Chapter 46 (V2): What Need Is There To Stay And Receive Humiliation

“Keke! Ai, quickly, have some! Take it and eat! This brother and his wife, please have some too! It’s not good to wait on an empty stomach!” The woman grinned and said.

“Stop! Come back!” Fang Shi was so furious that her whole body was trembling coldly. In a swift action, she forcefully pulled Sang Quan and his younger sister before glaring at the woman. Raising a hand, she wanted to flip the tray over!

“What an outrageous——”

“Ah Xian!” Sang Hong was also frustrated, but he kept his calm and quickly halted Fang Shi’s hand that was in the air, “Ah Xian!”

Fang Shi nibbled her lips bitterly and her eyes were flushed red. Looking at him silently, she had truly wanted to voice her grievance.

The Shi family were too much! This was a humiliation! An utter humiliation!

“Aiyo! Why is this woman so fierce ah! This old lady was doing some good; if you don’t wish to accept it, then don’t. There’s no need to climb all over my face! Hmph! If you don’t want then don’t, I’ll just feed these to the dogs!” The woman rolled her eyes at Fang Shi before turning and left with a face full of despise.

Seeing the food fly in and then out of their grasp, the two children gaped and cried out loud.

“No crying!” Fang Shi fiercely glared at them and broke her hand off from Sang Hong before catching up with the woman. Blocking her path, she spoke coldly, “Where does your young mistress stay? How do we get there?”

“You, who do you think you are? What business do you have with our young mistress? Our young mistress is a noblewoman, not anyone can just see her!” The woman spoke as she looked at Fang Shi in disdain.

“Bring me to her!” Fang Shi grabbed the woman’s collar. With her eyes full of anger and coldness, she commanded, “Bring me there! Now!”

“Stop, stop! You, you, why are you so fierce? We’ll go, we’ll go! You, you’ve got to let go of me first!” The woman became startled and immediately lightened up her attitude.

“Ah Xian! Stop creating a ruckus!” After coaxing the two children, Sang Hong caught up in a hurry and pulled Fang Shi to him before speaking politely to the woman, “I’ll apologize in her stead for being rude! Please accept this apology!”

The woman took a glimpse at Sang Hong and smiled, “Least you know some manners. Too bad you’re married to a witch! You are looking for Young Mistress —— for what reason?”

“Nothing. Please carry on!” Sang Hong shook his head.

“Oh, like I said, our young mistress isn’t someone who’d casually meet anyone! That person there should at the very least know her position!” The woman nagged as she left.

“What did you say!” Fang Shi was clouded with anger and wanted to catch up with the woman. However, she was held back desperately by Sang Hong.

“Unbelievable! Unbelievable! The Shi family is too insincere! To bite the hand that feeds, Sang Wan that damn lass! You don’t allow me to create a ruckus? Fine, we’ll all go home! We’ll go home and all will be fine!”

“Ah Xian…”

“Don’t call me!” Fang Shi held her tears back in her eyes and shook her shoulders gently. In that instant, she lifted her head and spoke with a nasal sound, “I’ve had enough! If others don’t wish to welcome us, why should we purposely send ourselves to their doorstep to receive humiliation? Don’t tell me anything about whether there may be some sort of miscommunication or not! Without a master’s order, do you think the servants will dare to do this? If you wish to stay, then stay, I’ll go!”

Fang Shi huffed and puffed and pulled her children each by a hand. Giving her surrounding a last glance to keep the distasteful scene in her memory, she chose a direction before leaving.

“Ah Xian! Ah Xian!” Sang Hong had no way of stopping his angry wife. Letting out a gentle sigh, his heart dismissed her behavior as leaving here to speak outside was not a bad idea! As such, he went to grab the things and followed behind.

The Shi household was huge with numerous houses, plants, and winding paths which led to secluded areas of the household. Without anyone to guide them, leaving this place would not be an easy task.

