Chapter 28 – So the ugly general is a woman

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Wei Qiqi got nervous. Things have gotten out of hand. How is she going to say that she is a woman? Hence she extended her hands and wanted to protest. However the wine is too strong. The moment she stood up, she swayed to and fro before falling down. She became drunk until she turned unconsciousness. As she passed out, she didn’t get to protest and thus legitimately became the General Qi within the military camp.

Wei Qiqi was carried by Liu Zhong Tian back into the big tent. Due to the turn of events of the war, Liu Zhong Tian drank a lot as well. He felt dizzy and for some unknown reason after seeing the passionate rock and roll dance by Wei Qiqi, he felt blood boiling inside of himself. He hugged Qiqi and with no hesitation, brought Qiqi to his own bed. He softly touched Wei Qiqi’s white and tiny hands.

The more Liu Zhong Tian come into contact with Qiqi’s skin, the harder it is to control his own heart. He actually has lewd thoughts. He furiously let go of Wei Qiqi’s hands and viciously hit the bed before turning around and leaving.

Liu Zhong Tian exited the big tent and looked at the stars in the sky. He unknowingly sighed. Does he Liu Zhong Tian really need a woman?

He thought of the Ning Yun Er who has been staying at his own mansion, waiting to marry her when he comes back victorious. She is gentle and beautiful, a woman made of water. Everytime he sees her, he can see the gentleness in Ning Yun Er’s eyes. That is a woman. The one lying on his bed is a man, could Liu Zhong Tian be crazy?

And there is the devoted Concubine Hanyu, the emperor’s favorite concubine. All along she has been trying to throw herself into his arms. The emperor nearly killed him with one sword because of this. Hence the enmity between the two brothers only deepened and manifested. This is the reason why he would rather go on an expedition and unwilling to stay within the mansion.

If Wei Qiqi is really a woman, compared to those beautiful women, there is still a big gap. Why will he have such hallucinations? Liu Zhong Tian is a Duke, a man, no matter what the hardships are, he has no fear. Why will he fall into the hands of a tiny Wei Qiqi? What more a man?

Liu Zhong Tian heard the sounds within the big tent and immediately walked in. Wei Qiqi has never drank such strong liquor before, thus she uncontrollably vomited onto the clothes and the bed.

Liu Zhong Tian looked at her furiously. Had he known that she has such low tolerance, then he shouldn’t have let him drink that strong liquor. Liu Zhong Tian lifted Wei Qiqi up and threw the dirty bedsheets on the floor.

He realized that Wei Qiqi’s clothes has vomit as well and got angry. This fella, does he want the Duke to serve him? Liu Zhong Tian held her with one hand, and used the other hand to speedily remove her clothes, then threw it out angrily. When he turned around to look at Wei Qiqi, he got shocked……

The person in his arms is a woman…… glistening neck and shoulders. A white cloth is firmly wrapped around her protruding chest. The mesmerizing waistline, the sexy and smooth arms, and the fingers. Liu Zhong Tian hurriedly put down Qiqi and pulled a bedsheet to cover her body. He clumsily turned around and moved to the front of the bookshelf. His heart can no longer remain calm, she is actually a real woman……

Preposterous, this is preposterous. Liu Zhong Tian has just conferred her as the Deputy Right General. If the military camp and imperial court knows that she is a woman, she will definitely invite trouble and will have a hard time escaping from death. This conferment has pushed a lady to the brunt of the wave, becoming a lamb that is waiting to be slaughtered.

However, Wei Qiqi being a woman made Liu Zhong Tian relieved somewhat. So those desires and impulses of his are not without reason. All his doubts have been answered. However how is he going to deal with this troublesome woman, his General Qi?

Liu Zhong Tian resignedly walked back and picked up the clothes. He looked at Wei Qiqi. He must help her wear back the clothes. This secret only he can know about it. Everything must remain as status quo. Furthermore, he cannot let Qiqi know that he already knows that she is a woman. If not it will be extremely awkward between the two.

Liu Zhong Tian pulled away the bed sheet. When his hands touched Wei Qiqi, a strong desire came up from his dantian (Editor note:little brother). His heart instantly became unsteady. He uncontrollably put his hands on Qiqi’s naked skin. His thoughts became wild. Liu Zhong Tian’s side has lots of women, however to see such smooth skin, he has never seen it before.

Wei Qiqi extended her arms, and latched onto Liu Zhong Tian’s neck. Liu Zhong Tian was as if he got electrocuted and he stood up. He grabbed the clothes and speedily put it on for Wei Qiqi walking out of the big tent in wide strides.

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