Chapter 26

“Her? How could she be? This cannot do, I have to find her.” Yang Le Le listened and slammed the table, wanting to stand up and search for Yang Xiu Er but was stopped by Ning Meng Yao.

Going off to search for Yang Xiu Er now, she will definitely not admit to it and she would probably say that she has a guilty conscience. Since that is so, then she wanted to wait to see what kind of tricks Yang Xiu Er could come up with.

“Why did she say you badly like this?” Yang Le Le was pulled and was originally unhappy, but hearing Ning Meng Yao’s explanation, she suppressed the raging fire in her heart.

“She came to me a few days ago to borrow money, saying that it was for building house, she wanted me to lend her one hundred liang and I did not.” Ning Meng Yao opened her mouth indifferently, while Yang Le Le looked at Ning Meng Yao with a pair of wide eyes.

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One hundred liang? Yang Xiu Er really dared to think, ah. Didn’t her house was built not too long ago? How big of a house that she wanted to make that she had to spend that much money?

“She really dared to think.”

Ning Meng Yao smiled but did not continue speaking further. Didn’t she dare to think?

Because of Ning Meng Yao’s silence, the rumor spread even faster and right now, only six to seven children remained at Ning Meng Yao’s place to learn words including Little Mu, Yang Zhi while the rest were of impoverished families in the village.

Every day they would come over and learnt earnestly until one day, Lin Er’s whole face was confused and said: “Ma’am, why did the people outside said bad things about you?”

There were the ones who interact the most with Ning Meng Yao and in here, aside from seeing Yang Le Le, they did not see any other people, not even mentioning a male, but the rumors outside flew like this.

“Mouth grows on other people’s body. If they are willing to speak, then I obviously cannot prevent them.” Ning Meng Yao put down the book on her hand and said.

Little Mu glared with a face full of unhappiness: “But the mothers of the dog wardens also say bad things about you, ma’am.” To the extent that the dog wardens did not come again to learn words, letting Little Mu became very unhappy. This was probably that forgetting kindness losing virtue (ungrateful) that ma’am taught them.

Ning Meng Yao reached out her hand to rub Little Mu’s head and said good naturedly: “Everyone has their own way of thinking and there is a phrase things will resolve by itself. The things I never did that means I never did. As for other people speaking about me, I do not have any obligation to care.”

Lin’er still did not understand: “Why?”

“The mouths of the people in the White Mountain Village is many and if every one of them is speaking about me and I want to fuss over with them, then that will disturb my everyday life.” If she wanted to fuss over it, she won’t even do it with those villagers who only listened to the rumors but do it with the one guilty for attracting the disaster, yet it was just not the right time yet.

Lin’er and the rest looked at Ning Meng Yao, thinking that her words contained reason. If it were them, they would be very angry and once angry; they would quarrel loudly with the person. Making a fuss continuously would only let their lives became a mess.

“Ma’am, I now understand.”

“Good. Alright then, do look carefully at the calculations I gave you.”

When Ning Meng Yao was teaching and guiding the children to learn words, the majority of the White Mountain Village’s occupants were gathering inside Yang Zhu’s house.

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“Village head, we cannot let that kind of woman Ning Meng Yao to stay here, this can corrupt the morale in our village.” Someone from the crowd said furiously.

“You said the right thing! How can our village have someone as shameless as her?”

Every one of them was one talk one language, the words they spoke undoubtedly wanted to chase Ning Meng Yao out of the village.

Yang Zhu looked at them, waiting for them to spoke out enough then opened his mouth: “Are you all done speaking?”

The crowd heard this and felt that something was not right, looking at Yang Zhu and nodded their head.

“Since you all finished speaking; now it is my turn. You said that Meng Yao girl corrupt our morale, then I will ask you. What did she do? Which one of you saw her with a foreign man come in contact?” Yang Zhu looked at them leisurely, lightly opening his mouth to ask.

The crowd heard Yang Zhu’s question and were a bit stunned.

From the time Ning Meng Yao came to the White Mountain Village, she rarely went to the village to do activity. When the children went to her house to learn words, no little amount of people also went over to see and there was not any foreign man in her house. This…..

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