Chapter 35 – Torture in the body and heart

“Cold……Cold……” Qiqi mumbled. Liu Zhong Tian used both arms to hug her, hoping that this will allow her to feel some warmth. However, this kind of intimate touching also allowed Liu Zhong Tian to feel comfortable. Suddenly his mind produced a certain kind of impulse. He really wishes to hug this woman like this, for eternity.

“Dad……Grandpa……” tears rolled off the corner of Qiqi’s eyes. Due to the high fever, she has started to hallucinate. She buried her head in Liu Zhong Tian’s neck. “Hug me…… so cold……I want to go home, bring me home……”

Liu Zhong Tian hesitated. He doesn’t know how to make her feel more warm. Hence he untied his own clothes and brought Qiqi’s smooth body to press against his skin. He then used the clothes to drape over her. The woman in his embrace seemed to feel some warmth and no longer mumbled, falling into deep sleep. The two people tightly hugged each other.

Liu Zhong Tian’s heart beated strongly. He forcefully suppressed the burning desires in his heart and tried his best to let his thoughts drift around. When he thought of those women who sent themselves flying into his embrace, it didn’t cause such a huge wave. If Qiqi wasn’t injured, he would definitely make her his woman.

The good thing about this Xiongnu tent is that it has a screen cover to cover the view. If not, they would have been discovered by the soldiers, then no matter how much he explains, it will be of no use. Liu Zhong Tian ordered those soldiers bringing food to put the meals on the other side of the screen cover. The soldiers that were here to visit General Qi were all blocked by the soldiers at the entrance.

Apart from feeding Qiqi with water to drink and simple food, he had been hugging her and providing her with warmth, taking care of all her needs. These days were not only is torturous for Wei Qiqi, Liu Zhong Tian is also tortured in the body and mind. There is not one moment where he could let his emotions stabilize and calm down. His imaginations towards Wei Qiqi only proliferated.

The medical doctor finally arrived but Wei Qiqi still hasn’t woke up.

Wu Zhongyi also followed here. With the winning of the war, he has no reason not to come and admire the scenery of the desert. Of course he has to fulfill the duties as the supervisor.

However, Wu Zhongyi didn’t get a chance to see the Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian. The Duke’s tent only allows the medical doctor to enter inside. What happened exactly? Wu Zhongyi started to get suspicious.

Why did the Third Duke reject all the people outside of the tent? Wu Zhongyi remained outside of the big tent and refused to leave. Third Duke must be up to something. The best is if there is anything detrimental to the Third Duke. This way he can go back and report back to the Emperor.

When Liu Zhong Tian looked at the army doctor as if he saw a saviour. “General Qi has been unconscious all along and is running a fever. You must save him!”

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“Let me look at the wound!” the army doctor walked to the front of Qiqi.

“No!” Liu Zhong Tian fiercely stopped him.

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The army doctor doesn’t dare to disobey the Duke’s orders. He stood there shivering and looked at the Third Duke as he was put in a difficult position. “Duke, if I don’t see the wound, how can I treat this? I won’t even know what kind of poison! Although the intensity of the poison is reduced, but looking from the skin color, there is still a remnant of the poison!”

“This!” Liu Zhong Tian brought the army doctor over to one side. “Is there any other way to check?”

“The poison can go through the blood, however if I want to treat the wound I will have to see the wound. Duke, we are all men, what is there to be afraid of?”

Liu Zhong Tian is feeling really helpless. “I will tell you now, if you dare to spread it to the outside, I will definitely chop your head off!”

The army doctor is scared till color in his face is lost. His whole body shivered. “I won’t dare to!”

“General Qi, she……. is a woman!”

“Ah! Duke!” the army doctor knelt down. “I cannot treat this, my head will drop off! Have mercy on me Duke!”

“If you don’t treat, then I will chop off your head now and let you accompany General Qi on the road to hell!” Liu Zhong Tian drew his sword. The army doctor is scared till he dropped down sitting on the floor. Looks like he has to treat her this time round.

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