Chapter 22: Being Gay Together?!

The real me…what did it even look like now?

This question constantly plagued me as I was led away by a soldier towards the laborers. The residual fear from that bestial wrath lingered in my body still. As I stretched out my arms, the memories of its mouth came crashing back, causing me to tremble slightly.

I’m still me right?

A normal student, working hard as normal, paving a road for a normal lifestyle. Even if there’s nothing left for me in my original world, I’m still hanging onto to this last bit of normalcy.

I don’t have the heroism seen in those reincarnation novels, neither do I have the ambition of changing myself because of this. The me right now, is just trying to lead a normal life by working as a laborer.

Or so I thought…

That look Breman gave as he stared at me…said otherwise.

I can’t even tell how much of the  real “me” is left in that image he saw of me.

The people beside me…would they do the same to me as well?

One’day High: Oh, Little Ju is back.

Di Qi Ju:……

Unknowingly, the sky had turned dark and I had reached the tent our team rested in.

One’day High: Man—I’m so jealous of you.

Di Qi Ju:…Huh?

Lee Sole’shot: That’s right. That’s right. Being able to establish a relationship with Breman means that your future is secured.

Halfmoon Leak’age: You sure a steady guy. Despite having such connections, you still maintain your humility.

Di Qi Ju:……

…what??? My eyes froze in place like a pair of dead fish eyes as the words sunk in. I slowly turned towards the culprit, Mo Chuan.

Di Qi Ju:……what’s going on?

Mo Chuan: I told them about you getting in through the back door.

Di Qi Ju: Hey hey hey—

I rushed right up to Mo Chuan, my face nearly touching his burly chest.

Di Qi Ju: I already said during the test that I didn’t get in through the back door! What you are doing is maligning an honor student of cheating!

Mo Chuan: But this is the best option available.

Di Qi Ju:……

That’s right…he’s absolutely right in say that.

If it wasn’t for his lie, I wonder what kind of stares I would be getting right now? What kind of stares would’ve awaited me as I entered?

Questioning ones, distrustful ones and perhaps some awe and fear mixed in?

Would they still be able to greet me with a laugh and a pat on the back as they were now? Would they still talk to me normally? Probably not.

I…don’t want…that

Even if I had never desired this in my previous world…this is the one thing that I must change in this world —–I want to have close friends.

And so, I overcame the danger from the bestial wrath and also the danger of distrust from the people around me. But, I still had no idea what the situation would be like with Breman.

One’day High: Oh right, don’t tell me you possess the blood of “Faith” flowing in you as well? Just like Breman.

Di Qi Ju: Hm? The blood of “Faith”?

One’day High: Breman’s ancestor is none other than Faith’s greatest king, that king—-

The following ten minutes were basically a short history lesson on the country of Faith.

One’day High: —–which means, Breman is like his ancestor, a person that is unable to hide the truth or tell lies. An honorable person.

One’day High: Having such a person beside you is much more reassuring. Even if you accidentally expose your strange fetishes, there’s still nothing to worry about.

Di Qi Ju: Well, I’m sorry to say but I don’t have such a reassuring bloodline.

Lee Sole’shot: Truth be told, spouting a bunch of crap that would infuriate people and cause them to bully me is really enjoyable, but the process of being bullied isn’t actually that enjoyable.

Di Qi Ju: No…please don’t continue that talk about fetishes.

Halfmoon Leak’age: But…if it’s not because of your bloodlines, then what’s your relationship with Breman?

Di Qi Ju: What relationship…

There’s no relationship to speak of…we were complete strangers just two days ago.

One’day High: Don’t tell me—-Breman likes little boys?

Di Qi Ju: Care to repeat that last part once more? This man is 16 years old and 170cm tall.

Lee Sole’shot: But, when you stand next to Mo Chuan, I keep thinking you are a kid.

Mo Chuan:…

Di Qi Ju:…

Di Qi Ju:……

Di Qi Ju: So that’s why…I keep saying…

Mo Chuan:…

Di Qi Ju: How about we stand further away from each from now on? Let’s try just a little—our best not to stand together.

Mo Chuan:……

One’day High: Hmm, if Breman isn’t into little boys…don’t tell me—

One’day High: I get it now!

Di Qi Ju: What did you get? What’s with that wary and lewd smile?

One’day High: Wary because I’m not a homosexual, lewd is because I’ve always been a lewd person!

Di Qi Ju: —-You think that I’m in a gay relationship with Breman!!?!

Wait…how is this different from liking little boys?

Lee Sole’shot: As expected of Boss High, such a perceptive eye. Both Little Ju and Breman have that slender and soft look. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were being gay together.

Di Qi Ju: Don’t just casually take the side of your Boss High!

One’day High: Don’t worry I understand. You aren’t willing right? The next time you go looking for a girl to distract yourself, I’ll make sure to look after you. Breman will never find out that you are cheating on him.

