Chapter 328: Big sister’s dirty joke

“My last memory is sleeping in a crystal coffin, but according to you, you went to Holy City and rescued me from the secret chamber, may I ask what evidence do you have?” Wushaung faintly asked. Although she had already believed the most part in her heart, but it was not easy for her to accept a husband that appeared out of thin air.

Evidence? Long Yi thought for a bit and his eyes suddenly shone, then from inside his space ring, he took out a fist-sized crystal ball.

“I found this in your bedroom, injecting magic power in it will show you an image, you should already know that.” Long Yi handed the crystal ball to Wushuang and said. He had always been looking forward to that times’ magic civilization and hoped Wushuang would be able to give him a big surprise.

Wushuang took the crystal ball and injecting her magic power, her image appeared inside the crystal ball. Inside the crystal ball, she was quietly sitting on the pavilion of her house while reading a book. The image began to move closer to her and then, after she raised her head and said something, the image flashed and completely disappeared.

Wushuang was in a daze holding this crystal ball and her eyes became wet. She clearly remembered that this image was something her personal maid Wan’er had shot, but now, she had already passed away long ago, moreover, her father as well as all the people of the city had also passed away leaving her alone in this world.

“Don’t be sad, you are not alone in this world, you still have me and your close sisters. Seeing you, they will definitely be very happy.” Seeing the sadness of Wushuang, Long Yi reach out his big hand and held the ice-cold jade hand of Wushuang.

The little hand of Wushuang slightly trembled but she didn’t struggle to free herself. She felt warm and at ease when Long Yi held her hand. At this very moment, she completely believed everything Long Yi had said before.

After a good while, the tears of Wushuang disappeared as if they were evaporated and her expression became indifferent again. After that, she lightly retracted her hand and said: “I believe everything you said is the truth but I still cannot accept you now.”

“I understand, you need time. I think, not long afterward, you will absolutely remember everything as long as…as long as you give me a chance.” Long Yi’s warm black pupils looked straight at Wushuang.

Wushuang somewhat unnaturally avoided the gaze of Long Yi and faintly said: “How?”

Long Yi smiled. He knew that Wushuang asking this implied she was willing to give him a chance. So, he said: “Stay by my side, only after coming into contact with each other as much as possible, we can further understand each other.”

Wushuang hesitated for a moment and said: “But I’m going to Ye Principality’s Lightning God Forbidden Area in two days.”

“Lightning God Forbidden Area? I also happen to have this thought, how about we go together?” Long Yi smiled and said. He had some hesitation before, but now that Wushuang wanted to go, he also made the mind to go there.

“Okay, we will meet here after two days.” Wushuang indifferently said without any mood swings.

“After two days? Didn’t you promise to stay by my side?” Long Yi somewhat nervously asked. He was truly afraid that Wushuang will leave him forever.

“I still have something I need to prepare, you can rest assured, I will not go back on my words.” Wushuang explained. Seeing the nervousness of Long Yi, a trace of warmth welled up in her heart.

“If that is the case, then I will reluctantly agree, but if I don’t see you after two days, then even if you are at the ends of the earth, I will come looking for you and after finding you, I will smack your **.” Long Yi gritted his teeth and said. He didn’t know whether it was his misconception or not, but he seemed have seen a slight smile on the face of Wushuang for an instant.

“I’m leaving.” Wushuang left behind these words and disappeared in front of Long Yi.

As for Long Yi, smelling that lingering faint fragrance, he was intoxicated for a good while, then he stood up in a very good mood.

He wanted to immediately return to the imperial palace. But, now that he had to go to Lightning God Forbidden Area, he thought to look for Red Lady because she knew more about the circumstance there. Although he acknowledge his strength was not weak, had god beasts around him and Wushuang had already reached Magic God realm, but the terror and danger of Lightning God Forbidden Area was widely known, moreover, Lightning God was a true god unlike the Magic God and Swords God of mortal world, who knows what would happen inside?