Fang Shi was now inclined to disliking the members of the Shi household. On her path forward, she refused to ask anyone whom she ran into and coldly roamed around with her two children. Deep down, she did not believe that she could not leave without any help.

“Aiyo, isn’t that, Young Mistress’s brother and sister-in-law!” Zhan Huan suddenly exclaimed and ran forward hurriedly.

Sang Hong and Fang Shi still continued forward as they turned a deaf ear to Zhan Huan’s call. It was not intentional, but they did not think that Zhan Huan was actually calling for them.

“Young Master Sang, Young Master Sang’s wife!” Zhan Huan ran up to them and smiled as he panted heavily, “You, why are you here?”

Fang Shi stared straight at him and sneered, “You’re right, we shouldn’t even be here!”

The smile on Zhan Huan’s face stiffened and he suddenly felt as if something was amiss. But having followed Shi Fengju for a long time, he was clever. He knew that something unpleasant must have happened but was in no position to ask. As such, he acted confused and carried on wearing the smile on his face as he spoke, “That isn’t the case! Young Master and Young Mistress have been waiting for you for a long time but there was no sight of you. Young Mistress is very anxious and thought that something might have happened to you while on the way here. As such, Young Master let this servant ride a horse out of the city to inquire. But because this servant was not able to inquire much about whether there was any accident on the road, this servant was hurrying to report back to Young Master and Young Mistress! It truly is a coincidence to have ran into  Young Master Sang and his wife! The two of you, please, Young Master and Young Mistress are waiting anxiously for you!” Zhan Huan spoke and quickly ordered someone to report back to Sang Wan and Shi Fengju in his stead before he went to carry the things from Sang Hong’s hands, “Let this servant do it!”

“Is your Young Master and Young Mistress really waiting for us?” Fang Shi spoke in disbelief and she stared suspiciously at Zhan Huan.

“Oh, just as you’ve said!” Zhan Huan smiled. The meaning behind was obvious because who doesn’t know that the Sang’s family would be coming over to greet the Shi family!

“Enough, Ah Xian, let’s not keep Ah Wan and her husband waiting. Let’s go!” Sang Hong had met Zhan Huan before and thus place his trust in him. He believed that his younger sister would not disregard her family and what had happened before was nothing but just some misunderstanding. No wonder! After all, the Shi family’s business is huge. Surely, they would have lots of friends and relatives coming over to a point where the servants ended up making a mistake.

Sang Hong was used to thinking positively, but Fang Shi was not the same. Especially after the humiliation which she had suffered just then, there was no way it could be completely eliminated after Zhan Huan’s words.

She only snorted coldly and spoke, “If they’re truly waiting for us, then have them come welcome us personally! We’ll be waiting here! Ai, if they aren’t here in fifteen minutes, we’ll leave first! There’s still things to be done at home!”

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Zhan Huan was stunned and the smile on his face was already very forced, “That, that——”

“Ah Xian!”

“Don’t pull me! You’re called Zhan Huan right? Aren’t you going to call for your young master and young mistress? Remember, in fifteen minutes!” Fang Shi glared at Sang Hong and said.

“Ai, this servant will go! Hurry will go now!” Zhan Huan hurriedly nodded and sped away as fast as he could.

Seeing that it was already past noon and there were still no news of her brother and sister-in-law, Sang Wan could not help but recall what had happened in her past life and her heart pounded anxiously. Trying to hold her grief back, her tears almost fell from her eyes. Seeing as such, Shi Fengju quickly added some words of comfort.

“Young Master, Young Mistress! Young Master Sang and his wife are here. Zhan Huan will be leading them over!” Someone had finally come to report.

“Really!” Sang Wan’s eyes lit up and she lifted herself up.

She had always been elegant and graceful, and never had Shi Fengju seen her neglect that character. Shi Fengju could not help but smile, “No need to worry now that they’re already here! I’ll go out to welcome them; take your time!”

“Okay! Thank you, Lord!” Sang Wan nodded a few times and smiled brightly like a blooming flower.

