Chapter 90: He is a God level in getting tricked.

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After achieving my objective, which was to personally meet Metron, I cast my sight around the room. I was still surprised by his childlike appearance despite hearing about him before.
So, this kid is over 500 years old…
I felt somehow uncomfortable with seeing his contradictory appearance, but Metron didn’t mind what I was thinking and asked me while making a doubting expression.

“You, why are you here… no, how did you get here in the first place? Ouch! Ouuuch!!”

Interrupting the serious question he made while trying to look intimidating, I gave him another strike in the head as an answer. An audible sound resounded from the hit, making Metron cover his head again and complain at me for being unreasonable.

“Why are you hitting me!?”
“Shut up! How about you think about the things you did to me before asking that question?”

Summoning monsters on Earth, using Lina as a bait and trapping us inside the【Zero World】and many other troublesome experiences. There is no way I’d forgive him with only a single hit. Looking down at Metron who kept covering his head from the anguish, I decided to answer his first question.

“About the way I came here. I used the teleportation magic circle you created on Earth.”
“Magic circle? You mean the one on that island? I thought that I asked Sara to destroy it…”

Feeling that something doesn’t fit along my story as he muttered to himself, Metron came to a conclusion on his own and asked with a trembling voice.

“D-Don’t tell me, what did you do to Sara…”

I could more or less guess the outline of the misunderstanding he came up with, but since it was convenient for me, I decided to use it against him. I returned a smirk as an affirmation to his question.

“Yeah, if you’re talking about that angel, she’s doing well with them on the island.”
“What do you mean by ‘them’? In the island?… No way!”

My profound response added more fuel to Metron’s first misunderstanding.
Obviously, I was referring to Lina and the girls when I said ‘them’, but for Metron, he probably thought that I was referring to those ridiculous monsters and traps set inside the island. He was most likely picturing Sara getting assaulted by those monsters when I answered him, as his face started getting pale while seeming to be in a deep thought. For my convenience, his delusions expanded even further, resulting in him ending up with a larger misunderstanding.

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“D-Don’t tell me, even Lina……”
“… Haha.”

I grinned as if implying that he hit the mark. At that moment, Metron made a desperate face and casted his eyes down as if he gave up. I wasn’t expecting him to misunderstand the situation this far, honestly. I wouldn’t complain about it though. I internally laughed as I watched Metron’s desperate face.

“Don’t worry. I will heal their bodies and turn it back to its original condition. I will also erase their memories so they won’t remember the experience they went through. All you have to do is to give them a warm welcome when they’re back.”

After listening to me masquerading as a villain, Metron gritted his teeth from irritation. This guy is so easy to trick, seriously. Not that I mind that though. He makes my plan to handle him easier, after all. Feeling a bit amazed by how simple minded a God could be, I made sure that Sara and Lina’s problems were resolved. At this rate, they should be safe from getting any punishment from Metron.

“Nevertheless, you’ve got quite the guts to cause me all those troubles back on Earth, huh.”

I clenched my fist as I talked. While Lina and Sara’s problem was resolved, my wrath was still yet to be settled. Thinking that I will be hitting him again, Metron showed a sign of fear, but still decided to feign ignorance.

“W-What are you talking about?…”

I wonder why is he still trying to play dumb at this point. I reacted to his foolish question by raising my fist.

“Looks like one hit wasn’t enough.”
“Ah, it’s a lie! A lie! I was lying! Yes, I did! I did cause you a lot of trouble!”

Knowing well that he won’t be able to bear the pain of another hit, Metron obediently admitted his deeds. When I lowered back my arm, he felt safe again and unintentionally slipped his tongue.

“But it’s not my fault, you know. Shouldn’t the main reason be the weird skills you have?… Ouuacch!!”
“No matter how you think about it, it’s your fault!”

Getting pissed by the way he spoke as if he were innocent, I raised my fist again and bumped it against his head. This kid just tried to shift his responsibility on me. He was undeniably the headmaster behind everything I went through.

“Ouch! What is that!? Why does it hurt this much!? What is your level!?”
“I’m not required to answer that question.”

Metron covered his head with both of his arms while writhing in agony. Even if he can easily find out my status by appraising me, I won’t be telling him on my own.

“Can you please stop using violence on master, Desu?”

Meru who was quiet all this time yelled at me with an angry voice.

“Hmm. This voice just now…”

Hearing a voice different than mine, Metron looked around the place while still covering his head. Recalling that Meru came here to ascertain her doubts to Metron, I quickly changed the topic and asked him about her.

“Hey, do you really know how I came here?”
“Eh? You forced Sara to stop destroying the magic circle, right?”
“That magic circle cannot function without your personal magic.”
“Then you’ve probably modified it to work with your own.”

It seemed like he really didn’t know since he kept tilting his head while staring at me. I heard an “eh?” coming from my phone after his reaction. Perhaps she was thinking that he forgot about her.

Well, I wouldn’t say that I didn’t predict this awkward situation, but it was still a little early to come up with a conclusion. I threw the ultimate question that I was preparing as a last measure to Metron.

“There was something that you had created on that island, am I right?”
“Are you talking about that AI? It should already be dead by now.”

I was taken aback by his cold assertion. He seemed neither sad nor regretful when he declared that Meru should be dead by now. I even felt an ambiance of despair emanating from my phone immediately after his answer. She was most likely shocked from hearing those words. Somehow, I started hesitating on whether I should shift my gaze to the phone or not. Fixing my eyes on Metron who was still making a clueless face, I didn’t have a choice but to take out my phone and turn the screen towards him.

“It has been awhile master, Desu.”

