Chapter 329: Undersea adventures

Long Yi turned back and saw a tall and sturdy dark-skinned man dressed in black leather armor. He was glaring at him as if he wanted to eat him. It seemed he had misunderstood that he and Red Lady were doing something shameless.

“This fellow should be Ye Changli, his looks is just so-so and his body is also sturdy, but he is still a little worse than me.” Long Yi narcissistically thought in his heart while sizing this man.

At this time, Ye Changli threateningly came over with an ominous look. It appeared as if he wanted to fight to the death with Long Yi.

Red Lady stood up and after arranging her clothing, she stood in front of Long Yi.

“Hongniang, you and this sex fiend truly…truly……” The corner of Ye Changli’s mouth twitched seeing Red Lady standing in front of Long Yi to protect him but he eventually didn’t complete his sentence.

Long Yi stood up and said with a smile: “Hey buddy, you seemed to be misunderstanding, I and Red Lady however have a pure big sister and younger brother relationship at least for the present but it’s hard to say in the future.”

Ye Changli just snorted and his gaze shifted to Red Lady. He clearly wanted to listen to her explanation.

“Ye Changli, you are my friend, even more, is my benefactor, therefore, I greatly respect you, but I hope you don’t interfere with my private life.” Red Lady indifferently said. And after speaking, she rolled her eyes towards Long Yi, blaming him for talking nonsense just now.

“Friends? Merely friends? Everything I did for you in all these last few years, could it be that you don’t understand?” Ye Changli agitatedly wanted to grab the hand of Red Lady but she skillfully dodged.

“Ye Changli, don’t force me, I still don’t want to talk about this type of matter.” Red Lady softly sighed.

“Is it because of this boy? Is it because of this him you don’t accept me?” Ye Changli said pointing at Long Yi.

Long Yi frowned and slapping away the hand of Ye Changli, he said: “I hate people pointing at me, if it was not for considering the face of Red Lady, I would have already cut off your claw.”

The dark face of Ye Changli suddenly become purple. Clang, he suddenly pulled out his huge sword and his douqi light flashed. The color of his douqi was actually a bit closer to purple color, presumably, he was about to reach Swords Saint realm. He truly was worthy of being a leader of a mercenary group which was among top 10 A-ranked mercenary groups.

“Ye Changli, stop, if you behave like this again, then we will be stranger hereafter, you walk your sunshine path and I will walk my difficult path.” Red Lady coldly said.

Ye Changli tightly grabbed the hilt of his sword, and then, he hatefully retracted his sword. After that, he turned around and stayed quietly at one side.

Long Yi made a wry smile and touched his nose. Your grandpa, it seems, his fengshui of today was bad. With great bad luck, he actually turned into an involved third party, but he still cannot be considered as the third party, merely he couldn’t afford to stay here in any case.

“Big sister, this younger brother will leave first, thank you for the map. You two can slowly talk.” Long Yi turned to Red Lady and said. After that, he disappeared from inside the hall. Honestly speaking, he didn’t hate Ye Changli, but merely was jealous. Moreover, he could clearly understand his feeling as no man could endure the woman he liked getting intimate with other men.

After Long Yi left, Ye Changli turned around and said to Red Lady while glaring at her: “The map he is talking about, is it the one we obtain yesterday?”

“Yes, since we can make copies, I gave one to him.” Red Lady indifferently answered as she was very dissatisfied with the attitude of Ye Changli.

“What? Don’t you know that that map is very precious? But you actually gave it to an outsider.” Ye Changli stamped his leg.

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“He isn’t an outsider, he is my younger brother I recognized, besides, I was the one who obtained this map, do I need to report you if I want to give it to someone else?” Red Lady was somewhat annoyed. Now, she was very disappointed with the narrow-mindedness of Ye Changli. Originally, she had intended to follow him when she got tired of all this, but as it now seems, it was necessary to reconsider.

