Chapter 47

“Very well. I will be going out because of this so I will also help you settle this matter to make it swift with no problem.” Yang Zhu said as he walked out.

Being amused by Yang Zhu’s enthusiastic form, Ning Meng Yao was helpless: “Uncle Yang, I haven’t even given you the money yet, are you going to go like this?”

Yang Zhu was stunned and just realized what he was doing. He laughed in embarrassment.

Ning Meng Yao took out three hundred and fifty silvers and gave it to Yang Zhu: “Uncle Yang, I know that going to the county to manage the documents would have to spend a lot of money. If there are some left, then count it as labor fee.”

“No way. How can I accept?” Yang Zhu immediately declined.

“Uncle Yang, if you keep pulling your pipe, then I won’t be able to request help from you again.” There were village laws in a village. When buying land, there will be this kind of benefit.

Yang Zhu helplessly looked at Ning Meng Yao: “Fine, I will listen to you.” He then left the house and preparing to settle Ning Mng Yao’s matter.

There was worry about the land this time, so Yang Zhu was able to spend little effort to settle it, signing the land under Ning Meng Yao’s name.

When the villagers got this news, everything was done.

Not little did not speak anything, only feeling that Ning Meng Yao was very rich. Once she bought the land, she became a little landlord.

Only minority who wanted to buy the land was unhappy. They had not even heard a wisp about it and the land was already bought by someone else. How could there be such a thing?

So the people who wanted to buy the land discussed together and decided to come to Yang Zhu’s house. One of them was Madam Chen.

Although her family was prosperous, but did not possess much land. She also wanted to buy more land to rent and receive the profit.

But now, this could not be done.

The crowd arrived at Yang Zhu’s house and Madam Chen spoke up first: “Village Head, although we know that your relationship with that little girl is good, but you cannot do this. You sold the whole land soundlessly. When did you ask our opinion?”

Madam Chen’s words were somewhat unpleasant, especially to Ning Meng Yao who came because she heard the news.

When she wanted to counter, Yang Zhu spoke up first: “Hearing your opinion? Who is the village head? Me or you? You all say that you want to buy the land. How about you all buy the whole seventy five mu land or what?

Madam Chen’s face turned ugly: “You cannot say like this. Even if we do not buy all the land, we will also buy a few mu. You sold all the land to her, do you still want us to live nice?” Madam Chen’s words were blatant threat.

Yang Zhu’s glanced at Madam Chen and faintly said: “I sold the land to Rent Yao girl because of coincidence. When she went over to ask, there was also land available. Moreover, none of you told me beforehand that you want to buy land. Do you want me to visit all the houses one by one to ask whether you want to buy land? Who is to blame here?”

Buying land in the village was like this. Wanting to buy land, then say it in advance. When there is land available, the village head will notify them.

But they said that they wanted to buy land, yet did not say anything about it. Not saying wanting to buy land and speaking about it now, weren’t they searching for trouble?

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The crowd listened and looked at one another. That was right. They did not tell the village head before. Since there was someone who wanted to buy all the land, then wasn’t it good news? They also could not make the village head notify their houses one by one.

If it was like this, then there would only be the mountain land and the dry land left behind. The ones sold would be the good land. But the person was not like this. She did not care whether the land was good or bad and bought them all. What could they say against this?

Instantly, no one disagreed. Inly Madam Chen was unhappily making an uproar: “Village head, are you looking down on people?”

Yang Zhu wanted to speak, but Ning Meng Yao was one step ahead. She stood and gazed at Madam Chen while lightly saying: “Seventy five mu land, three hundred fifty silvers altogether. Since you want to buy, then give the money to me now. If you do not want to buy all the land, then don’t make a ruckus.”

“You……” Madam Chen glared at Ning Meng Yao. She only wanted to buy a few mu land. It was impossible for her to buy the dry land and lands that could not produce crops.

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“I what? If you want to buy, then buy all the land. If you don’t want to buy, then don’t make an uproar here. You are still a scholar’s mother, yet you don’t avoid making an embarrassment out of yourself.” Ning Meng Yao unhappily snorted coldly.

The crowd shrunk back and did not say anything. Ning Meng Yao’s words were very clear. That was, if you have the ability, then buy all of them, but if you didn’t, then scram aside and cool off.

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