Chapter 38: Is He Really Just A Man?

“His dad has got some connections in this town, so you should at least be a little more careful.” Zhang Bin, who came into the classroom from behind, sat down on his seat and whispered a reminder, “I also heard that he’s got some connections with the people in the city too. My dad told me not to provoke him in school.”

Zhang Bin’s father was a policeman who was assigned to this town and who knew especially well about the connections the townspeople had.

‘Heard.’ Ye Jian laughed indifferently, “All I did was retaliate a little, so what if he’s got connections?”

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After some thoughts, that was indeed true, and Zhang Bin quickly cast aside his concerns. With great interest, he suddenly raised a topic, “You were awesome just now. Where did you learn such a technique?” With a father in the police force, Zhang Bin was a little knowledgeable in that aspect.

Ye Jian took out the mathematics book needed for the afternoon test and flipped to the beginning of an exercise before whispering with her head lowered, “I didn’t learn it from anyone. All I did was watch.”

To be able to remember after watching, and learn it all by herself through memory.

Her vague way of answering stunned Zhang Bin for a moment. His heart pounded excitedly and he went on to ask, “One look and you’re able to learn. Can you be a little bit more precise?”

But he was later taken aback once again.

Neat footsteps could be heard from outside the classroom, and the two quickly stood and postured themselves more upright than any other student in the class.

The first to enter was Teacher Ke, and behind her entered three intimidating soldiers wearing formal uniforms with expressions as cold as steel.

Often, soldiers appearing in the school was not strange, for they were given several times each year to explain some basic precautions to the students.

However, the soldiers who came this time around left the students tight for breath.

The girls were ogling even more, with their gazes staring straight at the young major who stood in the front of the class after a nod from Teacher Ke.

Truly… he was handsome!

Ye Jian did not expect to see Xie Jinyuan again in her own class this time around. Her eyes toured his body for a moment before lowering her head gently.

“I apologize for coming here without any notice during your morning self-study session.”

Xie Jinyuan removed his peaked cap and placed it gently on the podium where the solemn national emblem faced the sixty-two students below the podium. “I only wish to use up 10 minutes of your time, and I am hoping for your cooperation that nobody speaks when I speak.”

He, who removed his peaked cap, exposed his clear forehead which sent several girls to a daze.

His voice contained the dignity of a soldier, revealing a slight coldness in it.

His line of sight quietly swept across the entire classroom, and when it went past Ye Jian, it did not stop, as if he did not seem to recognize her.

His stare made the students instantly return to the time when they were in elementary school where not only did they sit upright, their hands were also locked behind their backs.

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“Very good.” Xie Jinyuan, whose gaze was enough to stun the students who looked into his eyes, no longer emitted the cold aura he had not too long ago.

Both his hands rested on the podium, and he slightly leaned his body forward before opening his mouth slowly, “Today, we’re here to speak about how the school can remain vigilant by being always on alert and how to identify those who seek around to obtain military information…”

The moment his mouth opened to speak, Ye Jian no longer had her head lowered. Instead, she listened attentively and silently noted each and every word he said.

Zhang Bin listened for a while and tapped gently at Ye Jian’s back before whispering softly, “What a frightening gaze. I bet that he must have killed people before.”

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