Chapter 26 – Rock and Roll Wei Qiqi

The second morning, Wei Qiqi personally directed the troops to carefully place the fish-oil bombs. Qiqi smugly looked at the endless desert. As long as the Xiongnu army dares to invade, she will give them a severe thrashing.

As expected, this time the fish-oil bombs screen cover dealt a really huge blow to the Xiongnu. The Xiongnu soldiers who invaded this time around, nearly a third of them were blasted to bits by the fish-oil bombs. Looking from afar, the desert has thick smoke rising up, with the fire lighting up the sky. The fire spread like a sea a few kilometres wide, instantly descending into a state of extreme heat.

The fish-oil bomb is different from the later invention of the Great Han, the artillery. After the main body has exploded, the fish oil that is scattered across will continue to burn. Hence, when the fish oil was stuck onto the Xiongnu soldiers, even if they are not bombarded by the bomb, they will hardly survive due to the splattering fish oil.

What can be said is that after the flying bombardment, there will still be endless torture and pain. The Xiongnu lost almost all of it’s elite crack troops and the rest that heard of the news escaped. If they dare to come and invade again, that will be a very long time after this.

Liu Zhong Tian stood in the military camp, yet he could feel the tremor that shakes a person to his soul. Casting his gaze afar, he can hardly believe that in the battlefield, thick smokes were rising. He is happy and worried for Wei Qiqi at the same time. He doesn’t know if she managed to escape in time. Will she suffer from the explosions again?

When he is thinking, Wei Qiqi brought a dozen or so soldiers and ran back. The black soot on her face tells it all, she definitely didn’t escape in time again.

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“Damnit! Bastard, those damn explosions. I nearly choked to death!” Wei Qiqi furiously shouted.

Cheers erupted across the entire camp. Everyone felt that this battle is too exciting. Wei Qiqi is really like a god. Don’t look at her small skinny and a bit ugly stature, when it comes to tactics, she is a cut above the rest!

“Today, the three armies shall treat and toast themselves!” Liu Zhong Tian realized that Qiqi is perfectly fine, thus his mood is instantly lifted.

The soldiers celebrated. It has been a while since they are so happy. Without losing a single soldier, the enemy retreated in defeat. This is really refreshing to the soul!

Wei Qiqi felt that there is smoke and soot coming out from her mouth. She squirmed her way into the big tent and ordered people to prepare clean water. She jumped into the water and instantly felt very cooling. Hopping onto the occasion that people are feeling excited, Qiqi quickly changed into her jeans and T-shirt. Her own clothes are comfortable compared to the fat and big armor which is thick and heavy, nearly causing her waist to break.

When Wei Qiqi walked out of the big tent, she realized that there is a luxurious scene outside. She doesn’t know when there is a bonfire and surrounding the fire are tables lined up with great wine and delicacies.

Qiqi was so delighted that she smiled. Looks like there is nothing bad with this lifestyle, it is simply too exciting. She can drink and eat to her heart’s delight. After reaching the Great Han, her worldview has expanded.

Qiqi is arranged to sit beside Liu Zhong Tian. In front of her is beef and great wine. Liu Zhong Tian looked at Qiqi, it is as if this Wei Qiqi prefers her weird clothing. As long as she is not going to war, she will definitely be wearing this outfit. That jeans tightly clung onto her legs and is already washed till it lost colour. The loose shirt hung all the way to her arms and it makes her look even more skinny.

However Liu Zhong Tian has to admit, this outfit makes Wei Qiqi more attractive as if that ugly face of hers has increased in colour. To be accurate, there is the feeling of stirring a person’s heart.

Everybody came to congratulate Qiqi and the Duke, exchanging cups with them. The soldiers were performing in front of the bonfire.

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“Shall we let Deputy Wei perform for everybody!” The soldiers got carried away, it looks like they are very familiar with Wei Qiqi.

Wei Qiqi unceremoniously stood up. “Alright, everybody likes to listen to me sing or dance?”

“Sing while dancing!” the soldiers laughed heartily.

“Alright!” Qiqi didn’t feel embarrassed at all. She is a talented girl in high school, able to sing and dance. This small matter is not a problem to her. She picked up the bones which she left behind while eating the meat and jumped onto the platform. She lifted the bones as if it is a microphone and let her head down, posing coolly with her fashionable jeans and traveling shoes. The soldiers kept on whistling and cheered her on loudly.

“Next up we have rock and roll star Wei Qiqi presenting to everybody ‘Who will Dance on the Floor in the Round’” After speaking finish, she raised her head and her short hair flew up, looking extremely elegant.

The whole parade was silent instantly. Everyone looked at Wei Qiqi disbelievingly till she sang that rock and roll song. There isn’t anyone who isn’t surprised. She is filled with energy and coupled with her light dance steps and moving voice with skinny arms. However, no one has ever seen her dance steps before. It makes one’s heart beat non-stop.

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