Chapter 30 – Women must receive the protection of men

Qiqi followed closely behind. Liu Zhong Tian walks really quickly and Qiqi can only follow by running in small steps until they entered the Duke’s tent. Liu Zhong Tian stopped. “I really regret making you the Deputy Right General, now your tail has wagged until it reached the heavens!”

“There is no child’s play in the army, I didn’t commit any error, hence there is no use even if you regret. I want to go to the desert!”

“I am the Duke, whatever I say counts, there is no room for your nonsense! You best not make any errors. If not, I will dispose of you this general!” Liu Zhong Tian sat down and pointed at his shoulder. “Help me to massage for a while!”

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Qiqi opened her eyes wide, and furiously said “I am not going to massage!”

“What did you say?”

“I said I don’t wish to serve you! Irritating Duke!”

Qiqi’s face was full of fury, her head didn’t even turn when she ran out of the big tent.

Liu Zhong Tian furiously looked at the back of Qiqi. This woman’s temper is really strange, however, he will not let her go to the desert. As a man, he definitely cannot allow a woman to run into the frontlines. A woman must receive a man’s protection.

A soldier hurriedly ran in. “Reporting to the Duke, Supervisor Wu has reached!”

“Supervisor?” Liu Zhong Tian stood up. Looks like the Emperor is giving him trouble again, to think that he found Wu Zhongyi to be the Supervisor. He clearly knows that the person the Third Duke dislikes the most is Wu Zhongyi, yet he purposely sent him here to supervise him. Looks like the fight between him and the Emperor hasn’t stopped because of the war with the Xiongnu.

“Where is he?”

“He already entered the military camp!”

Third Duke laughed coldly, sat down and picked up a wooden scroll to read. He has a haughty and arrogant look. Will the Third Duke still be afraid of Wu Zhongyi?

“Supervisor Wu has reached!” The soldier outside the tent loudly reported.

Wu Zhongyi brought his followers and entered while laughing. “Third Duke, Zhongyi gives his greetings here.”

“Wu Zhongyi, Emperor brother has called you at a very appropriate timing!” Liu Zhong Tian used his sharp gaze to size up Wu Zhongyi. Wu Zhongyi suspiciously touched his head. It is said that the Third Duke is very hard to deal with, now he has experienced it for himself. What did he mean by saying those words?

Liu Zhong Tian put down the scroll. “Tomorrow the army is going into the desert. Supervisor Wu has rushed for an opportune moment, you can enter the desert with me and fight together.”

Wu Zhongyi scratched his head. Enter the desert? Isn’t it the same as sending oneself to die? Hence he immediately smiled. “Third Duke, you must be jesting. I am only a civil official, wouldn’t I drag others down if I go to the desert?”

“Supervisor Wu must be afraid of becoming a dried corpse in the desert?”

“Third, Third Duke……” Wu Zhongyi began to stutter. He got checkmated the moment he came. He began to wipe away his sweat.

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“Even if you want to go, I will not let you go. I do not have so much energy to take care of extra people.” Liu Zhong Tian really felt like laughing loudly. Emperor brother didn’t send over a military official. He noticed Wu Zhongyi’s cunningness, hence decided to make things difficult for him. When dealing with this kind of cunning characters, Liu Zhong Tian will not be soft-hearted.

“That is great.” Wu Zhongyi laughed embarrassingly. “The news of Duke fighting the Xiongnu has been repeated many times. The Emperor is extremely happy, and specially ordered me to bring 100 jars of wine to reward the three armies!”

Wu Zhongyi was speaking in high spirits when Qiqi suddenly crashed in, perspiring profusely. When she realized that Wu Zhongyi was in the big tent, the words she was about to say out was immediately kept to herself. Who is this fellow? Looks like he dropped down from the sky.

“This is?” Wu Zhongyi sized her up and down. He seems a little foreign and is wearing the armor of a general. He looks very young and extremely hideous. He immediately started to doubt.

“I am Wei Qiqi, the newly conferred Deputy Right General!” Qiqi took the initiative to report her name and title with a domineering look.

Liu Zhong Tian distressingly pinched his forehead. Looks like the matter that Qiqi has become a general can no longer be hidden. Things will only become more ridiculous. If the news spread to the Emperor, and knows that she is a woman, there will be a lot of trouble.

“So it is a new general, why didn’t I hear it from the Duke? Such an important matter should be reported to the Emperor. When we return in victory, we can talk about the merits and mete out the rewards.” Wu Zhongyi said with a look of righteousness.

Liu Zhong Tian used his eyes to stare at Wei Qiqi. Qiqi doesn’t understand why the Third Duke gave such an expression. What wrong did she commit this time? Hence she extended her tongue, and quietly retreated.

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