Chapter 111 – A True Spirit Master, It’s A True Spirit Master

Ji Mo Ya nodded his head, “Send someone to inform the royal family, it should be a flying bird-type demon since bird demon’s favorite foods are insects, snakes and rodents. Tell the royal family to make a public announcement to advise spirit masters with these type of spirit treasures to stay indoors as much as possible.”

Mo Wu acknowledged the orders and left.

“Young master, ants were seen within Imperial Censor Wang’s estate climbing over to the Huan Estate while ants often appear within the Huan Estate. In addition, the Young Mistress Huan having the ability to control ants makes her very suspicious. This subordinate suggests sending men and keep her on full surveillance, she might be linked to the Greater Demon.” Mo Liu who remained said.

Before Ji Mo Ya could speak, Mo Si suddenly popped out from somewhere and said, “Impossible!”

As he saw his Young Master’s calm gaze on him, Mo Si patted his chest and said, “Do you know why it is impossible, Mo Liu? If it is a Greater Demon, then it would never try to mess with our Young Master unless it has a problem with its intelligence. What is our Young Master’s realm? A True Spirit Master, it’s a True Spirit Master! Unless that Greater Demon is tired of living, it would never dare to take away our Young Master’s shoe and throw it inside the toilet pit…”

Just as Ji Mo Ya’s face darkened, Mo Si flattery immediately followed, “In addition, if Lady Huan is possessed by a Greater Demon, won’t our Young Master have detected it? Our Young Master even ate with Lady Huan today! A single man and woman stayed together for a long time within a tower, despite being a low rank spirit dish that at most provides 100 spirit energy points, our Young Master stayed to eat six bowls…”

“Bang!” With a whack, Mo Si flew out of the Time Consulate.

It was unknown how many streets he flew…

Mo Liu gave a silent prayer to Mo Si as he watched with his mouth shut.


Within a silent area of a mountain forest was a bamboo house with straw roof.

On the second level of the house was a white-haired elder with youthful looks, he was moving his hands as large amount of spirit energy gathered from his surroundings and directed to wrap around a weak looking young man nearby, it looked as though the spirit energy was steaming him…

The bamboo house was not any ordinary bamboo house, the whole building was within an exquisitely built Spirit Gathering Formation, if not, it would not be possible for a place with such high concentration of spirit energy to exist within the Hanging Cloud Empire.

The Spirit Gathering Formation would draw in all spirit energy within a fifty kilometers radius, gathering the energy for its user to use as he pleased.

After a long time, the elder stopped. His breath was calm but the young man who was within the spirit energy steam was panting roughly.

“Thank you, forefather.”

The elder sighed, “Yu’er, it’s unfortunate that Huan Bei Ming’s corpse was burnt else we might have found a method to remove the root of your illness.”

The young man’s figure was thin and sickly but his looks weren’t bad, one could see the charm within his pale and sickly face.

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“Who knew that lass from the Huan Family would have such a strong character, to decisively cremate it. However, there was indeed nothing within Huan Bei Ming’s ashes…”

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The elder shook his head, “Let’s not jump to conclusions temporarily, continue to keep a close watch on the people within the Huan Estate. See if Madam Huan or any of her children knew of these secrets, we might still have hope…”

However, the elder knew it was just a faint hope. If he were Huan Bei Ming, he would never tell another person about this secret of life and death because it would only lead them to their deaths.

The young man acknowledged.

And said, “It’s all because of that Greater Demon causing extra trouble. If he informed us about Huan Bei Ming’s body condition earlier, this grandchild would have summoned him to the palace before he died, making things easier for us.”

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