Chapter 79: The angel was surprisingly decent.

The angel was surprisingly decent.


Sara who proclaimed herself as an angel who serves Metron, spoke to me in a somehow haughty way, as if she was trying to brag about it.
I couldn’t see the reason for her trying to boast about that fact, though I was able to guess that she was an angel.
A fairly wavy white hair almost reaching her shoulders and black eyes.
Her outward appearance was rather similar to that of Lina who is also an angel.
Although, the giant hammer which she was carrying with her seemed a little unbefitting for an angel.
That hammer was the only peculiar thing I found if my impression of her was to be excluded.

“I thought all angels were like Lina. Turns out I was wrong.”

The first time I encountered Lina, was when she was blindly worshiping that annoying Kid to a harebrained level. Judging from that past experience, Sara didn’t look that way to me.
Hearing my impression of her, Sara got seemingly offended and spoke in a displeased manner.

“Hey, don’t be rude! Lina is the only one of us who served Metron-sama to a crazy level.”
“Wha-! W-Who are you calling crazy?!”

Lina who ended up remembering a past that she didn’t want to remember because of Sara’s straight mock, shouted with a voice that exuded her embarrassment.
Hm? Her reaction was strange.
I didn’t expect her to react in such a way, honestly.

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“Didn’t you tell me that day that for an angel, serving and revering their god is their greatest joy or something?”

When I urged her to answer my question, she tried to smooth over it by responding vaguely.

“Everyone was thinking the same back then and it can’t be helped, since my parents educated me that way…”

Her voice was lacking confidence.
When I remained to stare at her for a long time, she couldn’t bear my gaze and gradually lowered her voice.
Sara who watched her reaction was shocked and let out a sigh.

“Hey, people who hold this kind of beliefs nowadays are the rare minorities. The main reason behind the popularity of our job is the convenient work conditions and the salary. It’s not as honorable as Lina said.”

“Money comes before ideals.” Sare ended her words with an honest point. My first impression of her was on spot. She was a tough angel.
I started feeling that a god could be more realistic than what I thought.
Even Saya and Karen who were listening to our conversation smiled bitterly.
As for Rouga, she was screaming nonsense like “This tree is so huuge!!” while looking at a large tree near us.
Looks like this wolf of mine can’t read the mood.

“A-Anyway, why are you here Sara? What happened to your job?”

Lina who didn’t wish to continue ashaming herself, changed the topic.

“I am here because of my job. I was ordered by Metron-sama to destroy the magic teleportation circle installed in this island. Although, I didn’t hear anything about the monster that was lurking in the forest.”
“What did you just say? Teleportation circle?”

I instantly reacted to the word “magic circle” and drew closer to Saya who was still complaining about the monster that assaulted her earlier.

“Hey! Is there really a magic circle in this island?”
“W-What’s your problem…?”

When I got too close to her, Sara’s angered expression totally disappeared and was replaced with a puzzled face instead.

“Answer me!”
“T-There is. Metron-sama was using it in the past and it’s still functioning until now.”

Overwhelmed by my insistence, Sara uttered in a low voice.
Is that so. As I expected.

I finally made sure that I can teleport to his place and started chuckling all by myself like a true villain.
Lina who saw the gloomy grin I was making, asked.

“But why did he send you this late?”
“It was probably because of the incident caused by Germa. It seems that some gods are now observing other gods in hope to avoid similar problems, that is why Metron-sama sent me here to destroy the magic circle in order to hide this island he made without permission.”

Apparently, the superior gods are considering Germa’s case as their mismanagement fault. It’s good to see them working on a countermeasure for the next time.
After answering Lina’s question, this time, it was Sara’s turn to ask.

“So? What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re here to have fun.”

Lina couldn’t instantly give an answer to Sara who was folding her arms as she pressed her to reply.

“I’m sorry but, you’re correct.”

Apparently not expecting such words to come from Lina, Sara widening her eyes.

“Eh, wait-! Really!? You came here to play?”

Lina nodded silently.
Sara was clearly shocked from hearing her answer and held her head as if she was assaulted by a headache.

“You have changed…”
“You think?”
“Yes! The Lina that I knew would probably have said something like ‘how dare you think that I would soil this holy land created by Meteon-sama?!!’ also, I can’t believe you’re getting along this much with your watch target.”

Sara spoke while fixing her gaze on me.
She was not mistaken.
If Lina didn’t change, she wouldn’t have brought us to this place to have fun nor she would have talked to me very often. I may not have noticed it as we were together for too much recently, but Lina did change since the day she was abandoned by that annoying kid.

“This explains the reason Metron-sama choose me for this task instead of choosing you.”

Lina couldn’t overlook Sara’s last comment and reacted with a small shriek.

“Metron-sama told me that you have been acting strange lately. Wait, I guess it would be better expressed as acting normal in this case.”

