Chapter 27 – Duke confers me as General Qi

A few soldiers couldn’t resist jumping onto the platform and started surrounding Wei Qiqi. They danced in the circle and cried out “Great!” while holding the wine bowls.

Liu Zhong Tian’s eyes followed Wei Qiqi closely. He lifted the wine bowl and started drinking. His heart arose a kind of warm feeling. The Wei Qiqi that is spinning and dancing by the bonfire is like a dream swirling in his thoughts, she really is mesmerizing……

Wei Qiqi sang finish her song and she threw away the bone. She started dancing excitedly and returned happily to her seat. She was thirsty, hence she drank from the wine bowl. The spicy sensation caused her to spit out the wine and wagged her tongue. She looked at Liu Zhong Tian with a pitiful expression, “What is this?”


“It is so spicy and hard to drink. I want to drink water!”

She looked around on all fours with a painful expression on her face. Why is the Great Han wine so hard to drink? Oh my God, my mouth is burning with fire.

Liu Zhong Tian thinks that Wei Qiqi is extremely comical. Why will a little wine cause him to suffer to this extent? He is behaving exactly like a woman. He dished out a bowl of water to Wei Qiqi, “Water! Drink!”

Qiqi sniffed, it seems like water. She drank it in big gulps and hadn’t recovered her breath when Deputy Liu came over.

“Deputy Wei! Let me toast a drink to you! I really respect you!” Deputy Liu held up his wine bowl and was shaking to and fro. One look and one can tell that he drank a lot.

“I am not drinking, it is too hard to drink!” Qiqi snuffed her nose.

“Which man doesn’t drink wine? Drink.! If you don’t drink ,I will pour it into your mouth!”

Deputy Liu came up and pinched Qiqi’s jaw. “Don’t act like a woman!”

After speaking finish he really poured the wine into Wei Qiqi’s mouth. The soldiers started laughing loudly.

“That is right, men should be like that!” Deputy Liu faced all the soldiers and shouted. “Deputy Wei has given a great contribution, preventing us from losing our lives, and pushed back the Xiongnu army in one big fell swoop. Shouldn’t he deserve a reward!”


“Deputy Wei! Tell the Duke what reward you want. A government position or beauties?”

Due to Qiqi drinking that wine just now, her face is now flushing red. She can’t even breathe properly. It took her half a day before she recovered her breath. She was coughing nonstop and unable to speak. Her eyes are watery and effusing tears due to the hotness of the wine. Deputy Liu shouted out in a loud voice.

“Deputy Wei is still young in age and doesn’t know the affairs of women. It should thus be government title isn’t it?”

“Yes!” The soldiers cried in unison.

Even though Wei Qiqi couldn’t speak out, she can still hear clearly. She thinks that currently it is not bad and she doesn’t want to mention it again for it may cause her head to be chopped off. She pulled on Deputy Liu’s clothes, however, Deputy Liu doesn’t care about her at all.

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Deputy Liu walked to the front of the Duke and knelt down. “Duke, Deputy Wei saved our camp many times, by right he should be conferred a title. Will the Duke do so please!”

Deputy Liu originally wanted to reward Wei Qiqi but he didn’t know what to reward her with. Since Deputy Liu had already requested, by right he should talk about the achievement and mete out the reward. Hence Liu Zhong Tian stood up.

“Deputy Wei is still young and needs more time to grind and train. Hence I shall temporarily confer her as the Deputy Right General!”

“Good! General Qi, General Qi……” everybody is satisfied and cried in unison. General Qi sounds quite nice.

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“Are you satisfied?” Liu Zhong Tian sat down and asked Wei Qiqi softly.

Qiqi felt that her throats has this hot and spicy feeling, her tears were rolling in her eyes. Liu Zhong Tian laughed heartily. “No need to be agitated. This is what you deserve. If not for the fact that you are only 17 years old, I really would have made you a proper general.”

Agitated? Wei Qiqi doesn’t feel agitated at all. On the contrary, she got scared as if she saw Liu Zhong Tian drawing his sword and raising it up high……

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