Chapter 41: Great Aunt Has Come!

“Listen to me. I picked up something of Li Feifei and then returned it to her. Also, I didn’t even leave my name behind after doing this good deed, just like Lei Feng!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character would never say that he had first groped her ass and then, later on, picked up her brassiere; he wouldn’t budge a single inch even if it death were knocking on his door.

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“Really?” Wei Lan slanted her head as she rode the bicycle, thought her gaze showed some doubt, the look on her face had eased up.

“It’s true. She saw the video on the bbs yesterday and then found me!” Su Ke thought to supplement his explanation with logic.

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“Why did she kick you then?” The details of the entire scenario of Su Ke and Li Feifei chatting at the corridor were already spread around by Wang Xiaogang. So her getting angry wasn’t faultless.

“Why you ask? Ah! She wanted to have a meal with me today noon, but I refused her. You believe I do good deeds to make people treat me to a meal? If so, I would better stop doing them! She pestered me for quite a while, and if it weren’t for getting anxious, causing her to exchange blows with me, I would’ve never agreed!” Su Ke’s mannerism as he spoke contained a reverence so righteous; he had almost fooled himself into believing his words.

“Hah! In the end, you still had a meal with her and even beat up a few people?” After Wei Lan had learned that Su Ke had fought with a few people and was then summoned to the Headmaster’s Office, she couldn’t focus properly in any of the classes. She wanted to inquire about the circumstances from him, but she didn’t get a chance to do so.

“Hmm.” Su Ke noticed the anxiety hidden within her gaze and replied to her before she could say anything else. “Don’t worry, it’s already settled. Headmaster didn’t make things difficult for me as I wasn’t in the wrong there!”

“That’s good then!” Wei Lan relaxed her breath after hearing his words, but she turned back once more. “What’s the matter with that Liu Qingqing? I heard that she asked to be your girlfriend?”

“Sigh! It’s all due to that video! I also don’t know what’s the matter with her. Say, do you think I was too handsome in that?”

“Pah! You pervert! A small thing like this happens, and you think you’re handsome? You and handsome? They’d never go together. Why don’t you first fess up about why you groped that girl’s bosom? Do you even have dignity within your heart?” Wei Lan’s eyes grew wide open with anger.

“How could I bother about dignity at that moment!?” Su Ke knew that all of this was most probably due to Wang Xiaogang’s big mouth. He sighed while patting his forehead. “Didn’t you see how that girl’s hairstyle? A crew-cut, just a little longer than my hair. It even looked similar to that of Wu Jun Ru’s[note]Actress. Name: Sandra Ng Kwan-Yu[/note], you think I’d want to grope her?”

“Che! You groped her bosom and think you can get away by justifying your actions? You think you can just choose whichever’s convenient?” When Wei Lan heard Su Ke’s description of her, the image of the branch leader of the triad, Sister 13[note]Role is played by Sandra Ng Kwan-Yu a.k.a Wu Jun Ru[/note] from the movie Portland Street Blues, appeared within her mind. This was also in line with her conjecture as a schoolgirl who dared to fight inside the corridor ought to be a Ms. Strong-type girl.

“Hehe. If I wanted to grope, I’d rather grope you!” Su Ke let his mouth run loose without care, directly speaking out his thoughts while glancing towards Wei Lan’s little bosom. Though they weren’t as big as those of matured women, it still possessed its own charm, curvaceous as well as perky.

Wei Lan planned to give him a good scolding at first, but after listening to these words, her cheeks suddenly got dyed with a blush, causing her cute dimples to appear. She stopped, and the muttered facing Su Ke. “Pervert!”

Once Su Ke saw the look on her face, he patted his chest and breathed out. The situation was a bit risky a moment ago. I ought to take care not to provoke her before I manage to placate her anger.

At this moment, the mission completion beep sound came through the Flower Pickup System’s space. Su Ke was dumbfounded. He never imagined he’d complete the mission so fast. A smile rose to his face as he felt the happiness of completing the mission as well as getting the reward of 300 RMB.

For some reason, although Wei Lan’s anger had been placated, she remained silent on the entire journey back. Su Ke sneaked a peek at her several times. Her face was blushing as a smile appeared on it from time to time. I wonder what happy matter is she thinking about.

This scene continued until they reached below Wei Lan’s home. Looking at her climb up the stairs with her head lowered, our silly boy Su Ke, who still couldn’t make out anything from her actions, turned to return.

After completing this mission, the cash in Su Ke’s hands had reached to a total of 3500 RMB. For a grassroots-level student, this was a considerable amount of money.

“Looks like I need to get a bank card!” Su Ke rode along towards Her Humble Fragrance Cosmetic Club, arranging his clothes in order with the help of the glass’ reflection, he entered inside.

“Sis Xiaobai!”

Lin Xiaobai raised her head; noticing Su Ke dash over as he waved with a glittering smile.

“What happened?” He noticed from her expression that something was wrong, it was as if she were feeling very embarrassed, her cheeks entirely red like a ripe tomato.

“Su Ke, can you help sis do something?” She still wore that usual silver livery of hers, her hair gently falling behind down her shoulders; that delicate face of hers was touched with light makeup, which added to the aura of this workplace where women held their vocations. She observed Su Ke as he came over and slightly leaned forwards, placing his arms on top of the desk.

His movements were natural. His intuition told him that Lin Xiaobai wanted to talk about something private. He faced towards her and asked in a quiet voice. “Sis Xiaobai, say it, come hell or high water, give the go and done it shall be!”

“Shoo! Stop talking drivel! It’s not that grave!” Lin Xiaobai giggles, gently punching his shoulders, without the slightest amount of strength.

Su Ke also laughed along with her, feeling her punch as if causing him a tickle. He nudged his nose. “Sis Xiaobai, you’re really fragrant!”

When he neared her, he could already smell a specific fragrance from her body. Naturally, it was a unique body fragrance which each individual woman possessed. This scent didn’t need to put on, it seemed to exist but also not, it wasn’t perfume yet surpasses its effects, resembling just like poison. As Su Ke sniffed it in, his body was already giving out an uncontrollable subconscious reaction.

“Stop teasing me and listen to me properly!” She extended her lily-white hand and brought it to the side of her mouth. It looked like she didn’t want anyone else to hear their conversation. Her lips glistening due to that faint lips gloss slightly opened up as she used a small enough voice which only Su Ke could hear. “My relative has come!”

“Relative?” Su Ke was puzzled, looking towards Lin Xiaobai, he asked back. “Sis Xiaobai, what relation does that have with me?”

“My great aunt has come!” Lin Xiaobai turned to look at their surroundings and spoke again after confirming that there was no one around.

Su Ke could only remain baffled, he could neither make heads or tails of it. Just that since she asked him for help, he naturally wouldn’t decline. “Sis Xiaobai, do you want me to go meet her? Don’t worry about it, your great aunt is my great aunt, I’ll take care of it!”

Afterward, Su Ke soon realized the hidden connotation within it, causing him to stammer. “T-The gg-great aunt you’re talking about is THAT great aunt(Menstruation)?”

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