“Yes, you should. Granted that you don’t treat me as somebody but don’t forget that we are cooperative partners, all our resources are common resources. If you gave away important things like this to other people in private, then do you think it will not concern me?” Ye Changli become red from anger. Seeing Red Lady was sticking up for Long Yi like this, he, even more, considered Red Lady had taken fancy to Long Yi, and he felt stifled in his heart.

Red Lady was irritated, indeed, what he said was truly reasonable, but she, Red Lady was also a person that practice what she preaches, and after she had already given away, could it be that she had to take it back? Thereupon, she coldly said: “Since you are unwilling, what’s the big deal, we can just separate, and I will also not stay in this lousy courtyard.” Red Lady angrily prepared to leave.

This time, Ye Changli realized the seriousness of the matter. He hastily blocked the path of Red Lady then softly said: “Hongniang, don’t be angry, everything is my fault, I was muddleheaded.”

“Step aside, I will not stay here any longer. As for your life-saving kindness, I will definitely repay you in the future.” Red Lady coldly said.

“Don’t, I apologize, I admit my mistake. Just now, seeing the intimate appearance of you and that kid, I was very angry and muddleheaded, thereupon I just…… please forgive me, or should I go and look for that kid to apologize?” Ye Changli gently begged. It seemed he truly loved Red Lady. A dignified leader of the A-ranked mercenary group was unexpectedly speaking so humbly to a woman, this truly wasn’t an easy thing.

Red Lady saw the appearance of Ye Changli and hesitated. Honestly speaking, the feelings of Ye Changli for her had greatly moved her heart. Ye Changli was the leader of Iron Blooded Mercenary Group, usually, he had the image of a fierce and iron blooded man, but here he was speaking so humbly and also was begging her.

“Well, I will not leave today, and there is no need to discuss the matter of forgiving or not, I am also at the fault in this matter.” Red Lady softly sighed.

A pleasant surprise flashed in the eyes of Ye Changli and repeatedly rubbing his hand, he said: “Thank you, Hongniang, you are not at fault, everything is my fault, I should not have doubted your relation with him.”

Red Lady was startled, her relationship with Ximen Yu? It seems……there were some changes.


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At this moment, it was already noon and the sunlight was very hot, of course, compared to the other places of Blue Waves Continent, this place was nice and cool.

Nalan Rumeng rolled on the bed and her little hand felt about but she touched nothing, so she opened her eyes. She sat up on the bed and saw her big sister Nalan Ruyue was sitting on the sofa quietly reading a book.

“Big sister, how come you woke up so early?” Nalan Rumeng jumped out of the bed and walked beside Nalan Ruyue.

“Early? It’s almost the time to eat lunch, you lazy bones.” Nalan Ruyue put down the book and affectionately pinched her little sister’s cheeks.

Nalan Rumeng stuck out her tongue and asked: “What about brother-in-law?”

“How do I know? He vanished early in the morning and still hasn’t returned yet.” Nalan Ruyue somewhat unhappily said.

Nalan Rumeng got closer to the front of Nalan Ruyue and looking left and right, she slyly said with a smile: “Big sister, do you know what you resemble now?”

“What?” Nalan Ruyue pushed her little sister and said.

“A grumbling wife.” Nalan Rumeng giggled and said.

“You are asking for a beating.” Nalan Ruyue waved her fist but thought in her heart, do I really resemble a grumbling wife?

Nalan Rumeng jumped away and immediately approaching again, she placed her head on the shoulder of Nalan Ruyue, then moving her head, she said in surprise: “Big sister, your shoulder hasn’t changed, but how come I felt different yesterday? Yesterday, it was more comfortable and also smelled very nice.”

Nalan Ruyue lightly knocked on the head of Nalan Rumeng in a good mood and said with a smile: “Last night, you slept on your brother-in-law while drooling on him.”