Thereupon, Long Yi returned back to Adventurer Bar. This time, the sky was already bright and when he entered the bar, he saw there already were guests inside and they were drinking and chatting in twos and threes. And the number of waiters had also increased by several people.

“Mister, you came again? Do you need something?” That beautiful waitress still hadn’t gotten off the work and seeing he had come again, she hurriedly come over. Who asked Long Yi to have such destructive charm?

Long Yi nodded his head and said with a smile: “I came to find Red Lady, do you know where she is?”

This little waitress blushed seeing the smile of Long Yi as she said: “Come with me, the bartender might know where she is.”

The waitress led Long Yi to the bar counter and said Long Yi was looking for Red Lady to the bartender.

The bartender looked up and sizing up Long Yi, he asked: “May I ask, who might mister be? I will pass the message.”

“Ximen Yu.” Long Yi indifferent said.

“Ah…” The waitress beside Long Yi suddenly screamed, but she quickly covered her mouth. She however had never thought that this very handsome youngster whose smile was like a sunshine was the world-renowned pervert, Ximen Yu, who now was newly appointed son-in-law of Nalan Empire. After that, this little girl looked at Long Yi in astonishment and then ran away like a startled rabbit.

Long Yi totally jaded and looking at the dumbfounded bartender, he said: “Brother, can you pass this message on my behalf.”

“Ah, no need, no need, Red Lady has already told us that if Young Master Ximen was to come looking for her, we should directly lead you to see her.” The bartender came back to his senses and said, then coming out of the bar, he led Long Yi from the back door.

It was a completely different world behind the back door of Adventurer Bar. After walking in, Long Yi saw all kinds of buildings, small bridge, flowing river and many kinds of flowers. When a pleasantly cool breeze blew, a fragrance of flowers would spread all over which made people feel relaxed and happy.

“Brother, may I ask, is this Adventurer Bar opened by Red Lady?” Long Yi curiously asked. Because Red Lady lived in this backyard, he guessed such.

“No, but something similar.” The bartender said confusing Long Yi even more, then pointing at a small building behind a rockery, he said: “Red Lady live in that place, you can go by yourself, I still have things to do.”

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Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and spreading out his spirit power, he saw that the defense of this backyard was extremely good. According to the where the hidden lookouts were hidden, he knew that their strength should be weak.

“Red Lady, since you already know your old friend has come to visit you, why aren’t you coming out to welcome?” Long Yi roared. He didn’t need to guess that Red Lady must have already known he was here. With such a big living person coming here, he didn’t believe that no-one went to notify her.

At this time, the window of the second-floor opened and a red figure appeared beside the window, who else could that be if not Red Lady? She jumped out of the window and landed in front of the Long Yi bringing a dense fragrance with her.

“Young Master Ximen, how was yesterday night?” Red Lady smiled and said to Long Yi.

“Same as usual, what about you?” Long Yi laughed hollowly. Yesterday’s night, facing a pair of beautiful sisters, he was able to hold both of them but wasn’t able to eat them, so, how could yesterday night be any good?

Red Lady just giggled and her ** swayed. And seeing this, the tongue of Long Yi dried. This woman was truly charming, her every frown and every smile attracted him.

“Young Master Ximen, let’s chat inside.” Red Lady smiled and led the way in the front. But her swaying willowy waist and her rounded and bulging ** truly was provoking his desire to touch.

Long Yi basically didn’t have the principle of not looking, he straightly looked at Red Lady’s behind while enjoying ice cream in his heart to his heart content. As for Red Lady, after entering the hall of the small building, she turned around, and Long Yi who had his gaze focused on the bottom of Red Lady nearly bumped on the chest of Red Lady. Fortunately, he reacted quickly halting himself.

