Chapter 27

Yang Xiu Er who was hidden among the crowd hesitated and opened her mouth after a moment: “If it’s not like this, where did she get that much money?”

Hearing Yang Xiu Er’s words, the crowd’s line of sight landed on her and seeing this, Yang Xiu Er smugly said: “She could easily borrow Yang Le Le fifty liang before. She is an orphan, where could she get this much money?”

A sentence of fifty liang stunned everyone. Everybody’s sight fell on Ning Meng Yao’s body, their eyes carried obvious inquiry.

Not waiting for Ning Meng Yao to speak, Yanf Le Le lightly snorted, saying sarcastically: “You yourself do not have the skill, does everyone else do not? Yao Yao’s embroidery work, you are very clear about it right?”

Yang Xiu Er’s face immediately turned white. She was very clear on how amazing Ning Meng Yao’s embroidery work was, but…… could it be that he money all came from her selling her embroidery?

“Heng, so what if it’s so? Even if her embroidery is better, how much does embroidery sells for?” Yang Xiu Er strongly convinced herself and unhappily said.

Yang Xiu Er felt short of breath, still wanting to say something but was intercepted by Ning Meng Yao who lightly looked at Yang Xiu Er: “If you still have any slandering words, say it out in one go to make it less troublesome.”

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“Ning Meng Yao, don’t you be too arrogant.” Yang Xiu Er really hated Ning Meng Yao’s pair of beautiful eyes that looked at her that lightly. This made it seem that she was the one who unreasonably made a fuss.

Ning Meng Yao looked at her with one eye and lightly opened her mouth: “I’m arrogant? Because I refuse to borrow you money you then slander my reputation like this? I borrowed money to Le Le because I believe her and also because Uncle Yang’s family need it, but why should I borrow money to you?”

The crowd heard this and went rowdy. These rumors and gossips were actually originated from Yang Xiu Er? And because Ning Meng Yao did not want to lend her money?

This… Isn’t this too vicious?

“I…. I also need it. Why can’t you lend me some?” Yang Xiu Er became flustered from the crowd’s gazes and unconsciously opened her mouth and after speaking out, her face became pale white.

She saying like that, was it not telling others that she acknowledged that those rumors were from her?

“Hehe, you also need it? Building a house? Borrowing one hundred liang? I really want to ask you family how big of a house you want to build that you need one hundred silvers, moreover, if I borrow you money then that is because of feelings, if I do not lend you then it is also alright.”

“What? Yang Xiu Er, you really are enough shameless.” Yang Le Le was shocked as she looked at her, her eyes carried disbelief.

The crowd stared at Yang Xiu Er with wide eyes and saw her panicked form then understood after a moment that all Ning Meng Yao said was the truth. Yang Xiu Er really dared to say.

One family only needed four to five liang of house expenses a year but she now wanted one hundred liang. It was not weird that people was not willing to lend her the money. Based on what should they lend her?

It was not even for burning money but now that the other person did not lend her money, she slandered her reputation.

Yang Zhu and the rest discussed enough and immediately opened their mouth: “Seeing that this is actually a misunderstanding, Xiu Er girl, you’re the one in the wrong. Even though Meng Yao girl does not lend you money, you cannot do something like this. If she is serious, then she can send you to the government.”

Once Yang Xiu Er heard the words of being send to the government and became panicked, immediately said pleadingly: “Meng Yao, I know I am wrong, don’t send me to the government, I beg of you.”

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Ning Meng Yao swatted the hand Yang Xiu Er used to pull her, lightly saying: “Do not come to my house again after this.” After saying this, she did not care of other people’s reaction and left.

Yang Le Le stared at Yang Xiu Er indignantly and chased after Ning Meng Yao.

Waiting for Ning Meng Yao leaving. The people who once let their children study at Ning Meng Yao and called them back because of their short-sightedness thought… This was not good.

“Yang Xiu Er, you are a woman, how can you have such a cruel heart? People also taught you embroidery and you actually ruin her reputation like this, truly having a vicious heart.” Not little amount of people called their children back because of the rumors and they all clenched their teeth as they looked at Yang Xiu Er.

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