Nalan Rumeng screamed and rubbed her head but her expression changed, then supporting her cheeks, she muttered: “Was brother-in-law, as it turned out his shoulder is so comfortable.”

Nalan Ruyue saw the expression of her little sister was somewhat not too right and when she wanted to say something, Long Yi suddenly appeared out of the thin air before them.

“You returned so early, why didn’t you spend a bit more time outside?” Nalan Ruyue shot a glance at Long Yi and said indifferently.

Long Yi sat opposite to sisters and said with a smile: “How come these words sounded a bit amiss? Someone said that one should listen to the words of women in reverse, like that, you seemed to be blaming me for returning late.”

“Yes, brother-in-law is truly smart, just now my big sister was gnashing her teeth seeing that you have yet to return.” Nalan Rumeng said with a smile.

“Oh…unfortunately, someone is stubbornly refusing to admit. But never mind, everyone is already well aware. Hereafter, don’t mention it, your big sister is thin-skinned.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Nalan Ruyue pretended that she didn’t hear anything and looking towards one side, she said nothing.

At this time, Nalan Rumeng jumped off the sofa and walked to the front of Long Yi and looking at him with her big eyes, she said: “Brother-in-law, huge me.”

Eh…… Long Yi was dumbfounded. Could it be that this little girl was yearning for love? Yesterday, wasn’t she teaching about men and women shouldn’t be intimate, but today, how come she was about to throw herself into his arms?

Seeing Long Yi didn’t respond, Nalan Rumeng cast all caution to the winds and sat on his lap and shrunk into his bosom.

“Rumeng, what are you doing? Still not coming out quickly.” Nalan Ruyue hastily shouted and tried to pull-down her little sister.

“I don’t want to, let me smell again.” Nalan Rumeng tightly held on the neck of Long Yi and shouted loudly.

Long Yi was stunned looking at these sisters. What game were they playing now, why were they treating him as a stage?

Nalan Rumeng, after all, was a little girl, with only her strength, how could she hang on. Eventually, she was pulled out by Nalan Ruyue.

“Yes, it’s real, last night, I smelled brother-in-law’s smell, truly is a nice smell, but……” Nalan Rumeng smiled happily but soon afterwards, she timidly looked towards her big sister.

“But what, damned girl?” Nalan Ruyue angrily said.

“But…I smelled other women’s fragrance on the body of brother-in-law.” Nalan Rumeng timidly said, next, she turned to Long Yi and made a funny face.

Nalan Ruyue was dumbfounded, and her beautiful face became tense as she snorted: “What does it have to do with me if he has other women’s fragrance on his body? Rumeng, we are going to eat lunch. He might have already eaten with other women, no need to care about him.”

“Women eating vinegar is as irrational as men eating vinegar.” Long Yi muttered with a wry smile recalling Ye Changli.

Nalan Ruyue dragged away Nalan Rumeng and when she went out of the door, she didn’t forget to turn around and creased her nose.

“This little girl is a very clever child, her innocent appearance of yesterday truly deceived me.” Long Yi gritted his teeth.

Long Yi sat alone on the sofa while sipping wine. Originally, he wanted to tell Nalan Ruyue the matter of Wushaung and also the matter of going to Ye Principality after two days but who would have thought that that little girl that wished for the whole world to be in chaos would mess up the situation. Now, Nalan Ruyue was still eating vinegar, and if he was to talk about Wushuang, then wouldn’t he drown in her jealousness?

“Forget it, I will talk to her later, perhaps, only I am imagining that my love is reciprocated.” Long Yi thought in his heart, then looked at the calm sea. Today, the wind was gentle and there were only slight waves on the sea surface.

Involuntarily, Long Yi suddenly recalled that humanoid shadow with light blue hair he had seen yesterday afternoon in the sea, was that truly a siren? The heart of Long Yi couldn’t help but had the urge to go and scout.

