Chapter 110 – Beauty, Shall We Continue?

Bai Cheng Feng seemed to be very satisfied, it would be best if he could get some of his own people to be near Young Master Ya, it would provide him with a source of information.

As he was about to praise Imperial Eunuch Yao, a slender figure suddenly walked out from his bed chambers.

“My lord, you are talking about the spirit chef selection?” it was Huan Meng Yue who walked out.

Bai Cheng Feng explained about the royal announcement…

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Huan Meng Yue gave an alluring smile and said, “My Lord, Meng Yue wishes to participate too, do you think it is okay?

Bai Cheng Feng raised his brow, “You? You only just awakened your spirit treasure today and you can become a spirit chef?”

“Isn’t there a few more days? Meng Yue stayed in the Huan Estate since I was young and had been influenced by Imperial Chef Huan, Meng Yue might really be able to become a spirit chef… Meng Yue only wishes to share some of my Lord’s burden.”

“Haha, sure! As long as you are happy.” He treated her request as a willful coquetry and did not think much of it, so he agreed without pondering.

“Ok, Imperial Eunuch Yao, you have done well this time. This prince will remember this well, you can return now.”

Imperial Eunuch Yao happily left upon receiving Bai Cheng Feng’s praises.

Bai Cheng Feng went over to Huan Meng Yue and held her in his arms, “Beauty, shall we continue?”

Huan Meng Yue cheekily rejected, “My Lord, Meng Yue’s spirit treasure just awakened and had not attracted a star yet. I heard that my Lord’s estate has a Star Attraction Pond, I wonder if you would allow Meng Yue to attract one first before I accompany my Lord later tonight.”

It was unknown if Imperial Eunuch Yao’s visit had caused it, but his lust had been reduced greatly and was not as strong as before.

He lifted the beauty in his arms and brought her out, “Sure, let’s go. I am also interested at the beauty’s star talent.”

What Bai Cheng Feng failed to notice was that when he lifted Huan Meng Yue, the imprint on her wrist was actually glowing faintly.

The light of the glow was directly connected to the spirit treasure imprint on Bai Cheng Feng’s wrist…

However, he had no feeling at all.


Within the Time Consulate.

Mo Si was currently sniffing at his master’s body.

Ji Mo Ya waved his sleeves as a light repelling energy pushed Mo Si back more than a dozen meters, if Mo Si did not hold on to the door, he would have been pushed out into the courtyard.

“Master, why do you have the scent of Turkey Phoenix Bone on you? Let this subordinate make a guess… Did you discover that the corpses discovered within the mountain cave have been in a turkey pen?” Mo Si asked.

Ji Mo Ya’s brows twitched before he sent another slap of wind at Mo Si, causing him to fly out immediately.

Mo Wu and Mo Liu flew into the room through the windows and calmly reported the investigations they had done today.

“The identifications of all of them were different, some were commoners while some were nobles, some were locals while some were foreigners. All of them possessed an average of Five-Star level of cultivation while their age varies greatly with a mix of both men and women, there seems to be no similarities in common between the victims.”

Mo Wu was in charge of checking the identities of the victims with the Feather Guards, they had basically identified all the victims with only a small portion left as the rest were foreigners and hence would take more time. The Feather Guards were still outside performing the investigations and would return with their report when they were done.

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The Shadow Guard’s main responsibility was to ensure the safety of their young master, tedious tasks that required them to be exposed was best left to the Feather Guards to handle.

Ji Mo Ya was silent for a moment before saying, “What are the spirit treasure types of these people when they were alive?”

Mu Wu replied, “We are unsure about those that we have yet to identify but for the remaining majority that we did, some possessed snake type, some insect types, some rodent type, some…”

As Mo Wu spoke, his face suddenly hardened and said, “Young Master, the cases that happened earlier on were all rodent, snakes and insect spirit treasures too, can it be that…?”

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