“Young Master Ximen, can’t you control your eyes?” Red Lady said with slight displeasure, but her face however didn’t show any trace of displeasure. She had already seen all kinds of gaze and was already immune to them long ago, merely Long Yi never tried to conceal his lecherous look making her not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I can do nothing about it, I cannot control my eyes when I see a beautiful woman, forgive me.” Long Yi smirked and said. Even while speaking his eyes were staring at Red Lady’s big jade peaks wondering whether they will feel soft and smooth when touching.

“Want to touch?” Red Lady teasingly asked as if she knew what Long Yi was thinking.

“Want…..but even if I want, it useless.” Long Yi smiled and said, then retracting his lustful intent, his eyes suddenly became incomparably clear.

Red Lady nevertheless was rather surprised. His ability to control the emotion was truly high, could it be that that lecherous appearance of just now was his acting? But, she misunderstood him.

The lustful appearance of Long Yi of just now was basically his acting. A man, seeing a woman with beautiful face and the good figure would naturally have such appearance, merely some could control and some couldn’t control, this had the direct relationship with their personality. But, Long Yi had too much experience, among all of his women beside him, who wasn’t a devastatingly beautiful woman? Now, he already had considerable immunity towards beautiful women.

“Red Lady, when do you intend to go to Lightning God Forbidden Area?” Long Yi asked while sitting on the soft sofa of the hall, then he waved his hand causing a bottle of good wine to fly over to him from inside the cupboard, and then drank it without any politeness.

Red Lady also didn’t mind. She also sat down opposite to Long Yi with a smile and replied: “After several days. You also know the danger of Lightning God Forbidden Area so we have to make some preparation. Young master Ximen, are you thinking of going together with us?”

Originally, Long Yi had such thoughts, but now he changed his mind. Lightning Mercenary Group and Iron Blooded Mercenary Group would add up to several thousand people. Although their strength would be very powerful, but sometimes more people might not necessarily mean bigger strength. It was fine for just him and Wushuang to go. Moreover, he didn’t have much time to wait.

“Nope, merely was asking, I want to know a bit more about the circumstance of Lightning God Forbidden Area. Two days later, a friend and I are planning to widen our knowledge.” Long Yi didn’t conceal and spoke frankly.

“What, only two? Don’t you know how terrifying Lightning God Forbidden Area is? How about going together with us after several days?” Red Lady couldn’t help but said with worry. Although she had no feeling of men and women with Long Yi but she had a good impression of him, so listening only two people were going, she was worried.

“Red Lady seems to be quite concerned about me, hehe, truly make me feel complacent, but no need to urge me, we two can hold on our own to some extent. Even if we cannot persist, it will not be a problem to retreat.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Red Lady sighed. Seeing the current appearance of Long Yi, she knew that he wasn’t joking. And after getting along with Long Yi, she knew that although Long Yi’s mouth wasn’t serious but he nevertheless was a very cautious person, so she didn’t try to persuade any longer and said: “Since Young Master Ximen insist on going, I will also not try to persuade more. I have the latest map of Lightning God Forbidden Area, you can take it.” Red Lady said and taking out a sheepskin scroll from her space ring, he gave it to Long Yi.

Long Yi took the scroll then opening it, he asked in surprise: “Did someone already pass across the Death Sea of Flowers? How come a route is marked in the Death Sea of Flower?”

“Yes, look here.” Red Lady said as she sat beside Long Yi. Then pointing at a place on the map, she continued: “Someone turned sideways from the entrance and walking down two kilometers, they found a tunnel entrance which bypasses the Death Sea of Flowers. They used ten barrier beads for this, and after entering the tunnel, they paid a considerably big price too. But, they only provide the road map and didn’t say what they encounter inside the cave.”

Red Lady’s strands of hair got close to the face of Long Yi. Now they were so close to each other that Long Yi could smell Red Lady’s bold and unrestrained womanly fragrance. This kind of woman was sure to be passionate in bed, and the man that will be able to marry her sure was lucky. Long Yi couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild.

“Young Master Ximen, you are not listening to me, are you?” Hearing no response after she finished speaking, Red Lady turned only to see Long Yi was looking at her as if he had lost his soul so she couldn’t help grumbling in a flirty manner.

