Chapter 37: It’s his bones that’ll break, not mine.

Working in the Security Office, Ye Jian had seen many veterans and even those from the special forces.

She had seen how they trained bitterly, dueled each other, hit the vital points, and conducted preemptive strikes.

They, who were excellent, could even see themselves on television.

From when she was twenty-one to twenty-three years old was one of the happiest moments of her life, and at the same time, it was also the time she had learned the most.

She now understood today that those previous ordeals which she had to face were, in fact, God’s grace.

“Pain? Not very much I think. I haven’t even put in any strength,” Ye Jian grinned and her pupils glistened, like a smooth black pebble. “I asked politely and you don’t get off, to the point where I have to stand and invite you off my desk. Now that I am standing, you’re crying in pain. Student Liao Jian, you’re really putting me in a difficult position.”

Her voice sounded a lot like the spring water gushing out. That kind of voice, personality, and smile instantly made others feel as if they were at the foot of a hill and by a stream—listening to the flow of the comfortable waters.

Is that Ye Jian? Is that really Ye Jian?

The Ye Jian they knew … was gentle and overly calm! If you joked around her, all she would do was give a smile and listen; if you scolded her, she would just listen quietly. Like a puppet without its own soul, she would have obeyed without another word and without her own opinion!

At this point, Liao Jian’s scream in pain instantly made the students realize that the Ye Jian they once knew was gone! Under the student’s bullying and Ye Ying’s pressure, the gentle Ye Jian had disappeared.

“That, Ye Jian, you…lightly please, lightly. If you break his bones, your days ahead will become difficult ah.” A few other boys opened their mouths hesitantly. Watching Liao Jian’s finger which was bent at a strange angle, each one of them could not help but wince at the sight.

Ye Jian smiled and gave them a glance. They were all deeply imprinted in her mind. Their memory was not all too bad as well, but they were also the boys who liked to bully her.

One, two, three, four… plus the one here with his finger held captive. Not too bad, all five of them are present.

“It’s his bones that’ll break, not mine. And it’s not even me who’s in pain, so why would my days ahead become hard?” Ye Jian then used a little more strength, and Liao Jian’s scream jumped to a higher tone which agitated the few boys, who were thinking of ways to persuade her, to take a few steps back.

Student Liao Jian was already at the limit of his pain threshold and was already screaming endlessly, “It’s going to break, it’s going to break! Release, release your grip…”

“So, do I still have to ask you to get off?” Ye Jian knew her own strength. Any more and she would not be able to guarantee that the student’s finger would still remain intact. “And do you dare to bully me in the future?”

Dammit, who would even dare to ah!

Normally, she looked easy to bully and was indeed good to bully, but once the change happened… It was too much to absorb.

“I won’t, I won’t, I swear, I swear! Crap! Ah ah ah, pain, pain, pain.” Liao Jian’s finger felt as if it was truly about to break, and he quickly gave his apology repeatedly. Only when his finger felt numb was it then finally released.

Liao Jian, whose hand was finally released, flung his hand and looked at the girl with vicious eyes, “Ye Jian, you, you, you… my damn!”

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Faintly connecting with his line of sight, Ye Jian smiled with her eyes, but in actual fact, her expression was more ruthless than the other party’s.

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This made Liao Jian, who was making provocations, to stop all of a sudden and return to his seat unwillingly.

Ye Jian raised a brow in disdain and gave a light laugh at his unwillingness.

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