Chapter 106 – Place Yourself Under The Scrutiny

“What big signboard?” Madam Huan asked.

“Just a large signboard, everyone was gathered around it, Sister Lou Zhu was worried that I will get hurt if I got close so she did not allow me to go see it.”

“Not bad, Xing Han performed well today and has spoken well. Come, let sister reward you with this fish.” Huan Qing Yan placed a small fish inside his bowl.

Lou Zhu, who was at Xing Han’s side, began to remove the fish bone within while adding on, “It was a notice released by the emperor today that caused so many to gather today.”

“Emperor’s notice?” Huan Qing Yan slightly frowned.

“Yes. It was told that a mysterious important person had visited our Hanging Cloud Empire and will be staying within the capital for a period of time. The royal family wishes to recruit a High Spirit Chef to serve that person, apparently the rewards for the hire is exceptionally good, one thousand spirit stones per month. It made many individuals develop a strong desire to apply, however, only Intermediate Spirit Chefs and above could apply, on top of that, there will be interviews and tests followed before you will get the chance to be in the final selection where that important person would personally make their choice…”

As Huan Qing Yan listened to the explanation, a memory given by the reincarnated girl began to surface.

In the last life, the royal family also put up a notice of recruitment for spirit chefs, many people were attracted by the one thousand spirit stone benefit.

The reincarnated girl and Huan Meng Yue also went but the reincarnated girl was not selected.

While Huan Meng Yue’s reputation soared due to this spirit chef selection test!

Although she was not selected by that mysterious person in the end nor did she even get to meet that important person face to face, Huan Meng Yue’s skills miraculously spread like wildfire, causing her name to spread far and wide.

“Lou Zhu, help me register for this…” Huan Qing Yan decided.

She would like to see firsthand at how skillful that Huan Meng Yue was that resulted in her reputation to spread so miraculously.

Lou Zhu was at a loss for words after hearing those words, “Eh?”

Madam Huan also stared wide-eyed and said, “Little Yan, you are a lady, why place yourself under the scrutiny of a recruitment selection…”

“Mother, someone who could make the royal family pay one thousand spirit stones a month and perform a wide recruitment for spirit master is definitely not an ordinary important person. It might be someone who possesses an authority even higher than the royal family. If I can get to know this person, it will surely benefit our Huan Family in our current situation.” Huan Qing Yan explained.

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On one hand, she was planning to observe Huan Meng Yue, she wanted to find out how Huan Meng Yue obtained the title: Goddess of Hanging Cloud Empire.

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On the other hand, the Huan Family’s current situation of being surrounded by enemies, their only support was her title of ‘Princess’ bestowed by the royal family but this was something that they couldn’t rely on totally because all it takes is a few confrontations with that trash, Bai Cheng Feng, and the royal family would do something to take away what they bestowed and cause the Huan Family to be in danger.

She needed some time to become strong, so it would be best if she could find another backing for herself.

When Madam Huan heard her explanation, her expression turned gloomy. “Little Yan, sorry for the burden placed on you. Your mother is useless and is unable to properly protect you two siblings. However, you had just learnt some spirit chef skills and are not proficient enough yet. They are looking for Intermediate spirit chefs at least…”

The atmosphere began to turn heavy but Huan Qing Yan replied quickly, “What are you saying, mother is just an ordinary person while Xiao Yan is a spirit master. It is Little Yan’s natural duty to protect my mother and little brother, so just leave it to Little Yan! Your daughter might not have reached the standards of an Intermediate spirit chef but your daughter has the ancient bowl as well as the recipes left behind by father and can create food that increases stamina. With how smart Little Yan is, don’t you believe I can do it?”

“I naturally will believe my Little Yan, Mama will also make delicious food for you. Come, let us eat Little Yan.” Madam Huan began to fill Huan Qing Yan’s bowl with food.

When Huan Xing Han saw that, he also cut in and said, “Mama, you are being biased, I want some too.”

“Here you go my little ancestor. When you grow up, you must also become as powerful as your sis so that you can help her share some of the burden, okay?”

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