Chapter 34 – Helping you to suck the poison out

At this moment, there are footsteps approaching from behind. Liu Zhong Tian quickly used the carpet to cover Qiqi. When he turned around, he saw General Chi who appears to have heavy matters in his heart.

“Duke, what happened to General Qi?”

“He got poisoned!”

“This, what do we do with this? Even though I have already called the campground to move over here, the army doctor will take at least two days before he can arrive! General Qi’s life will not be in danger yes?” General Chi furiously waved his fists. Although they have scored a big victory, if they lose Wei Qiqi, it will be a very heavy loss.

“I will not let him die!” Liu Zhong Tian said coldly. He shifted his gaze onto Qiqi’s body. No matter the case, he has to save Wei Qiqi.

“Let me look at General Qi’s injuries!” General Chi walked up. Liu Zhong Tian immediately stopped him, revealing a nervous expression.

“I have already seen it. General, you should go out and look at how the army has settled down. We just made this our campground, so there are definitely a lot of things that need arranging. I will entrust the outside to you General. If there is nothing else don’t call others to come and disturb General Qi!”

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General Chi knows that even if he sees the injury, he won’t be able to help so he responded and retreated.

Liu Zhong Tian uncovered Qiqi’s blankets, and stooped his head low to carefully observe the wound. The poisonous blood must be sucked out. If it continues to spread, there will be no hope.

“I am going to help you suck out the poisonous blood. If you do not make any sound, I will treat it as you do not mind……”

Qiqi is unconscious, so how can she open her mouth to speak? Liu Zhong Tian laid his body over her’s. When his lips touched Qiqi’s skin, he felt the blood in his body boil. He firmly closed his eyes, afraid that his thoughts will run wild. When the first mouthful of poisonous blood is sucked out, he opened his eyes, nearly swallowing the blood when he saw Qiqi’s body.

Liu Zhong Tian is a bit furious at his own attitude. At this moment, he should be calm, but why does he have thoughts of man and woman? Wei Qiqi is so ugly she won’t attract his attention. Don’t tell me that I cannot control myself in front of a woman? But other than her perfect body frame, what else is there?

Liu Zhong Tian felt that his own mouth had become numb. He only let out a long breath of relief when he finally sucked finish and the blood became red. He used clear water to wash the wound, and applied some medicinal powder before bandaging the wound. He lightly used the carpet to cover Qiqi. However, his heart is still unable to calm down.

When the sky is getting bright, Liu Zhong Tian heard Qiqi’s moaning. He immediately walked over from his table. Qiqi’s forehead is filled with perspiration and both her cheeks are flushed red in extreme discomfort.

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“Qiqi, how are you?” Liu Zhong Tian extended his hand and gently placed it on Qiqi’s forehead. He involuntarily became worried. Wei Qiqi is having a fever and it must be because of the infection caused by the wound. She has to consume medicine, if not, her life will be in danger.

Liu Zhong Tian quickly called over a soldier and ordered him that no matter what he has to find medicine that can reduce fever and stop the inflammations within the Xiongnu campground.

A moment later, a soldier ran in sweating. Due to the Xiongnu campground being set on fire, there is nothing much left. He only found a little anti-inflammatory herbs and got people to grind it into powder and sent over.

Liu Zhong Tian dismissed the soldier. When he saw this little life-saving powder, he walked to Qiqi’s front, and gently applied it on the wound. The rest can only be left up to fate. Hopefully the Great Han medical doctor arrives quickly.

Liu Zhong Tian carried Qiqi and let her snuggle in his embrace. In the many years he spent doing expeditions, he has never felt fear. Yet this is the first time he felt scared. He is scared that Wei Qiqi will die just like this. He felt as if he is being torn from the inside. Could it be that he has fallen for this ugly seventeen year old girl?

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