Sara glanced at me and Karen.

“But I guess it’s understandable. It’s only natural for you to change this way if you spend your time with these people. It’s a good thing to be a normal as a person, though I wouldn’t say the same for an angel.”

Sare shook her head sideways as she exclaimed her disappointment.
Lina who received her sarcasm, spoke with a voice that had a pitch of anger in it this time, unlike the calm ambiance it had only recently.

“What are you trying to convey here?”
“Nothing in particular. I was just thinking of how lame for an angel who serves a god to have their heart affected by a bunch of humans.”

Finally snapping after hearing Sara’s last line, Lina released all her killing intent at Sara.

“… take it back.”
“What is it?”
“I told you to take back your words!”

Noticing Lina’s quiet, yet clearly intimidating expression, Sara gripped her hammer and took her fighting stance.

“What? You want to fight?”

Apparently, Sara didn’t have the intention of yieldingly taking back her words.
A heavy and daunting ambiance started flowing between the both of them.

Lina enjoyed every single day of her new life in earth. She spent her days talking and sharing her launch time with us.
She probably couldn’t bear the way Sara called the people, with whom she spent her best times, as a bunch of humans.
Lina’s fury grew silently stronger as Sara kept freezing in her fighting posture.

“Do you really think you can defeat me? I, who took the first place in the servants test.”
“Don’t bring back the past now. I heard the news you know. Looks like you’re no longer able to use your【feather judgment】skill.”

Lina widened her eyes in astonishment. She didn’t expect Sara to be aware of that fact.
Ah… Come to think about it, it was me who erased that skill.

“How did you know about it?”
“It’s quite the famous rumor among us. Judging from your response, it looks like it’s true.”

Despite having her secret exposed, Lina didn’t show a sign of confusion.

“Even if that’s the case, then what?”
“There’s no way you’d win against me if you can’t use your special skill.”

Sara enunciated with a triumphant voice, however, Lina still didn’t falter.

“Your skill was【CrashVan】if I remember right. A skill that that causes explosions directly after the impact.”
“That’s right. It’s one of the reasons for getting chose to accomplish my current task.”

Indeed, a skill that utterly destroys anything with ease was a proper choice for the mission she received.
While the tense mood was on its way to turning into a battle, I contemplated nonchalantly.

“It will still be impossible for you to defeat me with only that.”
“I shall destroy that composure of yours then.”

Concluding the brief time of insulting each other, the two angels raised their weapons, preparing for a fight.
Ah, this is bad.
Urged by the tense ambiance that was about to turn into a fight at any moment, I strode between Sara and Lina without considering the mood.

“Alright, everyone wait. I’d like you to stop this futile conflict.”

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Bewildered by my sudden interference, Sara and Lina were both taken aback, enable of hiding their complexed expression.
Naturally, I didn’t mind their reaction and continued my words by pointing out a few things.

“Lina, I understand your feelings, but this is not the proper time of picking a fight with people. Saya and Karen are her as well, so please be considerate.”
“And same to you. Nobody cares about your thoughts and beliefs, but you need to stop provoking Lina. you’re only making things troublesome.”
“W-what’s your problem. Stop acting arrogantly like that…”

Lina obediently agreed with me while Sara tried to object. Though her voice started gradually weakening as I approached her.

“Let me ascertain something. You came here to destroy Metron’s teleportation circle, right?”
“T-That’s correct. Do you have a problem with that?”

Sara answered me with a firm voice.
I only replied with “ I see…” then placed my hands on Sara’s shoulders and made the best friendly smile I could do.

“I’m sorry but… please come back later.”

“Eh? Wait—-”

Sara had something to point out about my last request, but she vanished before being able to clearly express it.
It would be troublesome if she was to destroy the magic circle.
That’s why I had her teleported outside the island.
Of course, I’m not a scoundrel to teleport her to a cruel place like the ocean.
Lina who watched me teleport Saya asked about the place where I sent her.

“Where did you send her?”
“Outside the island.”

Hearing me honestly answering her question, Lina made an expression that seemed as if she was sympathizing with Sara.
she will have to go through those traps once again.
I can’t blame Lina for making such a face.
Nevertheless, it can’t be helped. This is all for the sake of meeting that Metron.
I’m ready to do anything in order to achieve that goal.

“Let’s hurry up.”

Ordering to the three girls who were still feeling sorry for Sara, we resumed our search for the magic teleportation circle.
We will most likely encounter the little girl behind the voice we heard.
Let’s get done with this before she comes back.


One more time

Sara after getting teleported.

“Eh? What! What is this!? What happened?! Is this a desert? No, did I return to my start point!?”
“Eliminating all intruders.”
“Eh? This voice…”
“…… am I going to have to go through this again?”

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