Chapter 109 – Meng Yue Doesn’t Want It Anymore

“My Lord, please, Meng Yue doesn’t want it anymore…”

What came as a reply was an even fiercer attack from the man’s body, the pleas of the girl seemed to become hypnotic words of lust that came like a tsunami that buried the two people in tides of pleasure.

Bai Cheng Feng was reported by those old officials while the crown prince also used the opportunity to admonish him, this led to the emperor giving him a long scolding session followed by pulling him out from the investigation of the Heart Digging Murders and transferring it to the crown prince to handle. Lastly, he was to stay within his estate under house arrest.

He was thinking about Huan Meng Yue anyway and thought he might as well return to his estate. This led to a whole day of conjugal love with a beauty, the pleasures he enjoyed on the bed caused him to be unable to free himself from it.

He never would have expected that he would become so obsessed with this woman’s body to such a level. Ever since he was old enough to understand the matters between men and women, he had been served by many women before but none of them could make him enjoy adult pleasure to such unrestrained levels.

It was to the level that he was even willing to die on top of her if that happens.

Bai Cheng Feng could not remember how many times he did Huan Meng Yue, whenever he tried to force himself to stop after thinking that it was her first time and she was still young, that woman’s irresistible voice rang out and implied him to continue despite saying she had enough, causing the flames of lust within him to be reignited…

“Little Hussy, this lord might as well do you to death today.” Bai Cheng Feng roughly slapped her snow-white butt and continue another round of battle.

When suddenly, a voice came from outside to give a report.

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“My lord, Imperial Eunuch Yao has arrived.”

The lust within Bai Cheng Feng’s eyes immediately receded by more than half.

Imperial Eunuch Yao was his important helper within the palace, to come at this time must mean that it was something important, so he must meet him.

When he looked below at this woman’s naked body that was giving off a coquettish and flirtatious aura, heat began to rise again within him as he gave a rough grope at one of her peaks and said, “I will come back to deal with you later, Little Hussy.”

Huan Meng Yue reacted with a seductive moan, causing him to laugh out in joy before he dressed up and left the bedchamber.

He arrived at the outer hall.

Imperial Eunuch Yao was the same person who went to the Huan Estate to announce the imperial edict, after he instructed his men to bring Huan Jiu Li to the palace to stay, he brought the pot holding the Aged Soup to the Ninth Prince Estate.

“Imperial Eunuch Yao, why have you come?” Bai Cheng Feng asked, his hair was untidy and his face was still showing the afterglow of lust but he was not afraid to show it to the imperial eunuch.

Imperial Eunuch Yao gave a greeting before he said, “My lord… this servant just went to the Huan Estate to announce an imperial edict.”

And he reported everything that had happened.

“Oh? The Huan Estate gave up the Aged Soup to you so easily? Let this Lord have a look.”

When Bai Cheng Feng got the pot, he sniffed at it carefully.

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He could not smell anything special about it but it was indeed no different from the Huan Family’s Aged Soup that he had seen, the color varieties were the same too.

“Get some imperial chefs to inspect it and research on what makes the Huan Family’s Aged Soup so special… see if they can create dishes that boost the stamina attribute. Also, pay special attention to Huan Jiu Li and nurture his skills.”

“My lord, this servant had seen that lad and feels that he has rebellious intentions, it seems that his feelings for the Huan Family were very deep and would be hard to control.”

Bai Cheng Feng’s handsome face revealed a smile with a tinge of cruelty, “It is because of deep feelings that will make him easier to control. If he does not comply, we could use Huan Qing Yan or the Huan Family to threaten him, I would like to see if he will continue to resist or not when that happens.”


“Tomorrow the palace would be organizing the Spirit Chef selection for our important guest, have you prepared a list of female spirit chef candidates who are also good looking as I requested?” Bai Cheng Feng did not bother about the Aged Soup anymore and changed topics.

“My lord, we have found the candidates, they are all daughters of good families, some were Intermediate Spirit Chef but some aren’t. However, their looks are all outstanding…”

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