Chapter 25 – Man or Woman

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Ever since Wei Qiqi invented the soap, it has received the love of the soldiers in the camp. Washing clothes and bathing doesn’t feel all that bad now. It is never better to describe it as comfortable.

Qiqi even collected some fresh flowers and crushed it to mix it within the soap. She publicized widely her aromatic bath. Of course there are conditions. Not only does she want good food, she also wanted other people to serve her. Many soldiers became her servants and circled all around her. Her life in the military camp is even more relaxed than the Duke, as if she is a small Duke within the camp.

Liu Zhong Tian was in his big tent. He held onto the soap bar on his hands which is exuding a particular fragrance. He unknowingly fell into deep thought. This Wei Qiqi is too miraculous, and there is a bit of cuteness and mischief in him. He put down the soap bar, and walked out of the big tent. He unknowingly walked to the small river next to the military camp and saw from afar Wei Qiqi playing with 6 to 7 soldiers. Even Deputy Liu has joined in with them. On the ground lies a wooden bucket and on top of it is a thin metal pole.

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“Deputy Liu, quickly push it, quickly push it!” Qiqi clapped her hands and screamed.

Deputy Liu forcefully exerted his arms. The tall water pipe started splashing water outwards. A few soldiers, who were ‘receiving’ the water downstairs, caught Qiqi and splashed her with water as well.

Qiqi immediately struggled to jump up. She frantically evaded them and went towards the direction of Liu Zhong Tian. The water has already made her clothes wet, which stuck closely to her now. That figure of hers is sexy. When she is running she is agile as a swallow. Liu Zhong Tian thought he saw a woman who was drenched by water.

Liu Zhong Tian held firmly onto her, and his eyes swept across her chest. Qiqi immediately squatted down. There is a horrifying thought prancing around in her mind- the killing and dropping of her head. Hence, she purposely faked pain and shouted. “Ah! My stomach is in pain, so painful!” After that she evaded and ran away, disappearing from Liu Zhong Tian’s line of sight.

She was nearly finished. Wei Qiqi cursed. Why are there no movement from the heavens. When can she go back in time. If Liu Zhong Tian knows that Qiqi is a woman, in his fury, he lifts his sword. Kacha. Qiqi’s head will drop off.

Qiqi touched her own head and nearly cried. She was thinking of grandfather, of dad, of the posh cars, of the internet, of the big bed, of the bathing tank and the feeling of being held in high regard.

“How is the preparation for the screen cover? I see that you have been too relaxed the past few days!” Third Duke’s voice rang.

Qiqi immediately turned her body away. “Tomorrow I will settle it, definitely we will blow the Xiongnu up to the sky!”

At this moment, Liu Zhong Tian felt that Qiqi’s voice is extremely pleasant. That back, neck, arms, fingers, why is it that her whole body is so mesmerizing? Don’t tell me that he had already regarded Qiqi as a woman deep in his heart?

Liu Zhong Tian carried a heart full of suspicion and he couldn’t get to sleep in a moment. When he saw Qiqi sleeping soundly, there was some impulse to see if she is really a man or a woman.

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