And thinking that Nalan Ruyue wouldn’t return in a short while, Long Yi stood up and walked to the balcony. After that, without any hesitation, he jumped down and tread on the wave advancing towards the horizon of the sea.

And when he arrived at the location where he had seen human shaped siren yesterday, Long Yi stopped and taking a deep breath, he protected his body with internal force and spirit power, and then he dived into the sea.

In the present age, seas were still an unexplored region of Blue Waves Continent for the humans. They had fear or blindly worship the deep seas. Long Yi could be considered as the person who knew the seas comparatively more than all the mankind of Blue Waves Continent. But, with regarding the seas of this Blue Waves Continent, Long Yi also couldn’t speak precisely. This world was too marvelous, there were even magic and douqi, so he was unable to speak what kind of monsters were there in the seas of this world.

The sea was azure blue. It was very beautiful underwater. Various kinds of beautiful sea fishes were leisurely swimming in the sea. Long Yi saw many creatures he had never seen before, they were also not afraid of him instead they curiously surrounded him and touched him.

But Long Yi rapidly shot down as if an arrow that was released from the bowstring from the very beginning. The deeper he went, the colder the seawater was and gradually, the rays of light became dimmer, finally becoming completely dark in front of Long Yi. Fortunately, Long Yi’s eyes had night vision, if he hadn’t, then he truly wouldn’t have known what to do next. Because inside seawater, other than rich water magic elements, all other attributed magic elements were very scarce. They were so scarce that even a basic illumination magic of Light Magic couldn’t be used.

At this moment, gradually a number of various colored creatures gradually appeared in the sea. There were big creatures and there were also small creatures but the most beautiful was a number of jellyfishes. All of them were different in color and some were nearly transparent, and with long tentacles swaying in the water, they added the color in the deep sea. But, although they looked beautiful, Long Yi knew that these jellyfishes were very poisonous. If a person was caught in its tentacles, then even if he didn’t die, he would be half-dead, naturally, only when speaking about an ordinary person.

Rustle, from the mire at the bottom of the sea, several pitch-black tentacles stretched out as fast as lightning, and Long Yi was firmly tied up by them. All of these thickly dotted tentacles were sturdy and poisonous, and they tried to stick on the body of Long Yi. But, this sea monster would have never thought that Long Yi was a piece of bone that was difficult to chew. Its poisonous sting basically did nothing to him, on the contrary, the internal force surrounding the body of Long Yi shook, breaking several of these tentacles. And as for remaining less than half of those tentacles, they were withdrawing after feeling pain.

“Your grandpa, want to flee after bullying, how can it be so easy?” Long Yi cursed in his heart, then rushing downward, he caught the tentacles that were about to withdraw into the mire, then putting forth his strength, he pulled.

After pulling, Long Yi knew that this hidden fellow wasn’t small. Even after using one-third of his power, he actually wasn’t able to pull it out, so gritting his teeth, he used all his strength to pull.

The seawater suddenly became chaotic and a huge fellow was pulled out from the mire by Long Yi. And because it was angry with Long Yi, several tens of its tentacles extended, completely binding Long Yi.

Long Yi circulated internal force of AoTainJue and shook off the tentacles of this sea monsters. This time, he was also angry. So, he cut off the tentacles of this sea monster with his palm as of it was a blade. Suddenly, dense smell of blood spread all over the seawater, but that sea monster unexpectedly wasn’t dead, was barely struggling in the sea.

At this time, Long Yi sensed that innumerable large marine organisms were quickly rushing towards this place, presumably, they were attracted by the smell of blood of this sea monster.

Who would have thought that such change would occur? Long Yi immediately entered into the mire at the bottom of the sea. At that time, innumerable fierce marine organisms swam over and madly scrambling, this large sea monster was completely eaten in an instant, even a single tentacle wasn’t left. After that, these marine organisms who had come to vie for food bite each other. Suddenly, the deep sea area was in a turmoil, as their blood attracted even more sea monsters creating complete chaos in this place.

