Chapter 29 – Addicted to being a general

Liu Zhong Tian knew that he had made the greatest mistake of his life. However, he let his wrong go further and further. He made a woman into a general. However, this Wei Qiqi is simply born to be a female general. During the time spent training within the desert, this woman has brought soldiers into and out of the desert, bravely forward. She is obviously not afraid of heaven and earth.

He turned around and looked at the big tent. He doesn’t know how long he can keep this secret. It will have to depend on him, the Third Duke, to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. This ugly woman, can be described as extremely hideous.

If unfortunately, someone discovers that she is a woman, it is not that there is no solution to rescue her. He can just marry her. When he thought about that, Liu Zhong Tian repeatedly shook his head. That is firmly impossible. A Third Duke like him marrying an ugly woman, won’t he become the joke of the Great Han? Are all the women extinct? That is why it is best to conceal this matter. When the war is over, she should leave immediately.

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The desert training is still arduously ongoing. The soldiers have also seemed to slowly adapt. When Liu Zhong Tian appeared at the parade square, he saw Wei Qiqi explaining something to the soldiers. Liu Zhong Tian stopped a soldier who was hurrying forward.

“What is General Qi talking about?”

“She is introducing to us the survival principles in the desert and how to protect oneself under the strenuous conditions. The things that General Qi know is a lot!” After the soldier spoke, he anxiously ran over.

“Survival principles in the desert?” Liu Zhong Tian’s heart was filled with doubts as he walked forward and squeezed together with the soldiers to listen.

Wei Qiqi loudly spoke “To survive in the desert, it depends on three interlocking factors: the surrounding temperature, amount of activity and the capacity of drinking water. Do not fight with the desert, but instead adapt to it. If you get lost unfortunately, then you must take note of the few points……”

Qiqi raised her head and saw Liu Zhong Tian. She immediately shut her mouth, and her expression became somewhat unnatural.

Liu Zhong Tian approvingly smiled. “Continue speaking, not bad!”

Wei Qiqi made an ugly face towards him and continued speaking in a colorful manner.

“If you get lost, you must travel at night and look for places to rest. The bottle-shaped cactus holds the most water. You just need to squeeze it to drink to your heart’s content. You must look for water sources as much as possible. Due to the way light bends in the desert, mirages may be produced. It is not real, hence you must wait till the sun is down before looking again. If the scene still exists then it is real. A typical mirage only lasts for a few hours before disappearing……”

After Wei Qiqi spoke finish, everybody started clapping. Qiqi waved her hands. “Disband and go back to rest. In the afternoon we will continue getting used to the desert.”

“Looks like you intend to bring the soldiers into the desert to attack the Xiongnu?” Liu Zhong Tian admiringly looked at Qiqi. How does this mysterious ugly woman know so much?

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“Correct! I want to charge into the desert. That must be very exciting and interesting, just like going on an adventure!”

“From how I see it, you must be addicted to being a general!” Liu Zhong Tian laughed coldly. “We are attacking in one fell swoop this time. I hope that you can stay here and not enter into the desert!”

“Why?”, Qiqi stared with her eyes wide open. There is no one more suited to entering the desert. The wilderness survival classes has finally found its usage. Why should she not go? Furthermore she is already a general, the Deputy Right General. Is it just a fake title?

“I think I made a mistake, hence I will not let you go. The battlefield is very dangerous!”

Liu Zhong Tian avoided her eyes and walked back in big strides. Qiqi is very dissatisfied and followed behind.

“Dangerous, anybody that goes will meet danger. I am not afraid!”

Liu Zhong Tian no longer bothered about her. Qiqi then continued pestering him until they entered the big tent. She looked at the emotionless expression on Liu Zhong Tian and she could not endure it. “Liu Zhong Tian!”

Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian suddenly turned around, and grabbed Qiqi’s collar. “If you wish to die, I can fulfill your wish right now!”

“Why? I do not wish to die!”

“Even men couldn’t endure it in the desert. What more you are……” Liu Zhong Tian stopped and immediately released Qiqi. Turning around, he walked towards the big tent, no longer speaking.

“Hey! Wait!”

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