha had claimed the right to become a dragon knight in a rather unfair manner. Lisha hadn’t thought much about it up until when Felia had replaced her on the expedition to the Alfred continent and had gone missing when she finally started to regret her previous actions.

After thinking back to how Felia was the first and the only one to help her when she had first transmigrated to this world and had not yet received her ‘cheat’, Lisha had felt that she could no longer sit idle and ignore her ‘siblings’. Just as Lisha was preparing to personally voyage to the Alfred continent to look for Felia, she had run into ‘Felia’ at the Anola Clark Strip.

Lisha had unknowingly defeated the ‘demonized’ Felia, but that wasn’t the result that she had wanted. After seeing Felia(Bella) jump off the cliff, a deep guilt had hung over Lisha, believing that she had forced Felia to her death. She didn’t know that Felia was long dead before then, and it was Bella who had faked her death in front of her.

After Felia’s ‘death’, Lisha avoided contact with the eldest sister, Irene. Lisha was afraid that Irene and her second sister, Luce, would discover that she was the cause of Felia’s death, breaking the sisters’ relationships beyond repair. But now, Lisha had no choice, as she didn’t want to lose another sister.

After reaching this area, Lisha was able to confirm that the situation in the Gabriel Empire was rather problematic, the Empire’s strongest hero, Kriss, had disappeared, along with Irene who had gone looking for her. The Laerte defensive line had also been overtaken by mysterious evil beings.

The uncertainty was that it was unknown if the evil beings who had taken the Laerte line were related to the 4 great demon empires or not, if they were, it would be quite dangerous for the human alliance. The fruits of victory that Lisha and her knights won would have all been for nought.

Without any military achievements, along with the fact that Felia and Irene were missing, and Luce was confined to bed by sickness. That shameless emperor father of hers, Octavio XII, would definitely marry her off to another empire for their support.

Even though last time the Kristoff Empire(Archers/Assassins) had a political marriage with the Octavian Empire, due to the disappearance of the two parties involved it was a more surface thing and didn’t have too much implication in the political chessboard.

Due to her identity and position as a hero, Lisha would be unable to ignore Octavio XII’s commands. Only now did Lisha realize the value of having sisters which she could talk to and confide in, at least she would have been able to discuss possible plans with Irene, but for now she was the only daughter that Octavio XII could marry off.

This time Lisha had brought her entire battle group, apart from the 10,000 Anti-Demon Knights, the legendary heroes from last time also made a reappearance: 【Shadow Thorn】 Lola, 【Berserker】 Barthes, the 【Hand of Resurrection】 Wulfe, and 【Grand Enchanter】 Hayden, along with herself, 【Magic Dragon Knight】 Octavio Lisha, this would normally be an unstoppable force.

This time, however, they faced an opponent that was leagues ahead of them. The giant terror-invoking spider looking evil being had kept its several of its many eyes on Lisha from the moment that the two forces had met, looking at her with a peculiar gaze.

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Yulysses minions also numbered similarly to those of Gresham’s at around 10,000. Its various spider-type minions were crippling the Anti-Demon Knight corp, as the spider-type monsters were able to create their own webs that forced the knights to dismount in one way or another, before slaughtering the dismounted knights. Many of the knights were killed after getting dismounted and pulled in to the giant arachnid swarm.

As for the other heroes under Lisha’s command, they were also being beaten down by the intricate cohesion of the spider-type evil beings, it was quite an embarrassment that a bunch of heroes in full god-tier equipment had lost the ability to fight back against evil beings.

Hayden’s magic formations were completely countered by Yulysses’ 《Webbed Paradise》, no matter what Hayden did, his magic formations were completely negated within the boundaries of Yulysses’ moving halo. Although Barthes was able to get close to the evil beings with his war god’s pillar, he wasn’t able to penetrate their defences before it was taken from his hands by the web of a [Black Widow] and thrown far away.

Wulfe’s revival magic was pretty much useless in a losing fight that was so one-sided, the rate at which the Anti-Demon Knights were dying was much faster than he could revive. As an assassin, Lola wasn’t able to get close to these spiders due to their many eyes being able to easily spot her if she ever got too close, it would be GG for her if she was discovered before she had a chance to strike because all it would take was a couple of the spiders to web her and she would be helpless.

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Yulysses was created with blood from Bella, who was also its master, it was able to access some of the memories that Bella had allowed to be shared. It was quickly able to realize that Lisha was Bella’s ‘sister’, it wasn’t sure what should the next course of action be.

Yulysses was going easy on the girl right now, even though Lisha’s mount [Gold Dragon] looked fearsome, it was still not yet mature. When compared to the void monarch, Yulysses, the [Gold Dragon] was basically just an overly large bird that was easy prey.

Lisha’s various magic attacks had all been repelled by Yulysses’ defensive web. She was fortunate that Yulysses was quite intelligent and knew that it couldn’t kill Lisha or else master Bella would get angry. If it had known that this situation was so complicated, Yulysses would have left this task to that Scorpion, Gresham, it looked regretfully at the giant scorpion just standing around casually in the distance, wishing that it had slowed down just a bit so that Gresham would have been the vanguard and the one that ran into Lisha.

Lisha and the [Gold Dragon] looked cautiously at Yulysses as they flew above it, not giving it any chance to drag them down with its webs, temporarily thwarting Yulysses’ plan to capture Lisha alive and gift her to Bella.

If the human forces here had been led by Kriss, maybe Yulysses would actually be threatened, but evidently, Lisha didn’t buy as much in-game currency as Kriss and therefore didn’t have as many cheats. The only fortunate thing for Lisha was that the two void monarchs that she had run into were the comparatively ‘gentler’ and ‘nicer’ ones, things would be a lot different if she had ran into any of the other four of the Dark Sanctuary’s void monarchs.

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