Chapter 66: Does the Emperor Have a Hidden Illness?



(TN: Warning! This chapter contains non-con!)

“You are not human! Get lost—-“ Mo Qi Qi struggles against him.

Her frail body is not strong enough to push him away. He restrains her two arms with one hand, rendering her immobile.

With a harsh tug, he takes off her dress.

Mo Qi Qi knows that she cannot escape this, she simply closes her eyes in shame. She bites her lips, trying her best to bear it all.

“Ah……” A wave of pain hits her. The tearing pain is too much for her to handle and she ends up biting Jun Qian Che in the shoulder.

The night is deep and the imperial palace is silent. The silver moonlight falls on the flowers outside while crickets sing, creating a quaint atmosphere.

Feng Yang Palace is so quiet that even the sound of pin dropping can be heard. Because of the emperor’s anger, everyone is careful while doing their jobs. As the night grows older, everyone retreats to rest until it is only Eunuch Lin and Ban Xiang left. At the moment, the bedroom inside Feng Yang Palace is a sight that is inappropriate for others to see.

The bed that has been there for two years has finally welcomed it’s male owner, witnessing the first union between the emperor and the empress.

Mo Qi Qi closes her eyes in disgrace, praying that all these will end soon.

Although Jun Qian Che does not have the intention to hurt her, he has reached the point of no return. He desperately wants her, replacing his fury with bodily desire.

Mo Qi Qi does not have any idea how much time has passed. She has to endure this humiliation for a long time. Just as she thinks her body is about to disintegrate, it comes to an end.

As Jun Qian Che moves away from her, he can see droplets of blood on the bedsheet. Shock, shame, self-blame, regret and anger mix in his heart. He gets down from the bed and gets dressed once again. He wants to leave, he does not want to see her looking at him in disgust and hatred.

After he leaves, Mo Qi Qi gets up and inspects her ‘graced’ body. She pulls the bedsheet and wraps it around her body. When she remembers what he did to her, she covers her face with her hands and cries.

Jun Qian Che who is walking past the doorway hears the sound of her weeping. He pauses in his steps. The sound of her cry pierces through his heart. He really wants to give his own face a couple of slaps. He wants to go back to see her, but he knows that she will become even sadder at the sight of him. He can only leave.

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Once he left, Ban Xiang rushes in. She sits by the bedside, looking at Mo Qi Qi who is weeping like a broken person. “Your Ladyship, please do not cry…… Huhu…..” She ends up bursting into tears as well.

After sobbing her eyes out, Mo Qi Qi wipes her tears away. She forces herself to calm down as she puts on a dress, “I want to take a bath. Change all the beddings on the bed, I do not want to see them anymore. Nobody is allowed to speak about what happened tonight.”

“Yes!” Ban Xiang immediately goes to do the bidding.

3 nights later, the moon is bright as the winds blow gently. Despite the beauty of the night, Mo Qi Qi remains solemn. It has been three days since she locks herself inside her own palace, refusing to see anyone.

She stares at her own reflection as she sits in front of the mirror. She touches her own strange yet familiar face, “Although we are different, I consider us the same entity the moment I entered your body. I thought I did not care about your body, but when he took your chastity by force, I realized that I really cared on your behalf. All of your feelings and sorrow have seeped into my very soul.”

I hate you, Jun Qian Che! You humiliated me to this extent, I will kill you to wash this humiliation away!

She takes a deep breath, regaining her optimism. She points at herself in the mirror, “Cheer up a little, Mo Qi Qi! You only slept with that trash! No big deal! No matter what, he is still the emperor! So many women wants to sleep with him, but none of them gets the chance to! You should be happy, you are legally the empress! Serving him is part of your job description! If you want to take revenge, you must pretend that nothing has happened. When he least expect it, kill him.”

A scene suddenly appears inside Mo Qi Qi’s head, of her chatting idly with Jun Qian Che. When he lowers his guard down, she puts poison in his tea. After he drinks it, he spits out blood. He points at Mo Qi Qi accusingly, ‘Y-You actually dared to poison zhen?’

Mo Qi Qi leans towards him before pulling his earlobe, ‘What ‘you’? Hmph, you dared to bully me? This is the result of treating me like that! Go and die! Hahaha—–‘

“Hahaha—-“ Mo Qi Qi is amused by her own daydream, “Even you have this day, Jun Qian Che.”

