Chapter 100 – Sorry, Not Free!

Huan Qing Yan headed towards the Aged Soup Room.

Huan Jiu Li welcomed her happily and brought out the spirit energy food he had cooked and placed them in front of Huan Qing Yan.

He used his hands to gesture at Huan Qing Yan to eat them.

Huan Qing Yan looked at the dishes in front of her; red-white boiled vegetarian lute prawns, braised silver ear fungus with golden leaf soup, Huan Estate’s mixed pot, immortal croquettes and steamed mutton in lotus leaves wrap. Looking at these foods greatly increased her appetite.

“Thank you, Brother Jiu Li!”

Whenever a spirit chef cooks food containing spirit energy, they would need to expand their mental energy during the process.

An intermediate spirit chef could at most make seven to eight dishes a day, anymore and they would experience a terrible headache due to the condition of drained mental power.

Huan Qing Yan was the same, previously she overexerted herself and expended all her mental power, causing her to be unable to do anything after that.

That includes unable to perform cultivation training.

Therefore, a spirit chef’s cultivation level in general tends to be low, especially for high rank spirit chefs as they began to focus their efforts on cooking and researching recipes rather than on cultivation training.

Huan Qing Yan had no plans to pursue the path of a professional spirit chef.

She might learn how to be a spirit chef but it would not be in depth, she planned to learn just enough to ensure her stomach was full.

As for making for others?

Sorry, not free!

Huan Jiu Li chuckled as he watched in satisfaction when Huan Qing Yan ate the food he cooked.

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“Brother Jiu Li, let’s eat together! You are also a spirit master and this is food you made, it is not worth it to just let me eat all of them!” Huan Qing Yan said while munching on a croquette.

Huan Jiu Li waved his hand and pointed at his wrist, it seems like he was trying to say that his talent was poor and there were not many dishes, so it was better to just let Huan Qing Yan eat all of it.

Huan Qing Yan tried to persuade him a couple more times but Huan Jiu Li insisted on not eating.

She could only let it be and enjoy the yummy food while asking, “Brother Jiu Li, how much spirit food ingredients do we have left within the Aged Soup Tower?”

All ingredients that contained spirit energy were costly.

Now that she plans to manage the Huan Estate, she must plan things ahead.

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Huan Jiu Li brought out a neatly written accounting book and gave it to Huan Qing Yan to read. The book contained records of all the ingredients that were bought and where it was used in detail.

Huan Qing Yan read the contents and said, “Focus on maintaining the freshness of the ingredients and since there is no need to offer food to the royal family from now on, buying and storing food according to the consumption rate of our family would do. As for the ingredients’ source, I will think about it…”

She planted many things within the dimension, since there were no strangers here she could take them out and keep it here, this would allow the family to save a lot of money for ingredients.

Huan Qing Yan trusted Huan Jiu Li completely, even if he were to discover something amiss, he would also never tell anyone about it.

“In addition, Brother Jiu Li, I want you to focus on making food for your own consumption from now on. After you have eaten your fill, you should use your remaining mental energy to cultivate and increase your spirit master rank, understand? I will cook what I need myself…”

Huan Jiu Li shook his head and ah ah ah… he was trying to say that Huan Qing Yan had a large appetite and might not be able to cook everything herself.

“Brother Jiu Li do not worry, I am an Egg-Star talent plus I also have the ancient bowl that papa has given me, I can surely handle my needs. You on the other hand should quickly become a high rank spirit master so that you can protect me! Protect our Huan Family! Right? What if a high rank spirit master appears and bullies us? Brother Jiu Li can beat them up when that happens…”

Huan Jiu Li seemed to be thoroughly motivated after listening to her as he clenched his fist in determination.

He used hand gestures to tell Huan Qing Yan that he would surely become powerful, to protect Huan Qing Yan, to protect the Huan Family.

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