Chapter 31 – I am the Right General

The second day, the troops set off equipped. Liu Zhong Tian didn’t see Qiqi, hence he thought that it was weird. Could she be scared? Women are women, to be timid is a woman’s nature.

Because they are entering the desert, they cannot ride the horses to progress. Liu Zhong Tian chose light armor. He walked in big strides into the troops, and carefully observed these soldiers who are about to enter the desert. Suddenly he saw a soldier lowering his head, and avoiding his gaze. Liu Zhong Tian saw that small stature of that soldier and knows that Wei Qiqi is messing around again.

“Come out!” Liu Zhong Tian walked over.

Qiqi frowned and walked out. She raised her head with dissatisfaction and looked at Liu Zhong Tian. “I must go! I am the Right General.”

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“Leave immediately, if not, I will order people to drag you back!” Liu Zhong Tian spoke to her ears softly.

Qiqi curled her lips. “You are really not intending to bring me along?”


“Alright, then you all shall walk your own paths, I will enter the desert myself later!”

“No, that is even more dangerous.” Liu Zhong Tian frowned.

“Bring me along?”

“Wei Qiqi!”

“Bring me along, or let me be by myself?” Wei Qiqi looked Liu Zhong Tian without any signs of weakness. She guessed that he will definitely not let herself enter the desert alone. Liu Zhong Tian’s frustrated expression shows that he felt very helpless.

“Set off!” Liu Zhong Tian coldly turned around and loudly ordered. Thereafter he walked out in big strides.

Wei Qiqi covered her mouth and laughed. She patted the bottle on her side, and happily set off with the troops.

The troops walked with great difficulty in the desert. Wei Qiqi then realized that this is not a plaything. With the sun rising high in the sky, and a thirst that is difficult to bear, she continually drank water. Very quickly a bottle of hers dried up. A good thing was that she prepared a lot. However, if she continues walking like this, she will tire herself to death. How long more before she reaches? It will be good if there is a helicopter as she will be able to arrive immediately, hence not needing to inch her way forward step by step.

Why are they not resting? This damned Third Duke. This kind of heat will cause a person to tire to death.

“How? I told you to stay in the big tent, but you insisted on coming. You are not holding on?” Liu Zhong Tian walked to her side, he looks very tired as well.

“Rest a while! Duke, the sun is too poisonous!” Qiqi pouted her lips, with her hands covering her face.

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“No, we must reach by the appointed time, if not when the news leak, we will be at a disadvantage in the desert!”

“If we continue like this, a lot of soldiers will get heatstroke.”

“We have no choice, before the sun sets we must definitely raze the Xiongnu campground!” Liu Zhong Tian touched the sweat on his face and touched his waist. He already drank finish all his water, and involuntarily frowned. Looks like he will have to thirst for the next few hours.

“Give you!” Qiqi took down one bottle and passed it to him.

“What about yourself?”

“I have many!” Qiqi excitedly turned her body in circles. Liu Zhong Tian realized her waist is full of bottles, even when she reached the Xiongnu campground she would not have finished drinking. Didn’t she feel that they were heavy? No wonder she had so much difficulty walking!

“Give all to me, I will hold in. When drinking water I will pass it to you!” Liu Zhong Tian extended his hands to untie the bottles on Qiqi and vested it on his own waist.

Wei Qiqi looked at Liu Zhong Tian with shock. When did he become so kind-hearted, he even helped her to lighten the burden. However, the feeling of not having the heavy bottles is great. Qiqi felt that it is much easier to walk and not as tiring anymore.

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