Hearing Mo Qi Qi laughing, Ban Xiang leans towards her before curiously asking, “What is so funny, Your Ladyship?”

Mo Qi Qi snaps out of her daydream, “Huh? Didn’t you left to prepare dinner? When did you come back?”

“This servant is already here for a while, just decided not to bother you upon seeing you immersed in your thoughts. You have not smiled for three days, now that you have, this servant is relieved. Are you still angry at the emperor, Your Ladyship?” Ban Xiang carefully asks. Her heart aches so much seeing her mistress so sad. At least, she is beginning to smile again now.

Mo Qi Qi sighs, “What is the point of being angry? It cannot change what had happened. It is not worthy for me to waste my emotion getting angry over that trash.”

“Your Ladyship is right! Even if you are angry, the emperor wouldn’t know that, what is the point of getting emotionally riled up all by yourself? Honestly, His Majesty can already be considered treating you well. His heart has you!” Ban Xiang happily says. She is so relieved to see her Mistress returning to the way she used to be.

Mo Qi Qi gets really angry when she hears what Ban Xiang has to say. She knocks her in the head before asking, “What did Jun Qian Che gave you for you to speak so much on his behalf!”

“Your Ladyship, this servant is not paid off by His Majesty. His Majesty genuinely—-“

Mo Qi Qi glares at her.

Ban Xiang can only relent, “Alright, this servant shall stop speaking. Your Ladyship, dinner is ready. You have not eaten anything for three days, please eat something this time.”

Mo Qi Qi rubs her own stomach, “Now that you said it, I feel really hungry. Let’s go.”

Yu Jing Palace,

The past three days has not been kind to Mo Qi Qi, but it has been worse for Jun Qian Che. Never has he felt so confused for the past 22 years of his life.

He has always been clear on what he wants ever since he was young. He has worked really hard to achieve his goal, to get to where he is today. No matter what happened, he strived to be calm and unaffected by external factors.

But when he is facing Mo Qi Qi, all the restrains that he have worked so hard to built is easily broken. He could calmly deal with the past Mo Qi Qi, although she could affect his emotions, he never really lost control. However, after she fell from the viewing tower, it is as though she has changed.

His heart feels constricted, but there is no one he can talk to. Everyone envies his seat, but nobody knows how lonely and cold it feels up there.

He looks at the wine in front of him, sending all of his servants away before he starts drinking.

Today, Chu Ling Xiao is dragged by his mother to eat dinner with the empress dowager. He knows what his mother really wants; she wants to take this chance to discuss about his marriage with the empress dowager. She wants the empress dowager to pick a suitable girl for him.

After eating dinner, he sneaks out after taking advantage of his mother chatting with the empress dowager. One must know that the empress dowager cares a lot about his marriage. No prizes to guessing what the two ladies are going to talk about when together. If he does not escape, they might find a girl to downright serve him for the night.

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Chu Ling Xiao originally planned to return to his own manor, but he suddenly remembers Jun Qian Che who seems distracted and absent-minded lately. Curiosity rises in his heart.

Jun Qian Che and him are cousins, they grew up together, so each understands the other pretty well. It is very rare to see Jun Qian Che in this condition.

He hears that the empress has been locking herself up in her palace, refusing to meet anyone. Did they fight? But the emperor is the kind who is unaffected even if a mountain is toppling in front of him, what made him become this way? He makes his way to Yu Jing Palace with his curiosity in tow.

From afar, he can see Eunuch Lin pacing in front of the emperor’s chamber.

Chu Ling Xiao walks over to him and greets him, “Eunuch Lin, are you pretending to be an ant?”

“The Prime Minister.” Eunuch Lin greets him respectfully. “What do you mean by that, Prime Minister?”

Chu Ling Xiao laughs rottenly, “Because ants pace around when collecting food! Hahaha—-“

Eunuch Lin helplessly laughs, “Do not make fun of this servant, Prime Minister. This servant is worried about His Majesty….”

“Worried about His Majesty? Oh, are you worried because the emperor would not grace anyone from the harem? Honestly, even I am worried about that. Let me tell you this, the emperor is an adult now, he is not a teenager anymore. He still refuses to touch any women. Does he have any hidden illness?” Chu Ling Xiao asked curiously like an old gossiper.


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