Chapter 105 – This Wife Will Take Note

Madam Hou was also feeling angry, anyone who experienced such a disgusting incident would feel angry but…

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“Husband, it is only a woman, since the Ninth Prince is fond of her, so be it! Are you going over to the Crown Prince to get her back? Our son still needs to think about reputation, it will be a disgrace even if we manage to get her back. Since the betrothal gifts and engagement documents have been returned, let’s end things here.”

Master Hou replied, “We will definitely not want such a woman anymore; however, the engagement documents will be useful and will be something that Lord Crown Prince needs to see. In case the situation goes out of hand, the engagement document would be our strongest proof. After Lord Crown Prince has helped us vent our frustrations, we will visit the Huan Family again to get back the betrothal gifts as well as the additional compensation fee mentioned.”

Only now did Madam Hou understand her husband’s plan, it was indeed a rather good one.

Since such a disgraceful incident had befallen them, the Hou Family had also lost all their face.

With Imperial Censor Wang and his group involved, every family within the capital would learn about this incident within half a day, getting Lord Crown Prince to help vent their frustrations was also good.

When Old Master Hou had changed his attire, he held the engagement document and prepared to depart.

Before he left, he turned his head and said, “Pay close attention on Hao’er, his short temper might cause us unrequired trouble.”

“This wife will take note. Our Hao’er might have a small gamble addiction but he is someone that knows how to see the bigger picture. Please rest assured, husband.”


Madam Huan had only returned to the Huan Estate five minutes earlier.

Huan Qing Yan received her from the door and got the servants to bring out the lunch they prepared in advance. Causing the table to be filled with dishes, however, these were all ordinary dishes.

The mother and daughter washed their hands before sitting down on the table, there was not a single servant within the building.

Only then did Madam Huan speak, “Little Yan, it was as you said. The Hou Family did not accept the annulment of the engagement immediately.”

“Ok. That’s good.”

This meant that the incident would be riled up further, she made the right choice at choosing the Hou Family. If the Ninth Prince was fond of an ordinary family’s daughter-in-law, that family might treat it as their family’s blessings instead and quickly treat the Ninth Prince as their money tree, even if it means they would be mocked and be labelled a green cuckold. When that happens, the incident would be contained, causing minimum damage to the reputation of Bai Cheng Feng and that b*tch, Huan Meng Yue.

“Little Yan, it seems like you had guessed it would turn out like this, that the Ninth Prince would be attracted to Meng Yue? But it does not make sense, Ninth Prince had visited our estate on multiple occasions and has definitely met Meng Yue more than once, why are his actions this time so odd?” Madam Huan was puzzled.

“That’s naturally because it is related to the spirit treasure she had awoken. Her spirit treasure is rather special and extraordinary, you will understand in the future, mother.”

At the moment, Huan Xing Han was brought in by Lou Zhu for lunch, the conversation between the mother and daughter also ended there.

When that incident happened earlier that day, Huan Qing Yan instructed Lou Zhu and some serving girls to bring their Young Master Xing Han out of the estate to play as she was afraid something might go wrong.

Only now when the Huan Estate had resumed its peacefulness did the serving girls bring their young master home.

The siblings greeted each other happily, their relationship have improved greatly when compared to the past. After the servants brought in more dishes, the family of three began to enjoy lunch together.

“Xing Han, what did you see or do outside today?” Have you eaten any good stuff? Do tell sister…” Huan Qing Yan asked with a smile as she placed some food in his bowl.

Huan Xing Han tilted his head and thought seriously, “I ate some candied fruit stick. There were many people on the streets and was very fun. There were also lots of people gathered in front of a large signboard…”

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