Chapter 33 – Flower rain that fell from the sky

Wei Qiqi evaded Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian. Her heart is in a mess. Why will the Duke suddenly be so concerned towards her and even hugged her so tightly? Don’t tell me he has some special hobby…… Aiya, Qiqi felt goosebumps all over her body. This Duke with a temper, could he be gay?

Wei Qiqi gathered over a hundred soldiers together and started discussing.

The sky turned even darker. Qiqi brought the soldiers down the sand dune. The Xiongnu camp is still fully lit and is full of noises. Wei Qiqi suddenly raised her hands and stopped the soldiers. She remembered that history once noted that the Xiongnu are adept at infiltrating the sand. Because of this specialty, they have caused the Han army to suffer greatly.

In the big Xiongnu campground with such a sight, will they really just wait for the enemy troops to attack? Hence, there must be an ambush somewhere. If they really infiltrated the sand to ambush, if they walk closer a bit, then their lives will be gone.

Qiqi calculated the trajectory, this distance should be enough. She ordered the soldiers to prone down and shouted “Release!”

Following the order, the fire is lit. Countless beautiful bombs appeared in the sky, carrying a ‘chi-chi’ sound and flew towards the Xiongnu campground. The bombs flew at a very fast speed and looks magnificent.

Explosions started to happen at the place where the bombs landed. The shrieks and cries were incessant. The Xiongnu campground started to panic, and was stunned by the flower rain that descended from the skies. Who knows that behind the flower rain is an extremely damaging explosion.

Wei Qiqi lauged loudly. “Get ready the second batch! Fire!”

The second batch of bombs flew up, and speedily rushed towards the Xiongnu campground. Qiqi knew that she succeeded again and involuntarily jumped excitedly. She clapped her hands. Her proud face was illuminated by the bombs in the air which exposed her position. The sand began to broil, and started rushing over.

Liu Zhong Tian looked at the sky with a stunned expression. This is exactly like a sky full of flower rain. Wei Qiqi this woman, he could no longer stop her. In the war with the Xiongnu, he captured a female general, a magical woman who is only aged seventeen.

Liu Zhong Tian waved the sword in his hand. The Great Han soldiers rushed down immediately in a mighty manner, like a huge wave rolling, stirring a crazy wave in the desert.

Wei Qiqi felt the sand in front of her rumbling. She knows in her heart that it is not something good, and it really is guessed correctly by her. “Quickly retreat, on your horses!” She doesn’t want these soldiers to lose their lives for nothing.

Who knows, those Xiongnu within the rumbling moving sand had targeted her, the weak and skinny general who commanded the flower rain bombs. Qiqi felt a wave of flying sand rushing towards her. The sword in her hand flew out, and a golden light flashed in front of her. Her right chest felt a sharp pain and her whole body flew backwards.

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Wei Qiqi knows that this time around she is really finished. She really hopes that she can see the colourful halo, and bring it to leave the battlefield in a speedy manner. However, she did not get surrounded by a halo, and there is no reality shifting. Instead, she fell into the embrace of a person. She saw Liu Zhong Tian’s concerned expression, then blacked out, not knowing anything else.

Liu Zhong Tian defeated the endless waves of Xiongnu within the rumbling sand. The person in his arms has already fallen unconscious. The Xiongnu campground is in a mess, and there were screams everywhere. Very quickly the Great Han army occupied the Xiongnu campground! Victory has been attained.

Liu Zhong Tian strode in big steps and carried Qiqi into the Xiongnu tent, and put her down on the Xiongnu mattress. When he realized that Qiqi’s chest has some blood red marks, and the blood has seeped through the clothes, he felt some aching in his heart. The important thing now is to stop the bleeding, if not Wei Qiqi will die.

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To save Qiqi, he couldn’t care less. Even though it is not acceptable for man and woman to be so close to each other, but he cannot look idly at her dying. He stripped open Qiqi’s front clothes. The scene inside instantaneously revealed itself. Liu Zhong Tian felt a suffocating feeling attacking him. He immediately closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. Then he calmed himself down and opened his eyes.

“Qiqi, it is not that I am intentionally offending you, however I have really no choice! Nothing can happen to you!”

When Liu Zhong Tian saw clearly the sword wound, his face instantly paled, and cold sweat kept running. There was poison on the sword, the skin surrounding the wound has already turned into a faint green colour. Looks like the Xiongnu really wants her dead.

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