Chapter 47: Another First Kiss

“Alright, talk then. Why did you come and find me?” Zheng Mo seemed to be walking out of the library as her melodious and beautiful voice gradually became louder.

“It isn’t anything serious actually. I just wanted to ask you something regarding the basketball competition. I might be able to help out!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character laid on the sofa that was in the living room and found a comfortable position.

“You? Hā hā, don’t joke with me!” Su Ke felt helpless when Zheng Mo broke into laughter when she said that, it was like she wasn’t too optimistic about him.

“Hello! I’m Huo Leifeng, ok!”

“Fine! Even if you’re Huo Leifeng though, it’s still impossible! Thank you for your concern!” Zheng Mo was currently holding onto her phone, then walked out onto the school’s paved path. When she saw a bench along the way, she stopped and lifted her head to look at the bright moon shining down from the sky. The streetlight shined on two trees, causing them to look mottled.

“What? You say that that person wasn’t successful in wooing you, so he vented his anger on your class? He even said that he would cruelly abuse the class until they are neither alive nor dead?” Su Ke’s voice unconsciously became louder, like they shared a common enemy.

“Exactly! Exactly! Have I implicated my class? All the guys in my class are pretty good at dancing and their jumping ability is rather good, but playing basketball is another case! Also, that guy has a very good relationship with the Physical Education Department. Not only did they invite external help, they also issued orders to not allow others to help my class!” The more Zheng Mo talked about it, the angrier she got, then she began to grit her teeth. Su Ke was able to hear Zheng Mo’s anger and frustration clearly from the other end of the phone.

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“Let me help you out!” Su Ke thought for a moment, though he didn’t know on what scale his Street basketball proficiency (Intermediate Level) was at. He still believed that the flower pick up system’s goods wouldn’t be ordinary.

“You… You sure?” Recalling Su Ke’s delicate and handsome appearance, his thin and weak figure, and his height of 1.7+ meters, Zheng Mo unconsciously felt disheartened

“Hello!? Big sister, don’t be like this! In any case, I’m also Huo Leifeng, ok?” By now, Su Ke had become more relaxed. Through conversing with Zheng Mo, they became closer, causing his nervousness to gradually subsided. Hence, there were no qualms in his words.

“I’m not disregarding your abilities, but with your little figure, big sister is somewhat worried. I’ll accept your kind intentions though!” Zheng Mo was aware of the intensity during the basketball match. If you aren’t careful, blood could be shed on the basketball court. When Zheng Mo imagined Su Ke encountering those kinds of situations, she rejected him.

“D*mn. Say, if I’m able to carry your class to a win, how will you thank me?” Under the influence of Zheng Mo repeatedly belittling him, it stimulated Su Ke’s stubbornness and unwillingness to back down from a challenge.

“How to thank you? Hm? What giving my heart to you?” Zheng Mo laid back on the bench, then looked up at the moon. One of her hands was holding onto the phone, and the other was placed horizontally across her chest, supporting her other arm. Both of her long legs, one stacked over the other, swayed side to side, which wasn’t a pleasing sight.

“Uh!” Su Ke was once again defeated when he heard Zheng Mo saying that she would give her heart to him, which caused him to be at a loss for words and to release a long sigh while looking up at the sky. Why was he born so pure? As soon as it reached this kind of topic, he would surely be in a daze!

After he deeply sighed, he looked at the receiver like he could already see Zheng Mo’s small mouth giggling. For a moment, he didn’t restrain himself as he spoke, “You don’t have to give me your heart, but how about a kiss?”

Before the sound of his voice completely died away, he could hear that the other end of the called had sunk into silence. Su Ke thought that he had surely frightened Zheng Mo, and just when he was about to say something to her, her voice rang out from the other end of the phone.

“What kind of kiss is it? Is it mouth-to-mouth?”

“Uh! It should be!” Su Ke felt like he was one that was being teased instead. After a moment, he fiercely nodded his head.

“What if you lose then?” Zheng Mo seemed more interested as she blurted out her question.

“Whatever you say!” Su Ke was actually willing to risk it, as he couldn’t allow another woman to belittle him. Also, even if it was to complete the mission, he must accept this request!

It was at this moment, that the beeping sound of a mission alert came from his mind. Once the mechanical beeping sound rang out, it was like a natural reaction, as Su Ke entered the flower pick up system’s space. There was a new mission in the list on the LCD screen.
“Mission: Receive Zheng Mo’s first kiss. Piano proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

“The mission came really fast!” Su Ke mumbled in his heart. In just a day, 7 missions have already popped out. Adding them to the existing 21 missions, it looked like he’ll be able to quickly unlock the system’s ‘Help’ section. However, to tell you the truth, this mission’s attractiveness wasn’t very great.

“Hello! Hello!? Little pervert, you won’t be beating the return drum already! Your big sister has already set this deal in stone!” Zheng Mo’s voice rang out from the phone again, instantly pulling Su Ke back to reality.

“How can that be? You just have to wait. When the time comes, don’t renege on your promise!” After Su Ke saw that the mission is close to completion, his mood became better. He hurriedly replied with a broad smile on his face, while one of his legs were crossed over the other.

He had street basketball proficiency (Intermediate Level) after all. If he wasn’t 90%, then he should be at least 60% to 70% confident.

During the conversation, the door opened, and Su Youfu and Zhang Xue walked in together. When they saw Su Ke talking on the phone, they subconsciously quieted their actions. They strained their ears to listen to his conversation as they silently stood there.

Seeing his mother’s gaze, and not knowing what had happened, Su Ke face flushed red like he had done something bad. His words didn’t come out smoothly, then the palm of his hand that was holding onto the receiver began to sweat. After talking for a bit more to decide on a time and place to meet, Su Ke hurriedly put down the receiver.

“Hēhē. Su Ke tell your mother who the young lady on the phone was just now?” Zhang Xue saw that Su Ke put down the receiver, then she sat down on the sofa opposite Su Ke. Her two eyes flashed like numerous little stars.

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Su Ke’s heart screamed that this wasn’t a good situation. His mother’s gossipy flame had already fiercely ignited. He immediately wanted to leave. Giving a heh heh awkward laugh, he went to stand up and retreat.

“Don’t run! Tell me who it is! I heard the voice of a young lady over the phone just now. Just by hearing her voice, I can tell that she’s a beauty! When will you bring her home to let mother see?” Zhang Xue smiled and her eyes formed into slits, causing her wrinkles to become more obvious.

“Mum!” Su Ke felt helpless as he looked at his mother with a red face. He could only use the spoiled child’s method! Su Ke sat beside Zhang Mei and pulled on her hand, “Mum, that’s one of my friends. Don’t make any wild guesses. I haven’t dated anyone yet!”

At this time, Su Youfu extended his head out of the dining room, “Come, let’s eat first! Su Ke, don’t say that dad didn’t tell you. When it’s time to date, date. You’re now in your third year of high school, the most crucial period. When you attend university, dad and mum will no longer bother you!”

Su Ke lowered his head and followed his mother to the dining table. During dinner, he was too embarrassed to raise his head as he listened to Su Youfu talk about the times when he was young. He didn’t expect that his father and mother’s relationship was developed during their high school period.

It seemed like at the time when he showed his ability level at math, his parents had become very confident in him attending university. However, to be educated by his parents on how to date was still too awkward, causing him to lose his appetite during dinner.

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