Chapter 32 – I have a secret weapon

After the army marched on for 2 days, they finally reached the vicinity of the Xiongnu campground before nightfall. Qiqi hid behind the sand dune and cast her gaze in front. The Xiongnu campground is very big, with numerous torches. Xiongnu in battle armor could be seen everywhere. Looks like the Xiongnu are prepared, who knows whether there is a chance in this head-on collision.

“Nightfall, I will bring the soldiers and rush forward. General Qi will settle the back!” Liu Zhong Tian’s voice rang out.

Qiqi turned around and came into contact with Liu Zhong Tian’s concerned gaze. She immediately avoided him and continued looking forward.

“You are the Duke, nothing can happen to you, I will go! What more I have a secret weapon!”

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“Here what I say is the final decision!”

“The legs are grown on my body, what you say doesn’t count!”

“What you are doing here is disobeying military orders!”

“Then chop off my head now?” Wei Qiqi proned down on the sand and purposefully raised her head high. She doesn’t believe that Liu Zhong Tian dares to kill her immediately.

“Wei Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian furiously pressed against her head and forcefully pushed it down, burying her face in the sand. By the time she raised her head, Liu Zhong Tian has already left. Damn it. Qiqi’s face and mouth are full of sand. She angrily removed the sand on her face and looked behind. Liu Zhong Tian is currently discussing something with General Chi. He must be giving orders, and she doesn’t have any part in it.

Qiqi sneakily ran over and pleadingly said, “Use my secret weapon first!”

“Secret weapon?” General Chi and Liu Zhong Tian were stunned.

Qiqi took out from her body a black-colored palm-sized strange thing. “From how I see it, the Xiongnu are prepared. If we go on a head-on collision, we will suffer the disadvantage. We should use this to burn them first, after it gets chaotic then we rush forward! Hence the Duke should stay behind first, let me go forward!”

General Chi looked at Qiqi with concern, and doubtfully said “Do you have the confidence? If you fail, and in such proximity, you will lose your life!”

“I don’t care about my life, just a rotten life! If I die maybe a miracle will occur!” Qiqi said with regret. If she dies on the battlefield, will she time travel and bring her corpse back to the modern society? Pei pei, it is best if an alive person is sent back.
[TL: Pei pei means spitting, a form of guarding against bad luck]

“You have the confidence?” General Chi did not trust, if she fails, they will possibly lose the chance, and attract the retaliation of the Xiongnu.

“I have the utmost confidence, didn’t I succeed the last time? Don’t tell me the old general doesn’t trust me?”

“Of course not!” General Chi nodded his head. He admires Qiqi’s bravery greatly. As the general, one should be like Wei Qiqi, braving forward. Hence, he found an extremely good general.

Qiqi happily turned around and wanted to leave, but her wrists were grabbed by Liu Zhong Tian.

“Let the soldiers go!”

“Of course there is a need for soldiers, about a hundred plus, I can’t put all by myself”

“I am saying, you don’t go!” Liu Zhong Tian held Qiqi into his embrace, Wei Qiqi was hugged in an instance.

Wei Qiqi’s heart moved, her face flushed red instantly. Liu Zhong Tian’s voice is abnormally soft, not like the cold-hearted Third Duke.

“I am not at ease!”

“I have to go, the timing is very important……” Qiqi’s head drooped down.

“Qiqi, I don’t wish for anything to happen to you……”

“If I die, maybe there will be release!”

“Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian tightly hugged her “Come back safely. If you don’t come back within 1 hour, I will go and look for you!”

“Duke……” Qiqi looked at him strangely. When she saw that he has an expression that is full of worry, she hurriedly jumped away. “I Wei Qiqi has a tough life, I won’t die so easily!”

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