Long Yi came back to his senses and then laughing awkwardly, he said: “I’m listening, of course, I’m listening. Did you pay a huge sum to buy this map?”

“Yes, I indeed pay a bit of price. I got this only yesterday.” Red Lady laughed.

Long Yi nodded his head as he regarded Red Lady even higher in his heart. This woman was indeed a remarkable woman. She was so broad-minded that many men would be ashamed in front of her. If someone had such map, then he believed that 99% of them would have hidden it away to enjoy by themselves, after all, there was only one Lightning God Forbidden Area, and they wanted to obtain the things inside Lightning God Forbidden Area only for themselves. But, Red Lady didn’t hide it and give it to him. Perhaps, she saw his value so she wanted to win gratitude by giving favors, still, Long Yi admired her. Everyone didn’t have this kind of boldness.

Long Yi also didn’t refuse and then throwing the map into his space ring, he said seriously: “Red Lady, I will remember your favor, in the future, if you have any trouble, feel free to tell me, I will definitely do everything in my power to help you.”

Red Lady giggled and said: “Then big sister will not be polite, when the time comes, I hope you will not decline.”

Hearing Red Lady calling herself big sister, Long Yi laughed in his heart. When they were interacting with each other, whenever she was happy, she would call herself big sister.

“Red Lady, how about you and I address each other as big sister and younger brother? I truly want a doting big sister.” Long Yi laughed.

Red Lady was dumbfounded and soon after that, she said with a smile: “If you don’t dislike this big sister’s social climbing, then big sister will not be polite.”

“Of course not, having such a beautiful and sexy big sister, this younger brother is happy beyond description.” Long Yi laughed while flattering Red Lady.

“Younger brother is truly pleasant to hear, no wonder you were able to deceive so many beauties. From now on you are my younger brother, so you should listen to big sister, do you understand?” Red Lady smiled and reaching out her hand, she caressed the handsome face of Long Yi.

“Wa, big sister is taking cheap advantage of me, I also want to touch you.” Long Yi reached out his hand and caressed the beautiful face of Red Lady but his fingers happen to touch her pink lips.

Two people, after calling each other big sister and younger brother, the guard of this man and woman seemed to have lax. With enough association, their actions escalated. Perhaps, it was intentional or perhaps, it was unintentional, but when two people were teasing each other, Long Yi’s big hands happened to press the towering breasts of Red Lady.

Both of them were dumbfounded and after few seconds, Red Lady gently pushed away Long Yi, then arranging her dress, she sat a little further. She seemed to have realized that their teasing of just a moment ago had gone a bit too far.

Long Yi retracted his hands, he had never expected that after fantasizing how the breasts of Red Lady might feel, just now, he unexpectedly was able to truly experience personally. He felt truly good, her breasts were soft and flexible, moreover, they were bigger than his hand could grab, truly was as he had expected.

With a red face, Red Lady shot a glance at Long Yi and saw that he had the appearance of an aftertaste, then she couldn’t help but felt shyness she had not felt for a long time. She had mixed in the crowd of men as part of the community for so long and struggled countless time between the line of life and death, like this, she had long lost her shyness long ago.

“Bad fellow, intentionally taking cheap advantage of big sister. This place of women is not something you can touch as you please.” Red Lady quickly reverted back to normal and reprimanded Long Yi with a smile but she however was still keeping a distance from Long Yi.

“Accident, it’s purely an accident, that time I was so dazzled that I thought big sister was hiding something in your clothing.” Long Yi shamelessly lied.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I am dropping this matter here, but there is no next time.” Red Lady rolled her eyes and said. For an unknown reason, when Long Yi touched her breasts, she didn’t felt disgusted in her heart.

Long Yi repeatedly nodded his head expressing there will not be next time.

“Big sister Yu, did you open this Adventurer Bar? Just now when I ask that bartender, he said no and again said very similar, what exactly did he mean?” Long Yi asked.

