Chapter 65: Zhen Will Fulfill Your Wish



(TN: Warning! This chapter contains non-con.)

Mo Qi Qi stands up in shock, “What is wrong, Your Majesty? Did chenqie said anything wrong?” This guy is too temperamental. She is already treating him so cautiously, what else does he wants?

Seeing the current atmosphere, Ban Xiang immediately steps forward to help her Mistress, “Do you not like the wine, Your Majesty? Do you want this servant to change it for you?”

“Get lost! All of you get lost!” Jun Qian Che yells at them.

The servants all tremble as they leave.

Ban Xiang and Eunuch Lin looks at their respective masters in worry before walking away.

Eunuch Lin has followed the emperor for such a long time, he has never seen the emperor this furious before. The empress didn’t say anything wrong, why is he so angry?

Jun Qian Che glares at Mo Qi Qi as he slowly approaches her.

Mo Qi Qi retreats backwards in fear.

Jun Qian Che continues approaching her.

She takes a deep breath before saying, “Y-Your Majesty, whatever it is, let’s talk it over properly. A gentleman will not raise his hand on a woman.”

“Talk it over?” He suddenly pulls her by the wrist before dragging her into her chamber.

“Your Majesty, it hurts! Let go of me.”

Jun Qian Che ignores her. The moment they enter her chamber, he realizes that it is empty. There is no one other than the two of them there; only her dresses are strewn about everywhere.

Noticing that his hold on her wrist has loosened, Mo Qi Qi pulls her hand back before running to her bed and gathering all her dresses. She stuffs them over inside her closet. Then, she turns at Jun Qian Che, smiling, “Chenqie didn’t lie to you, right? Chenqie’s room is very messy, chenqiedidn’t want you to see that?”

“That is enough!” Jun Qian Che yells at her before approaching her once again. He wraps his hands around her throat before icily saying, “Mo Qi Qi, do you really take zhen for a fool? Do you really believe that your lies are fool-proof?”

“W-What are you saying, Your Majesty?” She struggles against the tightening hold he has around her neck.

A cold light flashes in Jun Qian Che’s eyes, “Do you actually think that zhen wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

Chenqie didn’t do anything wrong? Under what basis are you going to kill chenqie?” Mo Qi Qi stares at him fiercely.

Jun Qian Che laughs mockingly, “Didn’t do anything wrong? Mo Qi Qi, you are really good at pretending to lose your memory! Zhen actually believed you, but you ended up exposing yourself tonight! If you have really lost your memories, you wouldn’t have met that man again, you wouldn’t have cooked such a feast for him. Speak up, who is that man?” Jun Qian Che unconsciously increases the force of his hands.

Mo Qi Qi finds it hard to breathe. She tries to push his hands away, hoping he will calm down.

Seeing her face turning red and the pained expression on her face, Jun Qian Che knows that if he uses a little bit more force, he can end her life. He has no idea why his hands start trembling at that thought; just the idea of her leaving him forever hurts him so much.

Noticing that he is in a daze, Mo Qi Qi seizes that opportunity to break free from him and quickly runs away.  Before she even gets far away, he appears in front of her, blocking her way.

Seeing the dark look on his face, she retreats backwards in fear. Jun Qian Che continues cornering her, until he has her trapped between him and the bed.

Jun Yue Hen who has sneaked out of Feng Yang Palace feels uneasy to leave Mo Qi Qi behind. He wants to go back to see how she is doing.

Bai Jiang and Wen Xuan appear in front of him, stopping him, “Wangye, it is better for you to leave the palace quickly. If the emperor finds out that you are here at night, it will not end well for you,” Wen Xuan tries to reason with him.

Jun Yue Hen feels uneasy, “I am worried about Qi Qi. I want to see how she is doing.”

“Wangye, the empress is the emperor’s wife.  He will not harm her for no reason,” Wen Xuan continues trying to persuade him.

“The emperor is really smart. What if he figures out that Qi Qi cooked everything for me?”

Bai Jiang speaks up, “Don’t worry, wangye. No matter how suspicious the emperor is, as long as he hasn’t caught the person, there is little he can do about it. If you return there and got caught by the emperor, it will harm the empress even more.”

Wen Xuan nods in agreement, “Bai Jiang is right, wangye. We better leave.”