In a refined and venerating manner, Meru greeted Metron from within the screen. Sadly, her voice didn’t sound glad or delighted from meeting her master; she spoke in a low and gloomy tone.

“Could it be, Meru?”

Metron pointed at the screen while revealing a perplexed face. At this point, he should’ve just apologized to her, but instead of choosing to peacefully wrap up the case, he decided to make the situation even worse.

“Did you betray me?!”

Looks like those words had an unbearable impact on her. Not only he didn’t get enough by arbitrarily assuming her death, but he even went and assumed that she had teamed up with me and betrayed him. Seeing this result, I thought that it would have been much better if he kept thinking that she was dead. My phone screen reflected Meru’s face which had started shedding tears. This stupid kid, he’s totally inconsiderate of other people’s feelings.

“Why did you team up with this scoundrel!?”
“Who are you calling scoundrel!?”

I calmed him down with another strike in the head.

“You’ve been hitting me too much from the moment we met! Idiot! Cheat character! Child abuser!”
“So you’re claiming that you’re a child!? Think about how old are you!”

I never met a child who is over 500 years. His appearance is nothing but a deceit. While the both of us started quarreling, Meru spoke in a low voice after keeping quiet for some time.

“… Idiot.”

Metron and I reacted to that voice by looking at the screen where Meru was casting her eyes downwards while trembling.

“Master, you idiot!!!!”

The entire room vibrated by the abrupt deafening sound she released from the phone and her voice remained reverberating around the place for a short while afterwards. Metron and I blocked our ears instinctively. After expressing her discounted feeling by that loud scream, Meru displayed an outraged face before instantly disappearing from the screen.

Shortly after, the computer screen placed on the desk was suddenly lit and displayed the process of some folders and images getting erased. Then, after a few seconds, the process seemed to have finished and the screen went black again. When I started wondering what she did, Meru appeared on my phone once again with her still mad expression.

“I deleted all the information you had in this room. This is my revenge for casting me aside, Desu.”

As if he got struck by lightning, Metron rushed to his computer while uttering something like “no, don’t tell me…”

“… It’s not there. It’s not there, It’s not there!!! No way! Where is it!!? It’s not here!!”

Metron continued to find something on his computer while shrieking all the time. His expression showed that he was clearly flustering.

“My game data… it’s not there!!!”

Following that last scream, he crumbled on knees and lowered his head in despair.

“My 2000 hours of hard work……”

He muttered with a low voice. I could feel from his words, that life was fading out of him. Looks like Meru’s revenge had quite the impact on him. His stunned face was even better than Sara’s when she first knew about Lina’s past experience.

But still, Meru did it quite harsh. I can tell how large is the damage she caused.
It’s only natural for Metron to have a heartbreak from getting his valuable data erased in an instant. I almost sympathized with him at that time, however, it was still entertaining to see his desperate face.

“I forgot that you can do stuff like that, Meru.”
“I can do anything related to the internet, Desu.”

Meru replied to my comment with a smug. She becomes pretty capable when she wants to. Nevertheless, I liked the pose that Metron was taking currently.

Guess I will take a picture of it.

I picked up my phone and took a photo of him still crumbling on his knees while casting his eyes downwards. It should serve as a good present for Lina. Let’s show it to her later. I felt satisfied after taking an excellent picture of a God.

“Fu, fufufufu……”

Revealing a broken grin, Metron finally stood up.

“You’re done. I’m not going to forgive you. You’d better not be thinking that I will let you leave this place unharmed after what you just did to me.”

A strange ambiance started emerging from within his body. I could feel a heavy pressure, that wasn’t there until now, surrounding the place. Someone once said that a weak enemy shouldn’t be cornered. I guess this was the meaning behind that advice. I took a fighting stance and glared at Metron with vigilance.

“I shall make you regret opposing a God like me!”

Bring it on! You’re the one who’s going to end up regretting picking a fight with me. Preparing myself for the battle that was about to start in less than 5 seconds, I suddenly felt something strange happening to me.

“What is it?”

My body got covered in a faint white light all of a sudden. I was startled for a second when that happened, but I immediately realized its origin.

“This is…”
“You’re out of time, Desu.”

Meru gave me a short reply while looking at me getting covered in light. The magic circle we used actually had a time limitation. A magic circle that functions on limited magic would have limited effect.

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Oh! C’mon, it’s already time?

I wanted to bully him for a bit longer.

“W-What’s with that light…”

I answered Metron who was still unable to grasp the situation with a deplored face.

“It looks like I’m out of time here.”
“Haa!? Out of time?!”

Both of us couldn’t accept this forced termination.

“Eh? W-Wait no! I still didn’t do anything!!”

Metron started complaining to me, but unfortunately, even I want to stay here for longer but I can’t extend the time limit of the teleportation. Since I’m going to teleport back to Earth anyway, let’s just use that thing now. Making that decision, I activated【Space Magic (extra large extent)】 and used it to spawn a certain object above Metron’s head.


Immediately after it popped up, that thing fell directly on top of his head while causing a loud noise. That thing was the famous tray used in comedy sketches. I picked it up back in the dungeon for the sole purpose of using it against him. Metron remained quiet while gazing at the tray which suddenly fell on his head.

“Yeeey! You got pranked!”

Hearing my parting words, a single vein appeared on his forehead when he finally understood what happened.

“I’ll make you regret thiiiiiiis………..”

Leaving him roaring in rage alone, I disappeared from Metron’s room.


Playing cards

Meanwhile at Lina’s place.

“Okay then, 11.”
“How did you know!?”
“It’s just too obvious.”
“Yeah, you’re easy to read.”
“It’s showing in your face.”
“Just wait, next time I will show you!”

The four girls were getting along.

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