Chapter 112 – Soul Search

The elder did not wish to talk about the agreement they had with that demon.

That demon explained that it was injured heavily before they met it, to be able to accurately detect the aura of the Demon Saint Fruit, it would need to heal its injuries by consuming hearts containing spirit treasures. Despite their urging, that Greater Demon’s reply was always the same…

Thus, it created the current unexpected situation.

The young man continued, “If I knew about it earlier, I would have sent men to rob Huan Bei Ming’s corpse…”

“That’s also not good as it will grab the attention of the Court of State Teachers. Let’s just continue to observe the situation further.”

“Okay.” The young man replied before asking, “Forefather, should we restrain the Greater Demon or not at this moment?”

The elderly decisively replied, “No need to bother about it! Let it continue to wreak havoc within the capital. The more chaos it creates, the better it is for us to hide the matter regarding Huan Bei Ming…”

“Ok. This grandchild shall not disturb forefather’s closed door training anymore. I will return half a month later.” The young man stood up and left.

The sickness within his body required him to come visit every half a month, if he did not undergo the therapy of using spirit energy to suppress the root of his illness within his body, it would endanger his life.

The elder released a long sigh, “Go on.”

When the young man left, a firm expression was on his face. It was fine when they could not find a solution in the past, now that they found some hope, he must cure Yu’er of his illness by removing its root. Even if that meant that he had to capture and perform a soul search on everyone within the Huan Family…


Huan Qing Yan opened her eyes after meditating.

What appeared in front of her were the white, green and purple colors of various vegetables…

In addition, there were one expanse after another covered with varieties of crops, plants and trees…

The things she had planted previously were mostly ripe now!

They were all seeds of spirit ingredients that Huan Jiu Li gave her last time. During her last visit, only a small portion of them had matured but now, basically all of them have matured.

The ingredients could basically be separated into two broad categories: ordinary and spirit energy. Taking the red potato for example, they mostly fall under the ordinary category with a few rare cases where it would possess spirit energy. Most situations, the seeds of ordinary ingredients would bear ordinary produce, while the seeds of spirit energy ingredients would bear produce containing spirit energy.

However, the germination rate of the seeds of spirit energy ingredients were low and were not as easy to grow as compared to ordinary ones.

Generally, the success rate of germination was 10% but when inside Huan Qing Yan’s dimension, this rate does not exist, basically anything she plants would germinate and sprout!

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Since the day when the Imperial Eunuch came to announce the edict, Huan Qing Yan had ordered for the main door of the Huan Estate to be closed shut. She had been staying within the dimension over the past few days, using the time to improve her cultivation and practice her culinary skills.

Three days had passed on the outside while seventy-two days had passed within the dimension, Huan Qing Yan made ten spirit dishes for herself every day while using her remaining mental power to meditate and improve her cultivation.

Her efforts allowed her to reach the realm of Basic Spirit Chef.

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The Spirit Chef was a very capital-intensive profession, the reason Huan Bei Ming chose to serve the royal family in the past was mainly because the royal family would be responsible for supplying him the ingredients. If not, with his individual wealth, it would have been very difficult for him to reach the Master Rank.

Spirit Energy Ingredients were not cheap, be it the purchase be made in silvers or spirit stones, it would be hard to be supplied with ingredients without the foundation and capital of a powerful family.

Huan Qing Yan was completely free of such worries, her dimension was filled with spirit energy food, allowing her to have ample capital. She was confident that if she had a few more months, she would definitely reach the realm of a High Spirit Chef.

This ancient bowl was truly awesome to the max. At the current rate, she could surely become a fair-skinned, rich beauty that was suitable to match and marry a tall, wealthy and handsome man…

After calculating the time, it was also time for her to leave the dimension.

The spirit chef selection that was announced should be around the corner, she must not miss this chance.

The Huan Family was currently in a precarious situation, she needs to show off some skills and get selected by that important guest. If she succeeds, then the Huan Family would have established another way out.

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