“No, this king is worried for Qi Qi. I want to check on her,” Jun Yue Hen wants to go back.

Bai Jiang and Wen Xuan exchange a look before giving a light blow to Jun Yue Hen’s head, causing him to pass out.

Then, they carry him away.

As for Mo Qi Qi who is being cornered inside her own room, she feels really scared. She can only continue fighting to save her own life. She tries to coax him, “Your Majesty, let’s talk properly. Violence does not solve anything. Chenqie does not know what chenqie said to offend you. If there is anything you are unhappy with, you can point it out. Chenqie will try to change.”

“Change? Can you really change? Zhen already gave you a chance, but you never change. Does zhen accommodates you too much or do you think that with Mo Clan next to you, zhen wouldn’t do anything to you?” Jun Qian Che tries his best to rein in his anger, but the scene in the viewing tower keeps replaying on his head. Thinking about how she plans on doing that again tonight makes him beyond furious.

“Your Majesty, chenqie does not know what chenqie did to anger you. Please speak clearly.” Mo Qi Qi looks at him innocently. Is this man playing riddles?

“Is it really you don’t know what you did wrong or you never thought what you did was wrong?” Jun Qian Che can feel himself gradually losing control. Thinking of her being with another man makes him go insane. If this goes on, he might really hurt her. No, he must leave. He shouldn’t be here with her, right now.

Jun Qian Che wants to walk away but his legs won’t move. It is as though his feet are glued to the ground. The heat that is pooling inside his body is spreading. He tries to use his inner power to oppress it, but it ends up spreading even faster. It is as though his body has been set on fire. The impulse to rush towards her is mounting. He thinks too highly of himself; he had always thought he would be able to control his own body and needs, but now, he realizes that it is hard to do that in front of her.

Mo Qi Qi can sense something off, “What’s wrong, Your Majesty?”

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Jun Qian Che icily stares at her, “This is your own deed, why are you even asking zhen?”

“Your Majesty, you are saying things that chenqie can’t understand, again,” Mo Qi Qi mutters under her breath.

Seeing how cute she is looking makes the heat inside Jun Qian Che’s body to spread even faster. He wants to leave but cannot bring himself to, so he can only scolds Mo Qi Qi, “Get out.”

Mo Qi Qi feels really helpless with the way he is acting at the moment, “This is chenqie’s palace and chenqie is the one getting kicked out?”

“Stop with that nonsense and go.” Jun Qian Che’s voice turns hoarse as he tries to control himself.

Mo Qi Qi sighs before muttering to herself, “Fine.”

However, the moment she walks past him, Jun Qian Che lost control and pulls her over. He drops her on the bed before pressing himself from on top of her.

Mo Qi Qi is shocked, “What are you doing, Your Majesty?”

“What am I doing? Are you really asking that?” Jun Qian Che’s eyes are burning in needs.

“Don’t you dare, Jun Qian Che! Although I am your empress, there is no love between us. I don’t like you. Please respect my decision,” Mo Qi Qi hurries to clear things up after seeing the wanton desire in his eyes.

“Respect your decision? When have you done the same to zhen? You are zhen’s empress and yet you are telling zhen that the man you love isn’t zhen. Who is it that you love, then?” Jun Qian Che furiously asks. His anger is mixed with his desire; no matter how strong he is, he can never win over that.

“The person I love—– en! L-let go—-“ Before Mo Qi Qi even gets to finish speaking, he leans down and kisses her. He is too scared to hear what she is about to say, so he can only stop her in that manner.

Honestly, Mo Qi Qi isn’t in love with anyone. What she wanted to tell him was: ‘ The person I love has nothing to do with you! The point is it is not you!’

The moment his lips touches her’s, Jun Qian Che starts wanting more and more.

Mo Qi Qi struggles with all her might. He ignores her. He did everything she wanted him to, he accommodated her so much and all she did was lie and lie to him. She actually got into an affair with another man. He cannot hold it in any longer.

“Jun Qian Che, you disgusting human being. Let go of me! No! Let go of me—-“ Mo Qi Qi struggle with every ounce of energy she has. She does not want to do this with a man she doesn’t love. Even though this person is her husband by name, the spirit inside isn’t his wife. She cannot accept him.

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Jun Qian Che has lost control. He coldly speaks in her ears, “Since you want a man so much, zhen will fulfil your wish.”

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