One’day High: By the way, what does it feel like? Taking it from the back and all.

Di Qi Ju: …

Di Qi Ju: ……

So many things to tsukkomi…I give up.

Just when I thought it was over, the normally quiet Halfmoon Leak’age walked up to me and patted me on the shoulder; comforting me.

Halfmoon Leak’age: It’s been hard on you. I know that sometimes life can be like that.

Di Qi Ju:……

Di Qi Ju: Stop casually giving me that accepting look!!!

Mo Chuan:…Ju.

Di Qi Ju: Hmph! I’m going to sleep!!

Mo Chuan:…

Mo Chuan: Is it my fault?



The next day, an unexpected visitor was standing outside our tent; it was Ethan.

Ethan: One’day High, Lee Sole’shot, Halfmoon Leak’age, Di Qi Ju, Mo Chuan.

One’day High: Yes! What are your orders?

Ethan: There’s been a change to your mission. You guys are to head to the frontlines and transport some goods.

One’day High: —–!!

Lee Sole’shot: …Oh Oh!!

Both of them were clearly excited by this mission. Was it truly that important? It seems more like a different form of hard labor.

Ethan: I’m sure you guys have some inkling of what this is about, that’s why we can’t just rely on newbies like you.

Ethan: So this laborer team leader will be in charge of teaching you and supervising you.

A burly human roughly the size of Mo Chuan walked in front of us as he said this. The face between those brows of his looked really similar to Ethan’s.

Mo Chuan:…!

Di Qi Ju: Alvin!


The Alvin right now was the polar opposite of the drunkard we saw that night. He was now ‘Serious Alvin’.

Ethan: I know you guys got acquainted that night. I’m hoping you guys can work well together.

Ethan: Also, I’m giving you guys a special authority. If you see Alvin take out a bottle of  alcohol while working, you have the authority and obligation to confiscate that bottle.

One’day High: Ah, sure

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Ethan: Well…work hard. Alvin, do you understand?


It was a simple briefing after which he left without turning back, leaving the six of us standing awkwardly looking at the each other; not knowing what to do next.

It’s to be expected after all, everyone here was involved in that physical altercation with Alvin. Even though, I was the victim then.

In the face of the people who had embarrassed him, I wonder what he have in stall for us?


Alvin: Follow me.

Lee Sole’shot: Isn’t it time for breakfast?

Alvin: This job doesn’t allow for meal times. Any slight delay in this delivery could result in the loss of lives in the frontlines.

Alvin: Without such a basic understanding, you guys actually wanted to become a formal member of the expedition?

Alvin: We will settle breakfast while travelling. Just follow me now.

Lee Sole’shot: Sigh, harming my own health for others…feels like such a stupid thing to do—

Di Qi Ju: That’s enough, now’s not the time for your acidic tongue.

I covered his mouth as I said so, and then followed Alvin.

Our first stop was a goods transit point. It was a large tent pitched in a man-made forest clearing. The inside of the tent was stacked with blue painted chests similar to the ones we saw during the test. Looks like these were the supply chests for the expedition.

Alvin: Our mission today is to load these chests onto the horses and lead them to the next relay point.

Alvin: First, bring the chests to the stables. I’ll teach you guys how to load them up when we get there.

Alvin: Di Qi Ju, you take the lighter ones on the left, Mo Chuan you start from the right.

Mo Chuan: Alright.

Di Qi Ju:…..

A very simple and normal job. Doesn’t seem like he is out to get us. In fact, it feels like he is looking out for us. Don’t tell me this giant fellow is actually a nice guy? And that it was just the alcohol talking when he met us.

Alvin: Before you load the chests onto the horse, you must reassure it by petting its withers, calming it down. [1]

Alvin: After gaining its trust, you can pull down on its reins to get it to listen to your instructions.

Alvin: After securing the chests to both of its sides, remember not to ride the horse. These aren’t horses for riding.

Alvin: Today, you will follow me through the route. You can settle your meals on the way.

Lee Sole’shot: Huh…I hate canned food.

One’day High: That’s enough. This was the opportunity that Little Ju got for us after selling his body.

Halfmoon Leak’age: Mhm…it’s been hard you.

Di Qi Ju: Can we just skip this page? Please can we just skip this page?

Mo Chuan:……

Alvin: Quiet! Stop fooling around.

Alvin: The route we are taking now is mostly in disrepair and abandoned, your safety isn’t guaranteed.

Alvin: The casualty rate for the teams passing through this region yesterday was 6%.

One’day High: So each of us has a 1% chance of getting injured. It’s probably because they weren’t familiar with the environment and had an accident.

Alvin: No…

Alvin: I heard that there were “adventurers” ambushing the transport teams.

Di Qi Ju:…adventurers?


[1] Withers – Ridge between the shoulder blades of an animal.

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