Volume 3, Chapter 4-2: More Sisters

The first thing we decided to do after finishing the discussion with Crown Prince Alberto was to return to the classroom. I’m rather uneasy about how the students will react to us now that our identities have been revealed….

When we finally arrived back in the classroom everyone looked relieved to see us. I guess they were all worried that Alberto may do something to us.

“Liz-sama, you’re safe!”

Amy and the rest of the students came running up to Liz the moment they saw her. For a brief moment, I was worried that what Alberto had said was true.

But it seems like they’re truly worried about Liz and the fact that she’s a princess is a secondary issue.

After Alberto mentioned it, I was genuinely worried how the rest of the students would treat her now that they know she’s a princess. But it seems that everyone is able to speak normally with her.

I think that her usual classmates can accept this fact about her, but… the larger student population may not know how to handle it.

Anyway, as I continued to watch this pleasing scene before me, I thought about what we can do with the little time we have left. Liz has around three weeks left that she can spend with her friends. That’s enough time for her to give them a proper goodbye. We could even hold a farewell party for her.

But that’s not the main issue.

Liz came here to prove to her family that she could survive on her own so that her family would cancel her engagement. I don’t see that happening in three weeks time.

But, now that everyone knows the situation could it be possible…?

As I was lost in thought, Amy left Liz and came over to me.

“…did you need something?”

“U-Um, is it true that you’re the Earl of Grances?”

S-So, she’s the first to ask. I was hoping that I’d be overlooked after everyone found out Liz is a princess.

“Is it true?”

“Umm…well, yes, but….”

The moment I answered, the colour in Amy’s eyes changed and she threw herself on me.


I began to panic, but Amy kept herself pressed against me and grabbed onto my hand.

“Leo-kun — no, Leon-sama?”


“Leon-sama, please make me one of your mistresses!”

“– Whaaaaatttt!? What’s that supposed to mean!?”

“…well, Leon-sama, you’re going to this school to find a mistress, right?”

N-Now that I think about it, there were rumours like that circulating the school, but I had completely forgotten about it.

But, why would Amy want to be a mistress? Didn’t she just tell me she’d feel disgusted if her family forced her to give up tailoring and become a mistress?

“Amy, I thought you were trying to become a better tailor?”

“That’s exactly why I want this! The Grances family controls the Alice Brand, right!? If it means I’d be able to work with the Alice Brand, I’d do anything!”

This girl. Does she only think about clothing!?

“Hey, Leon-sama? See, I even have small breasts.”


“I’ve heard that you like young boys and girls.”

Are there seriously still rumours that Patrick spread hanging around? I really won’t ever forgive him.

“Whoever told you that was lying.”

“Eh, it’s a lie? Then…would you like it if I called you onii-sama? Or are the rumours that you’re interested in sisters also not true?”

I haven’t even heard that rumour. Amy seems well informed.

Are there seriously rumours floating around that the head of the Grances family is only interested in girls that are his sisters…?

“…I’m not going to school in order to find a mistress.”

“Eeeeh, no way~”

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Amy fell into dismay. Sophia noticed us and approached Amy before placing a hand on her shoulder. A mischievous smile floated across her face.

The moment I saw this I felt uneasy. No, uneasy isn’t the right word. Scared would be more appropriate.

“You two seem to be having a fun conversation.”

“Sophia-chan? Hmm? Sophia-chan, you’ve been calling Leo-kun onii-sama since school started, but…Leo-san is actually Leon-sama….”

I guess she noticed.

“W-W-W-Wait a minute, Sophia-chan! You’re mistaken! I wasn’t trying to steal Leon-sama away from you!”

She began desperately trying to find a way to avoid Sophia’s wrath, but Sophia calmly placed both of her hands on Amy’s shoulders.

“Do you like Leon onii-chan? Or are you really only interested in Alice Brand?”

She slowly tilted her head from side-to-side causing her short blonde hair to sway back and forth. A small, emotionless smile floated across her face.

To be honest, I’m scared. I’m so scared.

“Eh, umm…well…m-maybe, both?”

“Hmm…I see.”

Sophia muttered with an indifferent voice before looking into Amy’s eyes.

No, she’s really looking at Amy’s true feelings.

What will happen? If Sophia begins reaching beneath her skirt I’ll have to stop her with all my power. While thinking this, I watched this scene progress.

Unexpectedly, Sophia showed her angelic smile.

“Amy-san, would you like to join my club?”

— Amy was finally able to breathe again, and the surrounding students finally relaxed.

Amy looked as if she were about to collapse before finally answering Sophia.

“Umm…what do you mean?”

“I mean exactly what I said. If you join, you can stay with Leon onii-chan.”

“I’ll join!”

— an immediate reply!?

“Well then, Amy, from today onward you’re a club member.”

“Thank you, Sophia-chan!”

The two of them held hands and began hugging…. No, no, no, let’s back up a bit. What exactly does this club do? Why does joining this club allow her to stay with me? What kind of club is this!?

“…hey, Sophia? Seriously, what kind of club are you in?”

“I already told you it’s a secret.”

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“No, I deserve to know, right? It seems to involve me a great deal.”

If it had nothing to do with me and it wasn’t dangerous I wouldn’t get involved, but…now I’m concerned.

This club of hers clearly has something to do with me. It’s actually making me worried about what she’s doing. Therefore, as the concerned party, I have to find out.

“If it involves me, don’t you think I have a right to know?”

“Well…it can’t be helped. If you want to know so badly, I’ll tell you.”

Alright — or so I thought. Now that I think about it, there’s a chance that Sophia was able to understand everything I just thought. I think this might have affected her decision.

…no, I shouldn’t think about it too much. Sophia can’t directly read minds. This should be fine.

“So, what kind of club is it?”

“The club I made is called ‘Sisters.’ It’s a club that aims to raise the sister ability of all of its members.”

Increase their ‘sister ability?’ That sounds better than what I was imagining….

“So, what kind of club activities do you do? Stuff like cooking and sewing, right?”

I thought her club sounded more decent than I imagined, but Sophia continued on.

“We study what kind of situations you’re weak to, onii-chan. We do gymnastics so we’re more limber and — oh, we also study swordsmanship to defeat any enemies that approach onii-chan!”

N-Normally, I’d take that last part to mean they’re training to protect me against bandits. But with Sophia involved, couldn’t her definition of an enemy be considered less stringent!?

I’d expect her to say something like, “What are you trying to do to Sophia’s onii-chan, you thieving cat! Die!”

I’m too afraid to actually say that out loud.

“Don’t worry, I’d give them a proper warning the first time.”

“So what would you do the second time!?”

She was still reading my mind!?

“…so, how many other members are there?”

Besides me, there’s Alice onee-chan, Claire onee-chan, Tina, and Lyanna onee-chan. And as of today, Amy as well.”

…I’m all too familiar with those names. Well, I’d be more surprised if there were names I didn’t recognize. How exactly should I react the next time I meet Lyanna and Tina?

I had lowered my gaze to the ground after finding out this shocking information. When I looked up, Liz had joined the small group that had begun to form around me. She was just silently standing there staring at us.

Right, I forgot about her. We only have three weeks left to find some way to help her.

Thinking this, I began to speak — but Liz interrupted me.

“Please, allow me to join Sisters too!”

— what kind of development is this!?

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