Chapter 108 – Ah… My Lord…

Madam Huan’s body was rigid, rage filled her heart as she wished to oppose. However, when she thought of Xing Han and the Huan Family, she dared not voice out her opinion.

The imperial eunuch was very pleased.

He never expected the task given to him today would proceed so smoothly, in case the Huan Family objected, he had arranged guards to surround the estate’s entrance and they were hidden on standby, if the Huan Family caused any ounce of disturbance, the guards would rush in immediately.

With that, even Huan Qing Yan’s little Three-Star spirit master strength ought to have no means to resist.

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It was good that the young lady of the Huan Family knew how to be tactful!

Well that Madam Huan on the other hand was as timid as a mouse, saving him some troubles.

“May you have a safe return trip my Lord, may the new Lord spirit chef have a safe trip too.” Huan Qing Yan stood up and courteously said.

Who knew that Huan Xing Han, who was being carried by a servant, suddenly shouted, “Bad man, taking my Brother Jiu Li away, taking our family’s things, you bad man!”

Huan Qing Yan was startled and knew that things would get troublesome now.

Of all her planning and calculations, she missed out the unstable factor of this little friend, Little Xing Han.

Even when the imperial eunuch had completed his task, he did not display any signs of leaving, this made her believe that he must be looking for an opportunity to do something.

As expected, the imperial eunuch angrily shouted, “Impudent! You dare tarnish the reputation of the royal family? Are all of you thinking of opposing the imperial decree?”

Madam Huan was flustered as she quickly went over to hug Xing Han and said, “My Lord, the child is still young and does not know matters of the adults, we absolutely do not have other intentions…”

The imperial eunuch ignored her pleas and said, “Our lord emperor had given instructions that if the members of the Huan Estate dared to maliciously resist the imperial decree, they would be stripped off their titles of: National Order King’s Estate, Madam Huan’s Lady National Order and Young Mistress Huan’s National Order Princess. From now on, your statuses will be commoners…”

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This was his most important task of coming here today, no matter if Huan Jiu Li was willing to become an Imperial Chef or not, he must find a reason to strip the Huan Family’s honorary title of kingship, this was to allow future plans to be executed smoothly.

The reincarnated girl’s angry voice appeared in the mind, “Does the royal family think that we care about those pathetic titles? They can have it for all we care…”

Huan Qing Yan’s heart was slightly sunken, the scenario she was most worried about still happened in the end.

She cannot blame Xing Han, even without his outburst, she was confident that the imperial eunuch would find some other reason to remove their titles today.

This incident only meant that their future road would be harder to travel.

Without the honorary titles, those clan relatives would quickly gather again.

However, since things have turned out this way, then they would just have to take things one step at a time.

Who’s afraid of them!

Huan Jiu Li’s face also darkened but he did not act as he saw the gaze of Huan Qing Yan directed at him to stay out of this.

“Indeed, the Lord had reprimanded well, it is indeed our family’s lack of education with Little Xing Han. The Huan Estate accepts our punishment and we thank the emperor’s graciousness, may you have a safe trip my Lord!”


Ninth Prince Estate.

Within the bedroom covered with luxurious displays and golden screens and curtains.

On top of a large bed covered by a translucent silk veil, two naked bodies could be seen tangling with each other while covered in sweat as they moved…

The sounds of soft careful moans could be heard coming out of the young girl’s mouth on the bed, it was tactful yet sweet and charming, expressing a mixed feeling of ecstasy and pain.

The girl’s body seemed so soft that it looked like she had no bones as she wrapped herself on the man’s body like vines, moving her body with the rhythm of the man’s movements, creating wave after wave of rise and fall.

The twin white peaks in front of her chest was glistened with fine sweat that gathered and rolled down her body. When the man saw the scene, flames of lust could be seen burning within his eyes, pushing him to continue moving without rest.

“My lord, please slow down. Meng Yue can’t take it anymore, please, ah… my Lord…”

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