Chapter 107 – Imperial Edict

“Ok, I will!”

A smile finally returned on Madam Huan’s face.

Huan Qing Yan had eaten food containing spirit energy before eating the ordinary food, this led to her appetite to diminish and she could only consume five bowls of rice before she could not eat anymore.

Just as she finished her meal, hurried footsteps came from outside.

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“An imperial edict has arrived! Members of the Huan Family come out to receive it.” A high-pitched voice of a palace eunuch came from outside.

Very quickly, a pale-faced beardless eunuch that was emitting some feminine air entered into the Huan Estate. Madam Huan and everyone within the building immediately stood up and went out in fluster to receive the imperial edict.

That included Huan Qing Yan.

What they saw was the imperial eunuch unrolling a yellow silk scroll and beginning to recite its contents.

“… The Family of National Order King had received great care from the royal family, although Imperial Chef Huan had passed away, he left us a disciple, Huan Jiu Li… The emperor is gracious and has specially bestowed Huan Jiu Li the title of Imperial Chef, he will bring the Huan Family’s Aged Soup into the palace with him and will stay within the palace from now on, serving the royal family…”

Huan Qing Yan thought immediately, the imperial edict had also arrived earlier than before.

The reincarnated girl’s voice appeared, “Peh, the royal family is truly shameless! What right do they have? How dare they have designs for Brother Jiu Li and ask him to enter the palace to serve the royal family? They are willing to pay a thousand spirit stones for the Intermediate spirit chef that they are recruiting, yet all they gave was a title to the Huan Family and they are demanding Huan Jiu Li to bring the Thousand-Year-Old soup over to the palace to serve them! Utterly shameless!”

“Hey, chill for now.”

Madam Huan was also stunned and felt extremely anxious.

Huan Jiu Li being called away by the royal family was fine but the Thousand-Year-Old Soup of the Huan Family was left behind for Huan Qing Yan and Huan Xing Han, it was the foundation of the Huan Family’s future. It could not be taken by anyone, even the royal family.

But the imperial edict was announced…

Just as she wanted to speak, she saw Huan Qing Yan give her a glance and stopped.

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Huan Qing Yan acted out an expression of happiness and said happily to the deputy housekeeper beside her in a loud voice, “What are you all waiting for? Quickly call Brother Jiu Li over to receive the edict. Earning the title of Imperial Chef is great news! Faster go!”

The deputy housekeeper hurriedly brought some servants with him to find Huan Jiu Li.

“My lord, Huan Jiu Li happens to be out at the moment and not within the Huan Estate, please wait for a while. Lord, please come in and allow us to serve you some quality tea.” Huan Qing Yan smiled and was very courteous to the imperial eunuch.

Since the person in question was not around and Huan Qing Yan was so courteous, the imperial eunuch could not find any reason not to.

He curled his lips as he entered the building and served himself the seat of the master without asking.

Madam Huan had a worried expression and also went in.

Huan Qing Yan was drinking tea with the imperial eunuch and happily asked, “My Lord, Huan Jiu Li is only an Intermediate spirit chef and has yet to learn the signature recipes of my father nor our Huan Family’s secret technique of adding stamina attribute into the dishes. Even if he is given the title of Imperial Chef, he could only create ordinary dishes, is our Emperor really giving him the title of Imperial Chef?”

“Will this imperial eunuch recite the edict wrongly?” the imperial eunuch unhappily said.

“Then that’s truly good, it is the good fortune of Brother Jiu Li. Brother Jiu is not a servant of our Huan Estate and does not have a servant contract, after my Papa passed away, he is allowed to leave the Huan Family to establish his own business. However, it is good for him too, with him becoming an Imperial Chef, Brother Jiu Li’s future would be bright!”

When the imperial eunuch heard her, he could not help but give her a few more glances.

Before he came, the Lord emperor was afraid the Huan Family would be unwilling to let Huan Jiu Li go but unexpectedly, this assignment became extremely smooth.

Very quickly, Huan Jiu Li was brought back to the Huan Estate.

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