And so, Shi Fengju ran out and was met with Zhan Huan who was reporting back with Fang Shi’s words. Zhan Huan felt that it was necessary to mention what had happened, and told of the situation to Shi Fengju. Shi Fengju immediately stopped in his tracks and his brows rose a little, “Go and check on what had happened. You weren’t impolite to them, right?”

“This servant wouldn’t dare!” Zhan Huan immediately straightened himself and hastily replied.

Shi Fengju nodded, “Go then, lead the way!”

Sang Hong and Fang Shi saw Shi Fengju hurrying over and their hearts were finally put at ease.

After Zhan Huan’s words, Fang Shi’s mood was a lot calmer than before. With addition to Sang Hong’s persuasion and Shi Fengju arriving on time with a smile on his face as he greeted them, “Brother, sister-in-law”, Fang Shi did not expose any ill emotions. While Sang Hong and Shi Fengju spoke of the weather, she held onto her two children and led them from behind.

“I really am sorry, to have caused some slight inconvenience to Big Brother and sister-in-law! Please come with me! Sang Wan is waiting at the Second Gate!” Shi Fengju gestured to lead them.

“You’re too polite! We’re a family, there’s no need to be so polite!” Sang Hong cupped a fist in his palm.

After entering through the Second Gate, Sang Wan immediately spotted them and smiled pleasantly as she walked up to them. Bending her knees a little, she curtsied. “Big Brother, Sister-in-law! You’re finally here!” She greeted before wrapping her arm around Fang Shi’s arm with a face full of joy.

Fang Shi’s heart softened and she smiled before calling for Sang Quan and Sang Nuan to go up and greet their aunt. The two siblings were well-behaved and greeted together. Sang Nuan lifted her little face up and spoke in admiration, “Auntie, you’re so beautiful!”

Those around could not help but laughed. Sang Wan leaned forward affectionately and pinched the little face before smiling, “Our Xiao Nuan has also grown up to be more beautiful!”

The group returned to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence and the maidservants brought in some water to give them a refreshing wash. Sang Wan then asked Shi Fengju, “Should we head over to where Mother is? My oldest brother and sister-in-law have yet to meet her!”

Shi Fengju looked at the time and laughed, “Big Brother and sister-in-law must have rushed over and are hungry now. Why don’t we have a meal first! I’m afraid Mother may be taking her afternoon nap, and meeting her at night shouldn’t be too late!”

Sang Wan then instructed Nanny Li to head out to inform Nanny Jiang about the Sang family’s arrival. Nanny Li accepted and left.

Ning Garden then had someone to bring and serve the food.

Sang Quan and his sister were not of age yet and thus did not sit by the table. Sang Wan asked for a clean plate and set aside some dishes, and had Liu Ya bring the children, along with the plate, to a temporary partitioned area to have their meal. Once done, the four sat separately as guests and hosts.

Sang Hong and Fang Shi were indeed hungry and did not put the suggestion off. However, Fang Shi was concerned for the two children, worried that they might cause trouble, and so she whispered to Sang Wan, telling her that she would go and take a look at the children.

Sang Wan smiled and went with her.

By the table were left with Shi Fengju and Sang Hong. With just a look from his eyes, the maidservants withdrew and he gave two soft coughs before asking, “Was the road to here smooth?”

“Quite alright.” Sang Hong was startled but gave a nod.

Shi Fengju smiled and hesitated for a moment before asking, “I heard from Zhan Huan that he ran into you and sister-in-law when you were already in the household. Did something happen? Big Brother, please don’t take this seriously, I don’t have any other meaning, just that I was afraid that the servants may have been unruly and angered Big Brother and Sister-in-law. No need to hold back, Big Brother, please tell me!”

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Sang Hong shook his head and dismissed it lightly, “Brother Fengju, you’re thinking too much! There’s no such thing, truly, nothing happened! Keke, we’re fine, what could have went wrong!”

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