Chapter 150: Windstorm and Skyfrost

Even though I had just inexplicably gained a fiance, the only fiance who was by my side in fact, why did I still feel this prickling sense of unease throughout my body?

Was it because Numila’s unique characteristics were simply too much for me?

Naturally, just based on her face alone, she was without a doubt a rare beauty…but once you factored in the bottom…I just can’t accept a demonic girl with a feathery lower half for my girlfriend!

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But, somehow I seemed to have agreed to this marriage?

…what should I do? I couldn’t just go back on my words could I?

Ever since I came to my senses, my growing unease had been the intense focus of Numila. Seeing my wavering eyes, she knew that I still had some apprehension about the whole deal, so she handed back the enchanted straight blade: “Even though you’ve already agreed, I won’t force you to fulfill that promise if you truly don’t want to.”

“I…” Honestly, she wasn’t that bad either…except for that demonic lady part of her. Besides, the whole adorable demonic lady genre was still thriving in my homeland; if those otakus were to ever find out that I was unhappy about being courted by such a demonic lady, they would probably lynch me.

“Once I’ve promised something, I won’t go back on it.” Especially not in front of the person herself.

“You won’t regret it?”

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“No.” As if regretting could solve the problem, if it could, there wouldn’t be so much conflict in the world.

“I just knew that you’re the best!” With a jubilant cheer, she rushed up to me and smothered her face against mine. Then, with hands grabbing onto my cheeks, lowered her rosy lips onto mine…did I just get molested…

As her tongue did a fiery dance within my mouth, a wave of lightheadedness hit me. My nose was instantly assailed by the heavy scent wafting off her body. Her tongue wrapped around mine and held it still as her fiery wings closed in and encased us. That sensation was simply indescribable. It was as if I had lost myself in that instant. That warm feeling was exquisite as well, kind of like I was in a hot spring but a million times more comfortable.

I didn’t hate it…because she subsisted purely on souls, her body didn’t have a single bit of impurity within it.

My…that was my first kiss ever since I became a devil…

“Ahhhh…they’re kissing, they’re kissing!” The chaos-loving Mimiya exclaimed excitedly. At the side, she even began cheering us on while waving her little fist.

Habona folded her arms and turned away in disgust.

Violet Snow on the other hand, had her eyes wide open in shock. Just as it felt like I was going to faint from asphyxia, a snowy white paw shoved me aside and forcefully broke us apart.

“Little Doggie, what do you think you are doing!?”

Having had her fun interrupted, Numila glared at the offending puppy who had a similarly sullen look on her face as well. Squinting at the harpy, she pointed her tiny little paws at the sky and said: “Someone’s looking for you.”


She whipped her head in the direction of Violet Snow’s paws. At an ever shrinking distance away, was a horde of harpies led by two harpy witches.

Like her, both of these witches had faces that could only be described as gorgeous. Yet, while their body was mostly humanoid, their feathery torsos, claws and legs was clearly not those of a human’s. Their feathers were both unique in their own way, with one of them being snow white while the other being a beautiful shade of cyan and green.

“Elena Skyfrost…Eugenia Windstorm!”

Skyfrost and Windstorm? Judging by their clan names, these must the harpy witches bullying Numila.

“Yo~, isn’t that Numila, we were wondering where you ran off to all this while, seems like you were busy making out with that female devil over there.” It was Eugenia who spoke up first with that unabashedly taunting voice of hers.

Elena Skyfrost was noticeably silent throughout this entire interaction. Like her surname, her personality was as frosty as the snow and elegant like the heavens.

In comparison, Eugenia Windstorm was like a chatterbox, the kind who started off the conversation with a not-at-all veiled jibe, like the one she threw at Numila. Don’t you know that she’s now my fiance? Even more unforgivable was that you actually mistook me for a female!

“Hmph, so you’ve found some help I see. Well, it doesn’t matter even if you’ve broken the laws of our race and found these outsiders to help you. No matter who you bring in, your fate is to fall by my hands today, Numila Blaze!”

My brows furrowed at her provocations, yet before I could even refute her words, I was stopped by Numila’s pleading gaze. “My love, this is an internal dispute within this one’s race, it should be handled by this one.”

“…mhm, al…alright then.”

My love…when that normally crass harpy, who would usually address herself in the third person for no reason, suddenly shows a tender side like this…it’s just so enticing…I think I might just fall in love here…

“Thank you.” She sent a flying kiss my way before turning around to face her two unwelcome guests. With the enchanted blade brandished, she yelled: “I know what you’re here for, you’re here to steal my territory and position aren’t you? Well, you’ll have to ask this blade in my hands first!”

