Chapter 46: The Huo Leifeng That’s Being Taken Liberties

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After Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had separated from her bosom, Zhang Meiling very quickly returned to her original alluring self. She also beautifully covered that heart throbbing feeling in the bottom of her heart, “Really? Big sister’s bosom is very large and soft!”

“Uh!” Su Ke nearly spat out blood. Are there people that boast about themselves like this? His gaze shifted to Zhang Meiling. However, Zhang Meiling wasn’t someone that spoke empty words. Those two rabbits were really big, round, and soft. Hence, looking at how sincere Zhang Meiling was, Su Ke did not argue back. His face flushed red and was speechless.

“Gē gē, ok, let’s go! You must tell me the next time you want to lie on them!” There was shyness mixed in her alluring face as she teased Su Ke, while her lily-white hand lightly patted on his shoulder.

“Èn!” Su Ke looked into Zhang Meiling’s eyes that were smiling brightly into two crescent moons; he swallowed his saliva and nodded in a daze. This, in turn, stirred Zhang Meiling into a moment of giggles, then she took big steps and climbed towards the third floor.

The face that was now burning hot.

“D*mn it, I was taken liberties again!” Su Ke muttered in his heart. As his gaze followed the swaying figure before him, he was completely speechless and could only deeply sigh. Anyway, he had already completed his mission and he was now a step closer to unlocking the internal function of the Flower pickup system, the ‘Help’ section.

When Su Ke reached the third floor, he once again attracted a number of giggles from the numerous beautiful customers there. They, one after another, came forward to greet him and they seemed like they were into teasing pure Xiao Zhengtai and would not get tired of it.

After that incident at the stairs with Zhang Meiling, Su Ke had gained some immunity. Though he was somewhat awkward, it wasn’t to the point of having both his legs turned to jelly. With a red face, he nodded to them then squeezed out of the wave of attacks and rushed to the piano.

It was only at this time that Su Ke found that his beautiful lady boss, Luo Fei Yan, wasn’t around, and he had not seen her these two days. He, who had prepared himself to be taken liberties of, was a bit disappointed.

After Su Ke’s fingers lightly tapped on the piano keys, his emotions really calmed down. His fingers were like they were moving naturally; even if he was to close his eyes, his finger movements would not deviate from the keys.

Taking this chance, Su Ke entered the flower-pickup system’s space and the LCD screen showed:

“Mission: Help Lin Xiaobai buy sanitary napkins; Reward: Street basketball proficiency (Basic Level).”

“Please extract!”

“Mission: Stick your cheeks against Zhang Meiling’s twin peaks for a minute. Reward: Street basketball proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

“Please extract!”

Without hesitation, Su Ke straight away chose to extract the two missions and two consecutive rewards, in which one was earlier than the other. Though he didn’t know whether if the incomplete mission in front would affect the behind rewards, it was at this time that a white light shined in the space.

Cool and gentle light flowed throughout his whole body. His mind experienced an influx of information regarding all types of basketball techniques, street basketball communication gestures, how to dribble, how to pass; all of these kept on revolving in his mind.

Both of Su Ke’s hands were still playing smoothly on the piano, but before the first wave of the information had subsided, the second wave had already arrived and of course, they were still the techniques of street basketball, except that these techniques were more complicated, more effective, and more likely to catch others off guard.

His body also seemed to have changed under the two rewards. His waist seemed to slightly lengthen, which came along with the sound of muscles and bones stretching. A wave of comfort flooded his mind and body and there was even an urge to rush to the basketball court to try out those skills.

Time passed very quickly and on the 3rd floor VIP service area where Luo Feiyan wasn’t around, the atmosphere gradually quietened. Though the customers still continued their chats, their volume wasn’t loud. Thus, due to the music played on the piano, Su Ke wasn’t able to catch their conversation.

After Su Ke had gone down the stairs and was about to go home, Lin Xiaobai, who was now holding onto a hundred dollars, obstructed him at the hall. “Little brother Su, this is for you!”

“Uh! Big sister Xiaobai, I don’t have small changes to return you!” Su Ke waved his hand as he naturally understood her meaning. That time when he went to the supermarket and bought a big bag of things, the money used was from his own wallet.
“Qiè, who wants your change, and you’re still a student!” Lin Xiaobai pointed out. When she came forward to stuff the money into Su Ke’s pocket, her actions had become much more nimble, making a sharp contrast with her from before. Now, she could move however she liked without having to worry about leaking.

“Big sister Xiaobai, I still have the money to buy you things. If you still continue, you aren’t seeing me as your little brother!” Su Ke retreated backward and continued, “Also, to be able to help you, I’m already very happy, uh, oh yeah, I did not buy the wrong one, right? Is it the brand that you wanted? Have you used it?”

After saying, Su Ke was dumbfounded. If this question was about other things, then it would be understandable, but what was being asked now was something that was meant to be a private matter. He momentarily felt awkward and wanted to cry but was unable to.

Lin Xiaobai was briefly stunned with widened eyes. With a red face, she stammered, “Uh, used already! It is the right brand!” After saying, the money issue was not brought up again as she lowered her head and stood at the side, at a loss. She also felt that her whole body became uncomfortable, especially that private area which became even more intolerable.

Su Ke embarrassedly glanced at Lin Xiaobai before leaving immediately to escape. His small heart was thumping very hard. He silently scolded his mouth for speaking nonsense. Just now, Lin Xiaobai had an extremely bashful expression on her face. He had really sinned!

The street lights were already on and the cool breeze lightly caressed his cheeks as he rode on his 5-star bicycle very comfortably. Su Ke did not stop at his family’s small supermarket but went straight up the stairs to help his parents to heat up dinner. After taking in a deep breath, he walked towards the telephone.


“Hello, are you Zheng Mo?”

“Yes, who are you?” From the other end came Zheng Mo’s voice. Her voice was soft, causing the surrounding to be extremely quiet.

“Uh! I’m Su Ke!” This was Su Ke’s first time taking the initiative to call a girl on the phone. He was extremely nervous and the hand that was holding onto the receiver unconsciously shook.

“Su Ke? Who is Su Ke?” Zheng Mo asked with a tone that was filled with question, and Su Ke was stunned on hearing it. He became momentarily depressed, but before he opened his mouth, Zheng Mo asked, “Is it Huo Leifeng? Or that little pervert?”

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“D*mn it!” Su Ke had an expression filled with black lines when he also heard the Zheng Mo’s heh heh sound from the phone. He really felt like crying, but there weren’t any tears. “I’m that Huo Leifeng!”

Zheng Mo was currently sitting in the library. Every day, she had to practice dance, which was very exhausting. Hence, she would usually choose to relax for a while in the library by reading magazines or novels. When she received the call from Su Ke, she first felt it was unexpected as she didn’t think that he would really call her.

However, when she recalled the foolish expression on Su Ke’s face when they were in the supermarket, she wanted to tease that young man, out of mischief. Zheng Mo could even imagine Su Ke’s flushed red expression, and she could not help but laugh.

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