Chapter 255 – Eagle-Head Man

Over on the other side, Huan Meng Yue was also surprised, “Spirit Treasure Mind Communication Technique – I do not know what you are talking about, who are you?”

Huan Jiu Li’s head was covered in a layer of black mist causing his facial features to be obscured; very slowly, it transformed into the head of an eagle. The eagle’s eyes were filled with a feeling of wildness.

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The voice came from the mouth of the eagle, “What do you think? Since you can use the Spirit Treasure Sharpening Technique, you must be deeply connected with a powerful individual of the human race. This daddy is only here on an errand, and I do not wish to fight with you; if you know what to do, then you should leave now…”

“You are that Greater Demon? Fine, I will leave.” Huan Meng Yue’s dancing stopped shortly.

She turned and left.

At that moment when she turned, Huan Jiu Li’s back sprouted a pair of large wings. With a beat, a gust of wind struck her, knocking her unconscious.

Clean and efficient.

This caused Huan Meng Yue to stare dumbstruck, “Didn’t you say that you do not want to fight her and let her leave?”

“That’s right, I did not want to fight her, I just wanted to sneak attack her… This daddy is a demon, do I need to bother about upholding my credibility like you humans?” Huan Jiu Li’s wings flapped as he spoke.

“Is she dead?”

“She isn’t, this daddy does not want to develop any unnecessary problems! The mute wanted this daddy to kill her on the spot, but this daddy does not want to listen to him. This woman has a powerful backing, so why would this daddy do such a silly thing? This daddy’s situation is currently very dangerous. I cannot afford to have new problems!” The Greater Demon said with dissatisfaction.

Huan Qing Yan was very curious about that powerful backing that’s supporting Huan Meng Yue from back, ‘That Spirit Treasure Mind Communication Technique, is it possible that someone possessed the same spirit treasure as her, thus allowing them to assist her through the connection between their spirit treasures?’

However, it was not the time to find out more; there were more important questions now that required answers.

“You are Brother Jiu Li! Are you the one that killed the Huan clan relatives?”

“Yeah, they were killed by this daddy, so what? This daddy is not your so-called Brother Jiu Li. Lass, you better scram now. If you hinder this daddy from completing my task, I will kill you with one strike…” The Greater Demon walked towards the vegetation as it said so.

Huan Qing Yan stopped him due to a moment of urgency, “The Eagle Demon King, are you the Eagle Demon King? Please, please release my Brother Jiu Li. If you let him go, I will not expose you. Your situation now is very dire, the royal family have discovered your tracks and also know that you have possessed my Brother Jiu Li. In addition, Ji Mo Ya will also not let you off; you should get out of my brother’s body and leave quickly…”

The Eagle Head Man shook off Huan Qing Yan’s hold, pushing her to a grass patch.

“Girl, this daddy saved you due to Huan Jiu Li’s plea, yet you are not satisfied and talking rubbish? This daddy will no possess him, I will possess you instead. Do you agree?”

Huan Qing Yan went into deep thought, she remembered Ji Mo Ya’s words; if a Greater Demon possessed a person for too long, that person might turn into a Demon Man. She did not want Huan Jiu Li to turn into a Demon Man; if she offered to be possessed, it might give Huan Jiu Li some respite and could even save him, “I am willing, possess me then.”

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The Eagle Head Man froze, the wings on his back shrunk at a great speed and disappeared.

It had completely transformed back into the original Huan Jiu Li.

Huan Jiu Li’s eyes were filled with gratefulness and reluctance; he went towards Huan Qing Yan and pull her up. He tenderly caressed Huan Qing Yan’s face as his mouth released a monotonous sound of “ah ah ah”…

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