“Yo~, is that one of the so-called human weapons I heard so much about? Seems like an interesting toy.” Despite her lack of knowledge of its power, that didn’t stop the chatterbox from roasting it, “Come on then, let’s have a gander at what that toy can do.”

“Toy? Hmph, you’ll find out soon enough if it’s a toy.” Turning to face Elena: “Both of you can just come at me, I’m too lazy to take you all on one by one.”

The frosty harpy hovering above, gazed at her fiery counterpart from her lofty position and a second later, said: “You’re sure of that?”

“Bring it on!” Without answering her question directly, Numila took to the skies, weapon blazing as she preemptively lunged at the two witches. This was a declaration of war. She used her actions to tell them: I’ll take both of you on at the same time.

“Hahaha, looks like that thrashing last time wasn’t enough to teach you a lesson. Since you want to get beaten up so much, I’ll just have to grant that wish of yours! This time, I’ll make sure to hit you even harder so that you won’t forget the pain anytime soon!” Ignoring Numila’s domineering display, she turned to her ally: “Windstorm!”

At the same time, Elena chanted: “Skyfrost!”

Their wings flapped in unison, calling forth a maelstrom of bone-chilling winds formed from the union of Eugenia’s violent gale and Elena’s wave of frost.

Facing off against the icy winds, she hovered there stoically and with a raise of her enchanted blade, slashed down on the air!

The moment the crimson blade sliced through the air, flames roared to life along its path. Within seconds, a scorching flame wall materialized in mid-air, neither touching the ceiling nor touching the ground as it blocked the incoming maelstrom.

This fire wall…I’m able to conjure a fire wall as well, but under no circumstances am I able to do it without a point of contact like her…the fact that she was able to create one in the middle of the air was just…impossible! It was just as impossible as raindrops stopping in mid air.

A look of astonished disbelief flashed across the two witches’ eyes as they saw their combined attack thwarted so easily by a simple fire wall. While this wasn’t the full extent of their powers, it was still a combined attack. Had it been the Numila of the past, there was no way she could’ve deflected it so easily. But now…how did she do that? Was it that blade? That human weapon?

That had to be the reason…it was the only logical explanation for her sudden surge in strength.

“Will she really be alright by herself?” Even though this fiance of mine came into my life without any warning, it was still a mutual agreement. In that case, I must honor my obligations; was she really alright fighting alone?

“Don’t worry, with that blade you gave her, her strength might even be higher than my own.” Being the only four-star present, Habona naturally knew that my question was directed at her, thus she promptly answered; an answer that completely caught me off guard. “Numila’s affinity with that blade is really high, I wouldn’t be surprised if it evolved in her hands.”

Evolved? Are you talking about the blade I gave her?

Wouldn’t that mean that it would turn into an epic weapon then?

It goes without saying that an epic weapon’s might couldn’t be overlooked so easily. Just look at Shadowfang, despite my lack of knowledge of its powers, it still gave me a dominating edge over my opponents. It’s indestructibility alone gave me the power to fight those who were of a higher star level than me, not to mention it strengthened my shadow spells by a significant amount.

That enchanted blade had a similar strengthening effect on fire spells as well. Not only that, it functioned as a pseudo-staff of sorts. This attribute alone made her spells significantly more powerful; as anyone in the human world will tell you, the difference between a mage with a staff and a mage without one was the difference between heaven and earth.

There were even new mages who lost the ability to cast simple spells because they lost their staff, which wasn’t surprising in the least. The purpose of a staff was to aid a mage in spellcasting so true staves had the permanent effect of strengthening and simplifying spells. As for the extent of those effects, that depended on the quality of the staff.

In short, Numila was a mage with a staff and the other two witches were the poor souls who lost their staves.

Either way, the lesson here was to avoid fighting rich players(whales) who had all the best gears in a MMORPG. Numila was the whale in this case, and the other two witches were the plebs. Depending on the game, all you needed was your credit card.

This truth was confirmed once more as Numila’s dominance was apparent for all to see. No matter how cold the frost wave was, and no matter how fast the blistering winds were, Numila’s fire wall never faltered for a second. With the frost failing to put out the fire, all the wind did was fan the flames even more. It wasn’t long before the two witches were swatted to the ground in a giant explosion of flames, ending their one-sided fight with a flashy bang.

It was Numila’s overwhelming victory!

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