Chapter 79 – Seven-Star Fat Fish Slices

Huan Qing Yan circled the large pot once and decided to practice by following the method written on the paper.

There was a sequence on how to apply the eight pots of soup that should not be messed up. In addition, the sequence differed based on the type of food that was cooked, making it a very complex requirement. In short, even if a person were to obtain the large pot of Aged Soup, it did not mean that they would obtain the ability to add the stamina attribute into the food they cooked.

“Xing Han. Step back with Brother Jiu Li, Sis will be making a dish for you.”

Huan Xing Han became excited and clapped his hands before stepping back, “The food Papa made here was always delicious, please make some faster Sis.”

Huan Qing Yan selected the simplest recipe that possessed the stamina attribute: The Seven-Star Fat Fish Slices.

It only required one ingredient; the Fat Fish. Fat fish was a rather easy to purchase ingredient, even the tower’s ingredient room contained a tank of this type of fish being reared. Huan Qing Yan asked Huan Jiu Li to catch one for her, upon holding it in her hand, a notification appeared within her mind: “Fat Fish, Scale Fish Type, 16 Spirit Energy points.”

These were information provided by the ancient bowl!

With the ancient bowl, she would be able to accurately determine the spirit energy value of the ingredient.

Common Spirit Chefs could only feel the spirit energy within ingredients and provide a rough categorization of the ingredient, such as: small amount, medium amount, large amount etc.

Huan Qing Yan killed the fish and removed its scales before slicing it. Next, she added garnish such as ginger, shallots, onions and red pepper.

Next, she brought the pots to the cooking room that was just next door and arranged them according to the instructions on the recipe.

Huan Qing Yan followed the recipe and began to cook. The stove she was using was not ordinary, in fact, it was a blue rank magic equipment!

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It will automatically light a fire and adjust the temperature based on the gear set by the chef: From high, medium to low. Very quickly, Huan Qing Yan took out the fish slices from the pot…

When she placed the Seven-Star Fat Fish Slices neatly on the plate, a notification came: “Seven-Star Fat Fish Slices, 10 Spirit Energy points.”

Success! She succeeded in creating her first dish that possessed spirit energy!

Huan Jiu Li also noticed, as a Spirit Chef, he could also detect the spirit energy coming out of the dish and felt really happy for her.

Normally, an ordinary person would easily cause the spirit energy within food to be lost during the cooking process.

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Therefore, to become a Spirit Chef, one must constantly practice Spirit Chef Techniques via trial and error as well as be supported by a suitable spirit treasure. If not suitable, the result would be the person wasting tons of money.

“To reduce an ingredient’s spirit energy from 16 to 10 points after cooking. This is likely the standard of a Basic Spirit Chef but it is fine, fortunately I did not fail.” Huan Qing Yan did a self analysis.

“Sis come quick, Xing Han wants to eat, Xing Han wants to eat…” Huan Xing Han was impatient from waiting.

Huan Qing Yan tasted her work and confirmed that the taste was passable before bringing it to Xing Han. Xing Han ate the dish with glee, after all, food containing spirit energy had a texture that food without any spirit energy could not contend with.

However, allowing ordinary people to eat such foods were considered a waste. Even within the Huan Estate, even the masters do not often eat food that contained spirit energy.

Huan Xing Han could only enjoy such delicacies when he was allowed in the Aged Soup Tower.

“Is the food that Sis made delicious?”


“Then Sis will bring you here often and make more for you, okay?”

“Okay! Sis is the best!”

Huan Qing Yan smiled, one of the best methods to teach a young child is to influence what they see and hear. She would work hard to always keep Xing Han by her side because she believes that Xing Han would grow positively while following her around…

Huan Jiu Li looked at Huan Qing Yan and gave her a big thumbs up, portraying an expression of praise and laughed.

“Brother Jiu Li, have some too!”

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