Long Yi shrank in the depth of the mire, and because he was able to perceive great danger from these sea organisms with his spirit power, he even more didn’t dare to move randomly. But, at this time, his true qi that was holding his breathe was about to disperse, he didn’t know how much longer he could hold out. If the chaos continued, then it would be troublesome for him, because, in the sea, he was far inferior compared to when he was on the ground. He was sure that he wouldn’t even be able to use half of his strength, moreover, the consequence of continuously using true qi for a long time was very serious.

“If I could breathe underwater, then how wonderful that would be.” Long Yi thought but he knew that it was just a wishful thinking. Was there any human that could freely breathe in water like fishes?

Now, he truly had no choice so Long Yi moved about in the mire trying to bypass this dangerous sea area from inside the mire.

After a period of time, in the mire at the bottom of the sea, Long Yi felt the mire was becoming thinner and thinner, and he sensed that he had already bypassed that chaotic and dangerous sea area.

Long Yi sighed in relief in his heart. The sea area was really dangerous. It seems it would be very difficult to find that humanoid siren. Long Yi bore out from the mire and was preparing to go to the sea surface to take a breath. But at this time, from the corner of Long Yi’s eyes, he suddenly saw a sparkling……hill not far away.

It indeed looked like a hill, but it emitted various colored bright radiance, so it was especially conspicuous in this pitch-black sea.

“Wow, could it be that it is a treasure mountain?” Long Yi thought and since he could still hold his true qi for a little longer, he curiously swam over to this mountain.

But, after swimming over, Long Yi suddenly felt somewhat strange and he unexpectedly sensed weak life force. He subconsciously knew that this was anything but reassuring so he turned around wanting to leave.

But, he was too late, the center of the treasure mountain suddenly split open and a pitch-black hole appeared. Then, the suction force swallowed Long Yi along with seawater.

Long Yi merely felt as if he was suddenly hanging in the midair, then he fell straight down. Bang, Long Yi fell on the sticky and soft place, and then a round of liquid poured over which when came into contact with Long Yi’s internal force and spirit power, the liquid unexpectedly corroded them.

“Damn, I am actually swallowed by a sea monster and now I am in its belly.” This time, Long Yi completely understood what was going on. As it turned out, that treasure mountain he had seen was unexpectedly an unusual sea monster. He was now in its stomach and the liquid that was corroding his internal force and spirit power was its stomach acid.

Long Yi stood up and circulating douqi a deep blue colored douqi wrapped around his body, illuminating the place around him. Now he was able to see a number of marine organisms that were already melted by the strong stomach acid.

At this time, Long Yi felt that he could no longer hold his breathing and he felt as if his lungs were burning. Involuntarily, he instinctively took a breath but he was surprised to find that there was oxygen in the stomach of this sea monster despite it being smelly. Long Yi instantly became happy, although he could do nothing about this odor, he could breathe. And after taking a deep breath, he began to advance forward to explore the way out.

Now Long Yi had two options, the first option was to cut open the sea monster’s body from inside and the second option was to follow the digestive organs of this sea monster and go forward until he was finally excreted out of its body.

Long Yi considered for a while, he felt that the second option was comparatively safer, in any case, since he could breathe inside this sea monster, he didn’t need to fear dying due to the lack of oxygen.

Long Yi walk for a long time in the stomach of this sea monster and he saw an opening of the gastrointestinal connection, whose diameter was about 3-4 meters. Long Yi curiously walked in and arrived at the intestine of the sea monster.

“Eh…” After entering the cave-like intestine, he couldn’t help but was rather startled. There were countless long fine hairs on the wall of the intestine, presumably, for absorbing the nutrition, but he was not startled because of these, rather because this intestine unexpectedly allowed light to pass through. With various colored radiance illuminating from the outside, Long Yi didn’t need to use douqi to illuminate everything around and he could see everything clearly.

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