The complexion of Red Lady changed and she said: “Did that brat truly said so? Next time I see him, I will cut his tongue and see how he will talk nonsense again.”

Long Yi curiously looked at Red Lady. Now, he was even more confused, what exactly was going on here? He had just asked who opened this bar but how come it seemed as if there was a secret?

“I didn’t open this bar, rather my friend opened it. He is the leader of Iron Blooded Mercenary Group, Ye Changli.” Red Lady said.

The eyes of Long Yi rotated and he suddenly understood what was going on then he said with a smile: “That Ye Changli doesn’t happen to be my brother-in-law, does he?”

“Nonsense, we are just friends.” Red Lady said.

“Just friends but live together in his courtyard? Even if big sister treats him as a friend, I think he isn’t merely treating you as a friend.” Long Yi said.

“Because he asked me to stay here whenever I am in Blue Moon City after he saved my life before, it would be ungracious not to accept his kindness, moreover, I also didn’t have any good reason to refuge. As for his feelings, I also know a thing or two, merely, I truly treat him only as a friend, but perhaps, when I am tired and need a shoulder, perhaps……” Red Lady spoke her innermost thoughts in front of Long Yi.

Long Yi nodded his head, two people together, perhaps, romantic love wasn’t needed, just snuggling each other to warm themselves was already enough, merely, thinking Red Lady want to join with another man, he slightly felt sour in his heart. Men were avaricious and insatiable like this, all beauties in the world, even if they didn’t belong to them, men didn’t want them to belong to other people.

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Long Yi discarded this ridiculous thought in the back of his head and said with a smile: “If big sister needs, this younger brother’s shoulders will always be available for big sister.”

Red Lady was startled looking at Long Yi and gently laughed: “You fickle ghost, where is the place for your big sister on your shoulder? I fear there isn’t even a place to insert a needle.”

“How can that be? This younger brother’s shoulders are infinitely broad like my heart, no matter the number of beauties, all of them have room for resting their head. Big sister, how about you try?” Long Yi smirked and patted his thick shoulder.

“This won’t do, that isn’t the place of big sister.” Red Lady laughed.

“Who said it isn’t, my shoulders are not only for my women, as long as they are my friends or family members, they will always have a place on my shoulder.” Long Yi suddenly said seriously.

Red Lady looked at dead earnest Long Yi with surprise and felt that she couldn’t see through him. In the end, what exactly was his true appearance?

A silence instantly appeared between the two people and a kind of strange atmosphere made them feel rather not too at ease.

Long Yi smirked and said: “How about I tell you a story?”

“Fine.” Red Lady said. She was also not used to this kind of atmosphere.

Long Yi cleared his throat and said: “There was a rich merchant, he invited three experts to guard his granary, treasury and silver depot respectively. Someone asked them, what they guarded, the first expert simply replied: I guard grains, the second guard replied: I guard gold, then what do you think the third guard replied?”

“I guard silver.” Red Lady quickly answered but she suddenly saw Long Yi smiling obediently and she subconsciously felt, something was fishy. She started to think back the story Long Yi had stated and after thinking the answer of first two experts, the answer of the third expert was also naturally like that.

“I guard silver, I guard……mastur…bate [1]?” Red Lady thought once again and realized. As it turned out Long Yi had made her fall into the trap.

“Bad younger brother, actually dare to flirt with big sister, see how big sister will teach you a lesson.” Red Lady’s beautiful face become read and then pouncing on Long Yi, she ferociously pinched the waist of Long Yi.

They inevitably had body contact during this commotion, and at this moment, their appearance could easily make people have ambiguous associations.

“What are you doing?” At that time, a voice filled with killing intent came from the door.

[1] Wordplay in Chinese that was lost in translation. Let me clarify, ‘I guard silver’ is (我守银) in Chinese which is read as Wǒ shǒu yín, but (我手淫) which is also read as Wǒ shǒu yín means ‘I masturbate’.

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