Chapter 254 – How Sturdy!

Huan Meng Yue’s dance became faster and faster; pulses of spirit energy were being emitted as the leaves and flowers around her were pushed away, and her movements were definitely not ordinary.

There’s even murderous intent!

If Huan Qing Yan didn’t leave now, she would be an idiot!

Unfortunately, she only managed to take a few steps before the flowers and leaves turned into a sharp sword and flew towards her; Huan Qing Yan agilely activated Phantom Shifting Steps to evade…

But the sword seemed to possess an automatic guiding system as it locked on to her; no matter how she avoided it, it would keep turning around to attack her; in addition, with each attack, the oppressive aura emitted by it became even stronger!

Huan Qing Yan was in great shock; her instincts were telling her that if she was pierced by this sword, even if she did not die, her life would still be in grave danger.

Huan Meng Yue that b*tch was still dancing nonstop.

The more she danced, the sharper the aura on the sword became – it might even reach the level of easily penetrating through her and killing her on the spot.

“Thud thud thud!” Three sounds, they were noises created by the sharp sword pierces through the three trees when Huan Qing Yan positioned herself behind them.

“F*ck, Huan Meng Yue, you are only a Two-Star spirit master, how did you obtain such a powerful technique?”

This was obviously illogical, okay? Battle techniques could only be learned only after becoming a Four-Star spirit master.

But words were unable to help her escape the danger, she could only release her spirit treasure to fight it out!

When the pig spirit appeared, it also did not dare confront the sharp sword directly; it instead ran towards Huan Meng Yue while grunting.

However, this did not keep Huan Qing Yan out of danger.

This was because she had already put quite a distance between herself and Huan Meng Yue, it was likely that the pig spirit was unable to reach its target before the sword pierced Huan Qing Yan’s back.

Huan Qing Yan felt a cold chill on her back as the aura of death pounced at her.

With sudden moment of inspiration due to the dire situation, Huan Qing Yan summoned the piece of black iron from her storage ring and used it to defend her back…

“Dang!” A loud sound was hurt, the broken piece of metal was able to block the attack of the deadly sword!

However, she was not unscathed; the shockwave from the impact was a few meters wide, causing her to nearly vomit blood on the spot.

While the piece of iron still maintained its original appearance, it neither had a hole nor shattered, just a few scratches that peeled away the rust on it.

How sturdy!

Huan Meng Yue did not expect Huan Qing Yan to be able to block that attack, it caused her to be awestruck for a moment before she continued to dance even faster; a small shield of spirit energy appeared around her, preventing Huan Qing Yan’s spirit treasure from getting closer. Next, multiple swords made from flowers and leaves were formed…

They formed a small sword formation. Huan Qing Yan was quietly grumbling at the new situation; blocking one sword was already not bad, now she must block so many? The metal piece was not large, so how can she defend herself?

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At that moment, a demonic wind blew as a mass of shadow rolled out from the vegetation from the side; it went between Huan Qing Yan and the swords, knocking them away in the process.

The swords shattered upon impact and scattered.

“Spirit Treasure Mind Communication Technique? This woman is not ordinary!” A voice came from within the mass of shadows.

When Huan Qing Yan saw clearly, it was actually a person!

The person was tall and strongly built and looked to be in his late teens, his body was covered in wounds and blood; however, they were all external injuries and they did not seem to affect his abilities; instead, it gave him a beastly and powerful feeling.

“…Brother Jiu Li?” Huan Qing Yan said in disbelief.

The person looked very similar to Huan Jiu Li; however, his temperament greatly differed from him.

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Most importantly, Huan Jiu Li was unable to speak but this person could?

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